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Explora Cartagena: Las Mejores Ofertas de Viajes Cartagena para tus Vacaciones Soñadas

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📅 marzo 20, 2024

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Recibe un itienerario personalizado  a Colombia en 5 min con inteligencia artifical

Are you planning a viajes Cartagena but don’t know where to start? Find here essential information to plan your stay, from the best time to visit to tailored accommodation and entertainment options. We guide you step by step so you can make the most of your Cartagena travels without unnecessary complications.

Key Takeaways: Viajes Cartagena

  • Cartagena de Indias offers a perfect mix of historical architecture and modern attractions, with the best times to visit being the dry seasons (January to March and mid-June to August) to enjoy vibrant city life or the less crowded periods (April-May and October-November) for better rates.

  • Travel packages to Cartagena typically include flights, accommodation, city tours, culinary experiences, and beach outings, with personalization options available to cater to different tastes, be it cultural tours, relaxation on beaches, or adventure activities.

  • Accommodations in Cartagena range from historic hotels in the city center, all-inclusive resorts, to beachfront properties, each with unique offerings to enhance the travel experience, and essential travel preparations include ensuring proper documentation, suitable packing, and understanding cancellation policies.

Descubre Cartagena de Indias: Un Paraíso Caribeño

Illustration of a beautiful beach in Cartagena de Indias, viajes cartagena

Nestled on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, Cartagena de Indias en is a gem that shines with a unique splendor. This UNESCO World Heritage city is an exquisite blend of history and modernity, where colonial-era forts coexist with vibrant nightlife, and cobblestone streets lead you to pristine Caribbean beaches. With our carefully curated travel packages to Cartagena, you can explore this Caribbean paradise at your own pace, savoring the magic that unfurls at every corner.

The city’s historic heart, the walled city of Cartagena, is a living museum that transports you back in time. As you stroll through its narrow streets, you’ll be mesmerized by the charm of its colonial houses, quaint boutiques, and inviting cafes. For a more bohemian vibe, head to the Getsemaní neighborhood, where stunning street art, hip bars, and a lively culinary scene make for an unforgettable experience.

From a sensational culinary journey to a day of exploration, your dream vacaciones en cartagena de viaje vacation awaits!

Planifica Tu Viaje a Cartagena: Todo lo que Necesitas Saber

Illustration of a traveler planning a trip to Cartagena

Whether it’s your first time visiting Cartagena or you’re returning for more of its charm, planning your trip is an essential part of the journey. From figuring out the best time to visit to understanding the practicalities of travel, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s delve into the details of how to get to Cartagena, when to go, and what practical matters you need to keep in mind to ensure a smooth and enjoyable vacation experience.

Cómo Llegar: Vuelos y Traslado desde el Aeropuerto

Cartagena’s Rafael Núñez International Airport welcomes flights from all major cities and is conveniently located just 5 kilometers from the historic city center. Once you land, you can find taxis readily available at the airport to take you to your destination. The average fare ranges from 10,000 COP to 15,000 COP, which is approximately 3.3 to 5 USD.

With these quick and affordable transportation options, you’ll be starting your Cartagena adventure in no time!

Mejor Época para Viajar: Clima y Temporada Turística

Cartagena boasts a tropical climate with temperatures ranging from 28°C to 32°C all year round, making any time a good time to visit this Caribbean gem. However, to make the most of your trip, consider visiting during the dry seasons from January to March and mid-June to August, when the city is at its most vibrant.

If you’re looking for more budget-friendly options, the months of April-May and October-November, though less favorable in terms of weather, offer more affordable rates and greater hotel availability.

Recomendaciones Prácticas: Moneda, Idioma y Seguridad

Before you embark on your Cartagena journey, here are some practical tips to keep in mind:

  • The official currency in Cartagena is the Colombian peso (COP), and it’s recommended to carry dollars or euros to exchange at official money exchange houses.

  • While credit and debit cards are widely accepted, having some cash on hand is advisable in case your bank temporarily blocks your account.

  • When withdrawing money from an ATM, it’s best to decline the local conversion to euros as it tends to be more expensive.

Paquetes Turísticos a Cartagena: Opciones para Todos los Gustos

Cartagena offers a plethora of vacation packages designed to cater to every traveler’s taste. Some options include:

  • Cultural tours exploring the city’s rich history

  • Relaxation retreats on the sun-kissed Caribbean beaches

  • Adventure activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and zip-lining

  • Food and drink tours to sample the local cuisine

  • Shopping excursions to browse the vibrant markets and boutiques

With so many options available, you can find the perfect blend of activities to create your dream holiday.

So, whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple, or with your family, let’s delve deeper into what these packages entail and how you can customize them to fit your needs.

Qué Incluye: Detalles de los Paquetes

Our travel packages to Cartagena typically include:

  • Flight

  • Accommodation

  • City tours highlighting Cartagena’s historical heritage

  • Culinary experiences with local cuisine

  • Beach outings to the Rosario Islands

These paquetes a Cartagena simplify your trip planning process by offering paquetes de activities to enhance your experience in Cartagena.

With all these essentials taken care of, all you need to do is pack your bags and immerse yourself in the Caribbean experience.

Personaliza tu Paquete: Añade Experiencias Únicas

While our packages offer a comprehensive Cartagena experience, we understand that each traveler is unique. Therefore, we offer the flexibility to personalize your package to reflect your interests and preferences. Some options for personalization include:

  • Adding a car rental to your package for independent exploration

  • Incorporating specific cultural experiences, such as a cooking class or a guided tour of the city’s historic sites

  • Adding travel insurance for peace of mind during your trip

With these options, we ensure that your Cartagena vacation is truly one-of-a-kind, perfectamente diseñadas para tus necesidades y tu disposición. Te recomendamos considerar nuestras opciones para que disfrutes al máximo de tus vacaciones en Cartagena.

For the adventure enthusiasts, we can even include experiences like exploring the marine biodiversity of Cartagena through scuba diving.

Asistencia al Viajero: Soporte Durante tu Estadía

Traveling to a new place can be exciting, but it can also bring along uncertainties and questions. That’s why our travel packages to Cartagena typically include travel insurance to offer peace of mind and assistance during your stay. You can access the support of your travel insurance at any time through mobile apps, WhatsApp, and direct telephone lines, ensuring that help is always at your fingertips.

So, whether it’s a medical emergency or any travel-related issue, you can travel confidently knowing that you’re covered.

Hospedaje en Cartagena: Encuentra el Hotel Perfecto

One of the most integral aspects of your Cartagena vacation is your accommodation. Whether you’re looking for:

  • a historic hotel in the heart of the city

  • a luxury resort offering all-inclusive convenience

  • a beachfront property where you can wake up to the sound of the waves

Cartagena, de la belleza y diversidad, has it all desde Cartagena.

Let’s explore these options further, helping you find the perfect home away from home in Cartagena.

Hoteles con Historia: Alojamientos en el Centro Histórico

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the rich history of Cartagena, staying in a historic hotel in the city center is the perfect choice. Hotels like the Alfiz Hotel Boutique and the Casa del Arzobispado Hotel stand out for their unique charm and excellent service, making your stay as memorable as the city itself.

Enjoy the convenience of being close to Cartagena’s main attractions and the thrill of staying in a building that carries centuries of stories within its walls.

Resorts Todo Incluido: Vacaciones sin Preocupaciones

Illustration of a serene resort in Cartagena

For those seeking a worry-free vacation, all-inclusive resorts like the Hotel Cartagena Plaza and the Decameron Cartagena offer the ultimate convenience. With accommodation, meals, drinks, and activities all included in your package, you can truly relax and enjoy your vacation.

These resorts are strategically located near major attractions, ensuring you have plenty to explore without the hassle of planning and logistics.

Alójate Junto al Mar: Opciones en Playa Blanca y Más

If waking up to a stunning sea view is your idea of a perfect vacation, consider staying at one of the beachfront properties in Playa Blanca or other beautiful coastal locations. Hotels like the Hotel Estelar Playa Manzanillo offer all-inclusive resort experiences close to Cartagena, while the Decameron Barú on Isla Baru lets you enjoy the charm of a tropical island retreat.

With spectacular sea views, easy beach access, and a range of amenities, these accommodations promise a truly unforgettable beach vacation in Cartagena.

Actividades Imperdibles en Cartagena de Indias

Cartagena is a city that brims with life and activities. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, or an adventure seeker, Cartagena has something to captivate your interest. Let’s delve into the must-do activities in Cartagena that will make your vacation a truly memorable experience.

Patrimonio y Cultura: Explora la Ciudad Amurallada

Illustration of the historic walled city of Cartagena

Steeped in history and culture, the walled city of Cartagena is a treasure trove of experiences. From the impressive Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas, a military fortification dating back to 1656, to the iconic Torre del Reloj (Clock Tower), each monument tells a story of Cartagena’s rich past.

Take a stroll along the historic wall that has protected the city since 1586, offering panoramic views and a glimpse into the colonial era. Don’t miss the bustling plazas like Plaza Fernández de Madrid and Plaza San Diego, where you can immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant culture and enjoy local cuisine.

