Traveling Women: Tips for Traveling Alone
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Viajar sola es quizás una de las experiencias más liberadoras, te permite afrontar tus miedos, socializar con personas nuevas y vivir una aventura en la que tu eres la única protagonista; todo esto suena maravilloso pero también tiene algunos riesgos en los cuales podrías sentirte bastante vulnerable; y con estos consejos para viajar sola esperamos prepararte para que vivas el viaje de tus sueños sin ningún impase.

Plan your Travel Itinerary

It is important that you spend good time reviewing your destination well and knowing all the details of it, where you are going to stay, the means of transport, the places you will visit, the maps of the place and all those things that are necessary for your trip be under control.

My suggestion is to use one of the existing apps for travel planning; In my case I use TRELLO, if I know, it is not a travel app, but for me it is super useful, because it allows me to organize my itinerary as I like and put the things I will need for the trip in a checklist; the important thing is not the app but that you are prepared. 

So stop improvising and start planning.

Ideal destinations for traveling alone HERE

Research each destination

It is important that you date very well, for example the places of interest, the hours of income, the restrictions and the costs; It is better to have an advance idea than to arrive at the destination and not being able to enjoy what you are looking for because you simply did not know that the destination is closed during some months of the year.

Also look for information on the weather, clothing you should wear, transportation systems, etc; for example, there are cities in which it is better to buy a 3 or 5 day ticket for public transport, in most cases it is cheaper in this way.

Do not leave cultural information behind, there are countries in which this is a very radical issue and it is necessary that as a woman we are very well documented in this regard.

Mujeres Viajeras: Consejos para viajar sola. Amazonas. Mujeres Viajeras: Consejos para viajar sola. Amazonas. Mujeres Viajeras: Consejos para viajar sola. Amazonas.

Maintain communication

Yes I know, "travel independently" want to go to destinations without anyone knowing about you disconnect from the world, anyway; But not to the extreme, it is also necessary that at least someone you trust has contact with you and knows where you are and where you are going, in case something happens.

It is not necessary to be in constant communication every day, but several times a week to contact, send an occasional photo and leave important data in case of emergency; you can use Whatsapp or Facebook to contact; One of my recommendations is that you not only speak by text but that you can send audios at the moment so that there is certainty of your existence.

Have a copy of your documents

This is one of my favorites, because I am clueless; I always try to have some key elements always with me: a copy of my documents (passport and travel insurance), a piece of paper with the location of the place of accommodation, emergency contact and other important information for the day; I do this because when I run out of battery, I have a plan B.Mujeres Viajeras: Consejos para viajar sola. Amazonas.


Night life

Medellin night tour
Plaza Botero- Lleras Medellín Park - Zona Rosa Medellín- Antioquia- Tourism- Culture- Fun

One of the pleasures in travel is the nightlife, sometimes the plans are spontaneous and arise from a meeting in the social area of the hostel; they are always so much fun; but it is necessary to have certain precautions in this regard; first do not overdo it with the liquor; second, try to go out with a group of people who build confidence in you; try not to return alone to your place of accommodation; And if the night gets hot, don't forget to protect yourself, it's always better to avoid headaches.

Security before everything

One of the first things you should have for your trips is good travel insurance; that it covers the days and / or months that you will be outside, and not only that, but also the data of the insurance and the places of attention; It can be a simple food poisoning, but this can generate additional expenses and an early return; with insurance you will be covered against any calamity.

Common sense

This is vital for us, it avoids thefts, tricks and a lot of possible situations; there are times when it is necessary to be prudent and to resort to our common sense so as not to make any mistake; for example neglecting your personal items in crowded places. 

It is part of our nature Pay attention to your intuition!

Mujeres Viajeras: Consejos para viajar sola. Amazonas.

Instinct and confidence

We already know that there are many precautions to take when traveling alone; it is necessary to prevent and be well prepared for everything; But neither should you take an alarming and fearful attitude, which does not even allow you to leave your hostel in peace.

Let go, be confident and enjoy your trip; Same for that you travel alone to take some risks and get out of your daily life, so take full advantage of it.

Travel free, travel alone!

Esperamos te hayan gustado y pongas en prácticas estos consejos para viajar sola.


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