Where to take Dad on his special day
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Father's Day is coming and surely you want to show off with the best gift for dad.

ColombiaTours.Travel recommends some experiences that can be an unforgettable detail for him.

Today's dad is usually a born adventurer, so the best plans for him will be those that involve a physical challenge and include adrenaline.

However, there are other parents who, due to their age, prefer less risky and more relaxed activities.

Activities to share with dad

  • Mountaineering Cycle: If your dad loves to ride a bike, you can give him an experience that challenges him. Mountain adventures are ideal for them to share time together, especially if your dad is a sports fan and in Risaralda there are easy and difficult stretches, it's just a matter of choosing the most convenient option and having a super nice time.


  • Paragliding: Flying is undoubtedly one of the best experiences you can experience, it will surely be amazing for dad. Keep in mind that this is a plan that requires parents with good health conditions. Near Pereira you can live this experience and leave Dad dazzled with the landscape that you can appreciate from the skies.

Paragliding- ColombiaTours.Travel

  • Bird Watching: If your dad likes to get in touch with nature and is a devotee of environmental preservation, he will love this experience. There you can have a moment of reflection and relax together in the middle of the forest. You will appreciate the natural beauty that Colombian biodiversity grants. In the rural area of Pereira you will find the habitat of at least 100 species of birds.
Aguilucho Nevado Santa Isabel - Birdwatching - Risaralda Colombia - Ornithology - Global Big Day
Aguilucho Nevado Santa Isabel – Avistamiento de aves – Risaralda Colombia – Ornitología – Global Big Day
  • SawHot Springs: A hot spring bath is the best plan for those parents of age and compromised health. With this experience you will not only give him a very relaxed day, but you can share this experience as a family. The benefits of hot springs are visible in improving the mood of the people who visit them, upon entering a state of total relaxation. In Santa Rosa de Cabal there are several options, ranging from Hotels Up to nature reserves.


All these experiences have costs ranging from 80,000 pesos to 200,000, which are an affordable cost to give dad a good gift.

But if your budget is larger, you can invite it to other destinations in Colombia such as the beaches of the Pacific, or the Caribbean or go to know Santander or the Sierra de la Macarena.

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