Aventuras Acuáticas: Deportes y Relax en el Caribe

Illustration of water sports and relaxation in the Caribbean

Beyond its historic charm, Cartagena also offers a myriad of water adventures. Some of the activities you can enjoy include:

  • Windsurfing and kitesurfing

  • Snorkeling in the Rosario Islands

  • Fishing tours for catching species like sailfish and marlin

  • Paddleboarding

  • Dolphin-watching boat tours in the bay

Whatever your preference, Cartagena offers water adventures that cater to every taste.

Gastronomía Local: Sabores de Cartagena

No visit to Cartagena is complete without tasting its local cuisine. The city’s gastronomy is a delightful blend of Caribbean flavors and traditional Colombian dishes. Some must-try dishes include:

  • Pescado frito (fried fish)

  • Cazuela de mariscos (seafood stew)

  • Sancocho (traditional soup)

  • Arepas callejeras (street food corn cakes)

Each dish is a culinary journey worth exploring with tus taste buds.

Be sure to visit local markets and plazas like Plaza Fernández de Madrid and Plaza San Diego, where you can sample these local delicacies, including bebidas alcohólicas, and more.

Preparativos Finales para tu Viaje a Cartagena

With your Cartagena vacation almost within reach, it’s time to take care of the final preparations. From ensuring you have the necessary documentation to knowing what to pack and understanding the cancellation policy, these final steps will ensure a smooth and enjoyable vacation experience.

Documentación Requerida: Pasaporte y Más

Before you embark on your Cartagena adventure, ensure you have all the necessary travel documents. All travelers entering Colombia must have a valid passport and a return ticket.

Spanish citizens visiting Colombia for tourism and staying less than 90 days do not require a visa.

Equipaje y Artículos Esenciales: Qué Empacar

Packing for Cartagena involves more than just your favorite vacation outfits. Given the city’s tropical climate, here are some essentials to pack:

  • Lightweight clothing

  • Comfortable, rubber-soled shoes for exploring the cobbled streets

  • Sunscreen and insect repellent, especially if you plan to visit the nearby beaches or areas with mosquitoes.

Política de Cambios y Cancelaciones: Mantente Informado

Understanding the cancellation and change policies of your travel package can save you from potential inconveniences. For instance, at the Cocoliso Island Resort:

  • A cancellation made 15 days prior to arrival incurs a 50% penalty of the total service value.

  • A cancellation made 10 days prior incurs a 75% penalty.

  • A cancellation made 5 days prior incurs a 100% penalty.

It’s always a good idea to stay informed to avoid any unexpected costs.


Your dream vacation in Cartagena de Indias is no longer just a dream. From immersing yourself in the city’s rich history and culture to basking in the sun on its pristine beaches, from tasting its tantalizing local cuisine to indulging in a range of water sports, Cartagena offers a unique blend of experiences that cater to every traveler’s taste. So, whether you’re craving a cultural adventure, a culinary expedition, or a relaxing beach getaway, Cartagena de Indias is waiting to enchant you with its Caribbean charm. So why wait? Start planning your dream vacation today!

Frequently Asked Questions

¿Cuál es la mejor fecha para ir a Cartagena de Indias?

La mejor época para ir a Cartagena de Indias es entre diciembre y abril debido a las temperaturas agradables, el clima seco y la baja probabilidad de lluvia. Durante este tiempo, podrás disfrutar de las playas, recorrer el centro histórico y participar en festivales culturales.

¿Cuánto cuesta un viaje a Cartagena de Indias?

El costo promedio de un paquete de viaje a Cartagena de Indias puede ser alrededor de $1,138 USD por persona, incluyendo vuelo, hospedaje y varias actividades.

¿Cuándo es temporada baja para viajar a Cartagena Colombia?

La temporada baja para viajar a Cartagena, Colombia, es de julio a noviembre, durante la temporada de lluvias. Aunque puede haber algunos chaparrones ocasionales, este periodo suele ofrecer ofertas excepcionales.

¿Cuántos días se necesitan para ir a Cartagena?

Se necesitan entre 4 y 7 días para disfrutar de todo lo que Cartagena tiene para ofrecer, lo que te permitirá explorar la ciudad, sus calles coloridas y su deliciosa gastronomía típica como las arepas de huevo y el ceviche. ¡Disfruta tu viaje!

Do I need a visa to travel to Cartagena?

No, as a Spanish citizen visiting for tourism and staying less than 90 days, you do not need a visa to travel to Cartagena.

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