6 plans to do with dad on his special day

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📅 May 31, 2023
plans with dad

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Receive a personalized itinerary to Colombia in 5 minutes with artificial intelligence.

Father's Day is approaching and surely you want to show off with the best gift. That's why ColombiaTours.Travel recommends some experiences and plans for dad that can be an unforgettable detail for him.

Today's dad tends to be a born adventurer, so the best plans for him will be those that involve a physical challenge and include adrenaline.

However, there are other parents who, because of their age, prefer less risky and more relaxed activities.

Plans to share with dad on his day

1. Cycling Mountaineering with Dad

If your dad loves to ride a bike, you can give him an experience that challenges him. The mountain adventures are ideal for you to share time together, especially if your dad is a sports fan and in Risaralda there are easy and difficult stretches, it's just a matter of choosing the most convenient option and have a great time.

For this you can create a route in the city of your choice that fits and can be carried without risk. For example in Risaralda you can find some established routes on the page wikiloc.

In addition to being a physical challenge, you can enjoy the natural space that surrounds them, which in our country is abundant. These plans with dad do not require a lot of money and are perfect to get out of the routine.

plans with dad

2. Paragliding plans with dad

Flying is undoubtedly one of the best experiences you can experience, it will surely be amazing for dad. Keep in mind that this is a plan that requires parents with good health conditions. Near Pereira you can live this experience and it will leave dad dazzled with the scenery that he will be able to appreciate from the skies.

In ColombiaTours there are two ideal places that are used for this activity in a safe way.

  • Voladero el Zarzo is located in the rural area of the municipality of Apia
  • Voladero Guayra is located in the rural area of the municipality of Ansermanuevo

The two flyers are licensed, besides that for the activity there are certified pilots and instructors with the proper documents required by law. All this so that there is more security in the activity and it is a pleasant experience.

If you want to know more about this intrepid activity, click here. HERE and consult paragliding offers

Don't deprive yourself of these plans with dad and take a chance to have a good time!


3. Bird Sighting and photography with Dad

If your dad enjoys getting in touch with nature and is a devotee of the environmental preservationyou will love this experience. There you can have a moment of reflection and relax together in the middle of the forest. You will be able to appreciate the natural beauty that gives the Colombian biodiversity, besides capturing wonderful photos of the birds that are in the place, for this it is precious to be careful and very quiet.

For example, in the department of Risaralda, there are more than 539 registered birds of the 1900 species that inhabit Colombia.

In the municipalities of Santuario and Pueblo Rico, there is the Tatamá Natural Reservewhere the largest number of birds recorded in the department can be observed.

However, only 40 minutes away from Pereira, in its rural area, there is the Otún Quimbaya Fauna and Flora Sanctuary. This place offers locals and visitors, beginners and experts, the opportunity to live a unique experience in a native forest.

If you want to know more about birdwatching here in Colombia READ HERE

These plans with dad are quieter but equally interesting and different to get out of the routine and give him a very nice day.

plans with dad

El Espectador: Blue-crowned Sapphire, Black-bellied Tanager, Scarlet Ibis, Mitchell's Hummingbird, Guyanese Cock-of-the-Rock, Andean Toucan, Waved Tororoi.

4. Plans with dad in Termales

A hot springs bath is the best plan for those dads with compromised health and age. With this experience you will not only give him a very relaxing day, but you will also be able to share this experience with your family. The benefits of the hot springs are visible in the improvement of the mood of the people who visit them, as they enter a state of total relaxation. At Santa Rosa de Cabal There are several options, ranging from hotels to nature reserves.

An hour's drive from the municipality of Risaralda, is the home of the Reserve. San Vicente Thermala perfect place to rest. In this site the tourist will find 6 pools and a river of thermal waters.

Even within this reserve it is possible to practice extreme sportsThe visitor will be in contact with native forests that are part of the ecosystem housed in the Los Nevados National Natural Park.

Click here HERE for more information about San Vicente's thermal plan

These plans with dad can be both relaxing and quiet, or risky and full of adrenaline, it all depends on what you choose and see best according to his tastes.

plans with dad

5. Horseback riding with dad in Cocora Valley.

Horseback riding can be a great idea to spend with dad on his day and even more in the Cocora Valley, because with this tour you can feel the greatness of the landscape as you watch the beautiful valley and its imposing Wax palms which is the national tree of Colombia. A unique and peaceful moment in the wonderful Eje Cafetero.

In addition to the parade you can enjoy the cozy village SalentoYou can walk through its streets, appreciate its architecture and buy some local handicrafts. If you want to make a quiet but different plan with your dad, this could be a great idea.

plans with dad

Climbing the Ruiz snow-capped mountain

The Nevado Santa Isabel is located in the Coffee Region where you can enjoy with dad the density and magnitude of this wonderful glacier, perfect to experience different thermal floors while making the tour. There you can ascend up to 4750 meters above sea level.

The ascent and descent hike is approximately 6 km with an altitude between 4,500 and 4,750 meters. For this it is important to have guides specialized in high mountain, who provide good support and thus allow the experience to be lived without setbacks.

It is also necessary to keep in mind that this type of activity requires either physical preparation or good physical performance, in addition to the consumption of different calories along the route, appropriate clothing including raincoat and shoes with good grip and of course a lot of attitude!

You will be able to enjoy the snow and the flora of the place by making these plans with dad in addition to testing yourself physically.

If you want to put yourself to the test in the snowy Santa Isabel BOOK HERE and live a unique experience!

plans with dad

Most of these experiences have costs ranging from 80,000 pesos to 200,000 pesos, affordable costs to give a good gift to dad and surprise him on his day.

But if your budget is bigger, you can invite him to other destinations in Colombia such as the Pacific beaches, or the Caribbean or go to Santander or the Sierra de la Macarena.

Don't stop making plans with dad on his day, creating memories by his side is one of the best gifts.

"ColombiaTours.Travel wishes the best to dads on their day".

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