What to do in Medellin, the City of Eternal Spring?

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things to do in Medellín

What to do in Medellin?

Medellínone of the most vibrant cities in Colombialocated in the heart of this beautiful country, is a destination where beauty and joy intertwine in every corner, creating emotions that delight the senses and fill the heart with wonder. Each street emanates a contagious energy that gently envelops you, inviting you to explore its charms.

From the majestic mountains that surround it to the warm welcome of its inhabitants, Medellín welcomes you with open arms and invites you to immerse yourself in its unique atmosphere. Its colorful streets are like living canvases that tell stories of passion and perseverance, while its architecture reflects the fusion of past and present, creating a perfect setting for unforgettable adventures.

The culture of Medellín is a symphony of traditions and modernitywhere dance, music and gastronomy intertwine in a harmonious dance. You can enjoy the rhythms of cumbia in a lively street festival. And when it comes to flavors, Medellín's food is a feast for the palate, with traditional dishes that awaken your senses and connect you to the very essence of the city.

Natural spaces also play a crucial role in Medellín's charm. From the Arví Park to the Botanical GardensThe city blends harmoniously with nature, creating oases of tranquility in the midst of the urban bustle. Riding the Metro cable and contemplating the panoramic view of Medellín is like rising to a paradise suspended in time, where dreams become reality.

It doesn't matter if you are a lover of arta thrill-seeker or a traveler looking for a new adventure. serenityMedellín has something special in store for you. Every moment here is an opportunity to discover the magic that flows through its cobblestone streets and modern avenues. So let yourself be carried away by how wonderful it is. Medellínbecause this city is much more than destinations and activitiesis a sincere embrace from Colombia to the world, a promise of joy and an invitation to live life with passion and fullness.

Medellín offers a wide range of cultural experiencesnatural and urban. With a rich history and a growing art scene, this city captivates its visitors with its diverse corners and activities. If you are planning a visit to this wonderful city, here is a curated list of must-see places and activities to explore.

Discovering Culture

La Comuna 13: Rebirth on the Heights

Commune 13

We began our journey in the colorful and resurgent neighborhood of the Comuna 13. Here, the murals and escalator take you through the history and transformation of the community.

Climbing in open-air elevators, music-filled alleyways and local markets will immerse you in the authenticity of local life. the Comuna 13. Every step you take here is a tribute to the human capacity to transform challenges into opportunities, and to write a brighter future despite the circumstances.

Comuna 13 includes several neighborhoods, among them Santo Domingo, and is known for its history of improvement and transformation.

Museum of Antioquia: Artistic Treasure of the Region

Museum of Antioquia

Immerse yourself in the art and culture of the region in this iconic museum, home to numerous works by the famous sculptor and artist Fernando Botero.

The Museum of Antioquia is a space that invites reflection and dialogue. Each room is a new chapter in the narrative of Antioquian culture, where local and international artists dialogue through their creations, weaving a tapestry of diversity and perspectives. The temporary exhibitions are like windows open to the world, allowing us to explore universal themes from a unique perspective.

The iconic sculpture "La Gorda de Botero". welcomes us with its rotund figure and energetic presence, symbolizing the abundance and exuberance of life. It is a constant reminder that art transcends physical boundaries and connects us with emotions.

The internal courtyards and outdoor spaces are oases of tranquility, where you can contemplate art in the midst of nature and allow ideas to flow freely. The Museum of Antioquia is a place where time blurs and stories come to life, inspiring creativity and personal exploration.

Botero Square: Sculptures that Come to Life

Botero Square

Botero Squarea captivating space in the heart of Medellín, is a tribute to the creative genius and lasting impact of renowned Colombian artist Fernando Botero. This artistic oasis is a vibrant tribute to the unique aesthetic and bold spirit that characterize Botero's work, and has become a point of encounter and admiration for both locals and visitors from around the world.

The central element that gives life to the Botero Square is Fernando Botero's own collection of monumental sculptures. These iconic figures, with their voluptuous and exaggerated forms, radiate an energy that oscillates between playful and provocative. Each sculpture tells its own story, one that evokes emotions and reflections as you approach and view them from different angles.

The House of Memory: Stories Engraved in the Heart


Exhibitions in the House of Memory address difficult but necessary issues such as human rights, justice and the reconstruction of the social fabric. Through art, music, historical documents and audiovisual installations, visitors are challenged to understand the human impact of the conflict and to reflect on the importance of building a future based on truth and reconciliation.

The Casa de la Memoria is also a space for the education and the community. Workshops, lectures and cultural events are held here, encouraging active participation and continuous learning. The house becomes a place where future generations can learn about their country's history and commit to building a more peaceful and equitable future.

