Colombian Coffee Axis: everything you need to know before visiting it
Colombian Coffee Cultural Landscape

Colombian Coffee Axis: a jewel to discover

He Colombian Coffee Axis It is a geographical area comprised of the departments of Quindío, Risaralda, Caldas and Tolima, known as the coffee growing area of the country and listed by UNESCO as the «World Cultural Heritage Coffee Landscape». The cultivation of coffee has been part of the history of Colombia since the 20th century, and thanks to this, the region is constantly visited by thousands of tourists who want to know the coffee lands of the nation and taste first hand each of the tourist, natural and cultural attractions that the Colombian territory offers to the world.

The Colombian Coffee Axis is the area where the best coffee in the world is grown, full of natural and national tourist attractions that are worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. So in this article we have prepared a travel guide that will help you plan the details of your next vacation to the Coffee Axis.

Coffee Park of Montenegro Coffee Axis Colombia

Coffee Park of Montenegro Coffee Axis Colombia

Visit the most important tourist sites of the Colombian Coffee Axis

The beauty of Coffee Region Colombian It goes beyond the agricultural history and economic evolution of Colombia from the export of coffee. This region of fertile land has been home to thousands of families over the years, and despite the fact that the tourist points of the region are in different departments, each of the areas that are visited have a unique attraction that leaves more than one with the desire to return and repeat the experience.

At the Colombian Coffee Axis you can do everything, so you will not have any limitations when visiting it. Whether you want to know the history, contemplate the historical art, taste the typical gastronomy of the area or even visit the coffee crops, the Coffee Axis adapts to any plan. However, if you want to know the Colombian Coffee Axis in its fullness, then we have prepared a list of the places you can visit on your next vacation:

Coffee axis in Risaralda

Known for belonging to the paisa region and the Coffee Axis, Risaralda It is one of the Colombian departments where you can meet one of the most acclaimed tourist destinations by nature lovers, such as the Los Nevados National Natural Park and the “Otún Quimbaya” Wildlife Sanctuary, located in the central mountain range, as well as the National Natural Park "Tatamá", located in the western zone of the mountain range. Risaralda is made up of fourteen municipalities classified in three sub-regions, among which the most important are:

  • Pereira (Capital).
  • Santa Rosa de Cabal.
  • Marseilles.

Barbas Bremen - Coffee Axis Colombia

Barbas Bremen & #8211; Coffee axis Colombia

Coffee axis in Caldas

Caldas is another region of the Coffee Axis known for its long valleys comprised of the Magdalena and Cauca River and the Nevado del Ruiz. In this area it is possible to visit the Natural Park "Los Nevados" and the "Selva de Florencia", as well as Tower 4, Tarcará, Sabinas and Plan Alto (the latter located in Manizales).

  • Manizales (Capital).
  • Salamis
  • Gouache

Eje Cafetero Caldas- Colombia - Coffee Cultural Landscape

Coffee axis Caldas & #8211; Colombia & #8211; Coffee Cultural Landscape

Coffee axis in Quindío

El Quindío is another region of the Coffee Axis located in the central west of Colombia. It is one of the areas most visited by fans of nature, because in it you can find natural and national parks such as the national parks of Colombia (in which there are natural reserves that are part of the national flora) , the Los Nevados National Natural Park, located in the Andean region of the country and, of course, the National Park of Agricultural Culture - also known as Panaca and the Coffee Park, a thematic tourist destination where you can taste gastronomy Coffee-based, a folkloric architecture of the time and endless attractions ranging from roller coasters, to water areas where it is possible to play in the water, fish or swim.

  • Armenia.
  • Salento
  • Filandia

Coffee axis in Tolima

Located in the central area west of Colombia, Tolima is part of the Coffee Axis thanks to its border with Caldas and the Andean region, known for its water parks where you can practice sports and fishing, as well as its mountains that are the ideal place to practice climbing. For the latter, the Snowy National Park is the ideal option.

 Coffee axis Colombia

Cuál destino elegir   en el Eje Cafetero   Colombiano

Si bien cada uno de las regiones  del  Eje Cafetero cuentan con   zonas  turísticas en común, al final  cada una las ciudades de los departamentos poseen atracciones imposibles de ignorar. Entonces, ¿Cuál de ellas puedes elegir? Antes de tomar una decisión te recomendamos visitar nuestra Axis Coffee Travel Guide where you can find information about the tourist plans of each department separately.

Once you have in mind the reasons why you want to choose one of the destinations to visit the Colombian Coffee Axis, the only thing left is to reserve the activities you will do during the days you will be visiting the region and, finally, plan where you are you will stay and how you will arrive.

How to make hotel reservations in the Colombian Coffee Axis

If you already know how many days you will have to visit the Coffee Axis, the next step is to make reservations at the hotel where you will be staying. This step is usually one of the most complicated for several reasons:

  • The costs are usually high.
  • Not all hotels have tour guides.
  • The hotels are far from the tourist areas.

