Why visit the Amazon, 4 reasons
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sunset amazonas 1When choosing your next vacation, you must fall in love with the destination. Our recommended today is the Amazon and ColombiaTours.Travel It will give you several reasons to do so.

The Amazon Rainforest, located between the borders of Peru, Brazil and Colombia is crossed by the longest and largest river in the world. Thousands of cubic liters give life to the green lung of the world.

In this magical place you will find the greatest biodiversity on the planet, from multicolored birds to pink dolphins and giant manatees. All this in one place, the Amazon.

Over the years the Amazon rainforest has served as a refuge for thousands of indigenous people from the Miraña, Inga, Macuna, Huitoto, Bora and Andoque ethnic groups, all of whom own an unimaginable ancestral legacy.

The inhabitants of this area look after their customs with suspicion, but for some years they decided to open up to the world to tell their stories and share their wisdom.

If you go to the Amazon you can not only take a relaxing vacation in hotels that have many amenities, but you can do outdoor activities that will allow you not only to have fun but to learn from Mother Earth and its secrets.

Some of the activities in the Amazon are:

  • Meet Leticia.
  • Take walks through the jungle.
  • Fish in an artisanal way.
  • Visit to Lake Tarapota.
  • Observation of the Pink Dolphin.
  • Go visit Puerto Nariño.
  • Talk and know the indigenous culture.
  • A night in the jungle.

You can't stop going to the Amazon, the green lung of the world awaits you and ColombiaTours.Travel takes you.

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