San Antonio Park: Encounter with Tradition

See in Medellín

When entering the San Antonio ParkIn the park, you are surrounded by an environment that fuses nature with artistic creativity. Its tree-lined paths and green areas are an oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city, providing a quiet space where you can enjoy a moment of relaxation and contemplation.

The park's most prominent feature is the iconic sculpture "Bird of Peace". by Botero, which stands majestically in the center. This masterpiece of Colombian art is a symbol of hope and reconciliation in Medellín.

The presence of the "Bird of Peace". also highlights the importance of art as a means of expressing collective emotions and values.

Museum of Modern Art: Window to Contemporary Art


The museum stands out for its modern and avant-garde architecturewhich contrasts with the surrounding urban landscape. Its interior spaces are a platform for artistic expression in all its forms, from paintings and sculptures to multimedia installations and conceptual art. Each exhibition is a window to the imagination, where local and international artists find a space to communicate their visions and provoke emotions.

The Museum of Modern Art not only offers the opportunity to appreciate the art in its galleries, but it is also a place of interaction and learning. Workshops, lectures and cultural events allow visitors to delve into the creative process and the history behind the works on display.

Berrío Park: Life and Movement in the Downtown Area

City of Medellin

Surrounded by the colonial architectureThis park is a meeting point for locals and a perfect place to relax.

The Berrío Parknestled in the heart of Medellín, is a green haven that reflects the vitality of the city. More than a place to relax under the shade of its trees, this park is a meeting point where the community gathers, creating a mosaic of urban life.

With its iconic statue and welcoming atmosphere, Berrío Park is a living example of how parks are not only places of recreation, but also windows to the history and culture of a vibrant place like Medellín.

Parque de las Luces: The Shining Stage of the City of Medellín

Park of lights

One of the best things to see in Medellín is the Park of Lights, is a place where creativity and technology merge to give you a magical and unforgettable experience. When night falls, this urban space is transformed into a dazzling scene of lights and colors that illuminate the heart of the city.

This park is much more than just an attraction; it is a testament to Medellín's innovative spirit and its ability to turn public space into an important public space. captivating work of art. The illuminated columns, which stand like luminous guardians, create a mesmerizing and futuristic atmosphere that immerses you in visual wonders.

The Park of Lights is a place where imagination comes to life. The lights dance in synchrony, creating changing shapes that envelop you in a spectacle. Strolling through this space is like walking through a contemporary fairy tale, where each step takes you to a new chapter of brilliant sparkles and hypnotic scenes.

Rafael Uribe Palace of Culture: Historical and Cultural Elegance

What to do in Medellin

This majestic building is a testament to the cultural heritage and hosts cultural events and art exhibitions.

The Palace of Culture Rafael Uribe UribeThe Museum of Medellín, an architectural and cultural jewel that you must see in Medellín, is a must-see destination for those who wish to explore the rich history and artistic heritage of the city. Located in the heart of historical centerThis majestic building is a testament to the grandeur of the era and a focal point for those seeking to immerse themselves in the cultural identity of Medellín.

This palace, dating from the 19th century, is a magnificent example of neoclassical architecture, with its imposing façade, elegant columns and ornate details. The interior of the palace houses a series of spaces and rooms that are a window to the past, with their design and decoration evoking an era of splendor and sophistication.

The Palace of Culture Rafael Uribe Uribe is a destination that will immerse you in the richness of the history and culture of Medellín. By visiting this majestic building during a city tour, you will have the opportunity to appreciate its impressive architecture, learn about its legacy and enjoy the various cultural wonders it offers. It is an essential stopping point for those who wish to discover the essence and charm of Medellín.

Nature and Adventure

Arví Park: Serene and Renewing Nature

Things to do in Medellín

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and get into the lush nature of the Arví ParkA perfect place for hiking and bird watching.

One of the most exciting ways to get to the Arví Park is through the innovative cable car system that starts from Medellín. The aerial tour gives you spectacular views as you ascend the mountains, and landing in the park is like arriving in a new and rejuvenating world.

The Arví Park is not only a gift for nature lovers, but also a naturebut also a stage for recreation and entertainment. Cycling, hiking, horseback riding and picnics are just some of the activities you can enjoy in this space full of possibilities.

Botanical Garden: Where Flowers and Knowledge Blossom

What to do in Medellin

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the local flora in this garden full of colorful plants and sculptures. The Botanical Garden is an oasis of natural beauty and knowledge. This green sanctuary is an example of how the city has integrated nature into its urban fabric.

