What to do in Santa Rosa de Cabal?
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Tourism around its hot springs

Five things to do in Santa Rosa de Cabal

Santa Rosa de Cabal It is one of the most tourist municipalities of the department of Risaralda, just 15 km north-east of Pereira/Manizales, is the entrance to Los Nevados National Natural Park, this municipality with an average temperature of 19ºC is also famous for its medicinal thermal waters; Although he is recognized for that, it is certainly much more.

Among the activities that can be carried out in this municipality are:

& #8211; Gastronomy: You can enjoy your exquisite food, which is led by the santarrosano chorizo, followed by the tray paisa and aguapanela with cheese that is a general hallmark of Coffee Region.

& #8211; Cafes and bars: unquestionably this region is recognized for its delicious coffee; and in this municipality especially has beautiful places where they are offered tastings of different types of coffeehow are your coffee farms or also drinks of different types, such as: Don Pascual, Bonanza, La Chambrana, among others; in which you will have the opportunity to enjoy this delicious drink in its different presentations and also spend an unforgettable moment.

& #8211; Architecture: the ancestral legacy of its colonizers has left architectural routes that are visible from its main square, as well as in different sectors of the center, in which the style of their homes predominate, creating ideal spaces for recreational places such as:  The Cesar Restrepo Pastry Shop.

& #8211; Culture and crafts: Santa Rosa de Cabal It is a handmade municipality by nature, excellent producers of ponchos and beautiful accessories, which can be seen in places like the Machete Park, one of the largest and most luxurious center of handicrafts of the Coffee axis.

& #8211; Thermal waters: this municipality has splendid natural reserves of thermal water, like San Vicente Hot Springs and Hot springs of Santa Rosa de Cabal, which sprout between mountainous landscapes, where you can take guided tours, enjoy the nature and relax.

Santa Rosa de Cabal It is certainly a good destination for travelers to approach the coffee culture in farms where it is possible to learn about the cultivation of this grain that has given good name to Colombia in the world.

Come to the most tourist municipality of Risaralda and know the beauty of this beautiful region.

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