Whatever the case, to make reservations at hotels in the Coffee Axis you must first know where to arrive and what places to visit. Based on that you can search the yellow pages of Colombia to check which are the hotels available in the area and make the respective reservation.

Free Tour Barbas Bremen - Coffee Axis Colombia

Free Tour Barbas Bremen & #8211; Coffee axis Colombia

On the other hand, if you are not familiar with this method of travel, then you can enter and check which vacation packages they offer. In our portal we have a wide variety of options that will allow you to know every detail of the Coffee Axis if you know how to take advantage of it.

Reservations for activities will include lodging, so you won't have to worry about looking for a hotel or an inn for the night. In addition, we also include transportation so you don't have to waste time with a GPS or asking for directions on the street. In general terms, if you want to start planning your trip to the Coffee Axis and do not know where to start, with our help you can devise the best vacations of your life. So it's just a matter of getting in touch with us and letting us know what your expectations are when traveling to Colombia and choosing the Coffee Axis as a tourist spot.

Build your travel plan to enjoy the Colombian Coffee Axis

The Coffee Axis is one of the most tourist sites in Colombia, and year after year every point in the region is visited by thousands of tourists who are hungry for Colombian culture and the mystical green regions where the best coffee in the world is born. Therefore, it is complicated - but not impossible - to plan the entire trip without the help of a travel agency specializing in the area.

Of course, it is important to keep in mind the following: if you have already had the opportunity to know the Colombian Coffee Axis in the past, you will surely have information about the hotels and the different tourist plans offered in the area, so you will not have Need to have the help of a tour guide. But, if that is not the case, the support of a travel agency will take a weight off you and give you the opportunity to enjoy every second of the journey.

Coffee Park of Montenegro Coffee Axis Colombia

Luckily in Colombia Tours We have all the information so you can enjoy your vacation in the Coffee Axis without any problem. In the web portal you can find information about most important tourist points of the Coffee Axis, so that you can choose the ones that attract your attention and based on them make a travel plan. It should be noted that with our help you can make a flexible and planned itinerary, so that you can enjoy culture and gastronomy, without neglecting the rest periods so that you recover energy.

On the other hand, if you do not want to make a travel plan because you cannot decide which points to visit, in Colombia Tours we have created several packages so you can adapt your available time to the itinerary we have prepared for you.

Featured packages to visit the Colombian Coffee Axis

Our outstanding coffee axis packages have been designed for all tastes, both for those who only seek to observe the landscapes, enjoy the view and take pictures, even for the more adventurous who want to know the Coffee Axis in a more crazy and extreme way . In general, the packages include accommodation for several nights (either in a hotel or in an inn) in an area near the point to visit. Additionally we include transfer to each of the points of the hand of a tour guide who will accompany you at all times and dazzle you with the historical stories of the region. On the other hand, you won't have to worry about food either, because most packages include breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Which package to choose?

If you already have in mind what you want to do when you visit the Coffee Axis, you just have to visit the packages section and choose the one you like best. If you have the time and money to spend several days in the Colombian Coffee Axis you can opt for the outstanding packages that offer a multi-day itinerary, with excursions to areas of the Coffee Axis that will leave an indelible mark on your memory.

How to know if a package is available?

Si te ha encantado uno de nuestros paquetes para conocer un punto turístico del Eje Cafetero, no lo pienses mas, el siguiente paso es comunicarte con uno de nuestros Travel Planners o escribirnos a través de nuestra información de contacto. En ambas opciones podrás obtener toda la información que desees sobre la disponibilidad de cupos, los destinos a visitar y el costo del paquete.

Conclusion Colombian Coffee Axis

The Colombian Coffee Axis, the region of green gold whose coffee aroma is the delirium of many foreigners, is one of the most visited regions in Colombia. The lands where it is born the best softest coffee in the world, se pueden visitar desde Caldas, Quindío, Tolima o Risaralda, ya sea para conocer los parques temáticos como el Parque Nacional del Café en Quindío, también darte un paseo por los pueblos como Belén de Umbría, Quimbaya, Montenegro, Aguadas, Salamina o Pijao, practicar deportes extremos los distintos puntos de la región siendo el parapente uno de los favoritos por los turistas que visitan Calarcá ó centros culturales donde se pueden encontrar joyas arquitectónicas, exposiciones de arte y teatros  como es el caso del Museo Arqueológico Quimbaya, la Catedral Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Rosario de Manizales o la Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Pobreza.

The Colombian Coffee Axis is a safe bet for tourists who want enjoy the cultural and geographical heritage of Colombia, so when traveling it is vital to have the support of a travel guide, either to have an established itinerary or to take advantage of the comforts provided by travel agencies through their vacation packages. It is for this and more reasons that if you want to visit the Coffee Axis of Colombia, you can not miss the opportunity to know the most iconic and memorable sites of this important area of our country.

To give you an idea of where you are going to be, here we leave you the spectacular Hotel del Campo

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