With its lush gardens, collections of native and foreign plants, and thematic spaces, the Botanical Garden is a place where you can connect with the biodiversity and discover the richness of the plant kingdom. In addition, it is a space where environmental education comes alive through exhibitions and activities designed for all ages.

Explora Park: Interactive Learning for All

Best things to do in Medellín

Another place to visit in Medellín is the park exploresThis is an interactive space that combines science and fun for all ages, ideal for those who love learning.

In addition to its focus on science and technologyAt Parque Explora, Parque Explora also celebrates Colombia's biodiversity and natural wealth. Aquariums and wildlife spaces allow you to immerse yourself in local ecosystems and learn about the unique fauna and flora that inhabit this megadiverse country.

Pueblito Paisa: A Glimpse into Time and the City

Visiting in Medellin

Pueblito PaisaLike a jewel high above Medellín, it is a window into Colombia's enchanting past and a vivid manifestation of the region's cultural and architectural heritage. This little corner nestled on top of a hill is a journey back in time, taking you to an era where traditions and daily life were woven with a special charm.

As you walk up the cobblestone streets that lead to Pueblito Paisayou are immersed in a cozy atmosphere. The colonial-style cottages, with their red-tiled roofs and balconies adorned with flowers, look like something out of a fairy tale. Every corner reveals charming details that capture the very essence of village life, where tranquility and simplicity are priceless treasures.

From the top, the panoramic views that Pueblito Paisa offers are simply dazzling.

Guatapé and the imposing Peñol: Nature and Unforgettable Views

Best things to do in Medellín

Another must-see are these destinations that immerse you in the natural wonder and vibrant culture of Colombia. Guatapé is a picturesque town, known for its colorful houses and cobblestone streets that look like something out of a fairy tale. Exploring this enchanting place is like immersing yourself in a palette of vivid colors that blend with the warm energy of the local community.

El Peñola majestic rock formation, emerges imposingly from the landscape. Climbing its 740 steps rewards you with spectacular panoramic views of the artificial reservoir that surrounds the area. From the top, the view is simply magical, offering a unique perspective of the vast body of water and its hills.

The combination of Guatapé and El Peñol offers a complete adventure. While Guatapé envelops you in its picturesque atmosphere and rich history, El Peñol challenges you to conquer its heights and rewards you with an unparalleled panorama. Together, these destinations are a window into the natural beauty and authenticity of Colombia, where the local people, the architecture and the nature lushness come together to create an exceptional journey.

Gastronomy and Delicacies

Paisa Tray

plans in Medellin

You can't miss this traditional dish that combines a variety of flavors and textures typical of the region.

This dish is not only gastronomybut also an invitation to immerse oneself in the culture of the region. La Bandeja Paisa reflects the intimate relationship Colombians have with food and how it is intertwined with daily life and celebrations. To eat a Bandeja Paisa is to feel like part of the community, sharing a feast full of history and flavor.

Arepa Paisa

Gastronomic recommendations

Arepas are an essential part of the Colombian diet, and in Colombia, the MedellínThe paisa variety is especially popular. They are thicker than the arepas and are usually served with grated cheese on top.

Sancocho Antioqueño

Gastronomic guide

This is a traditional stew based on meat (chicken, pork or beef), green plantain, potato, yucca, corn on the cob and cilantro. It is a comforting and very tasty dish.

Unique Experiences

Pablo Escobar Tour: A Historical Trail

Visit to Medellin, Pablo Escobar

Exploring Medellín through the Pablo Escobar Tour is something that immerses you in the history and transformation of the city in a unique and revealing way. Although it focuses on the controversial figure of Pablo Escobar, the tour transcends stereotypes and offers a journey through time that shows how Medellín has evolved since those troubled times.

Guided by local experts, you will have the opportunity to understand the historical context in which the life of Escobar and how its influence left a mark on the city. However, the tour focuses not only on the negative aspects, but also highlights the lessons learned and the rebirth of the city. Medellín as an example of overcoming and transformation.

During the tour, you can explore the places once associated with Escobar, but also discover how the city has worked tirelessly to overcome its past and build a better future. Through the tour's narrative, the resilience of the community and its determination to forge an identity that goes beyond a controversial figure is highlighted.

Flower Fair: A Festival of Colors

Things to do in Medellín

One of the must-see plans in Medellín is the the Flower Fair is a magical event that awakens the senses and fills the city with color and joy. Every year, for one week in August, Medellín is transformed into a celebration in honor of the beauty of the flowers, the culture and the vibrant spirit of its people.

The streets are adorned with dazzling parades of floats decorated with exquisite flowers, where artistic talent and creativity come together to tell captivating stories. In addition to the floats, the fair offers an endless array of cultural eventsThe city offers a wide range of activities, from concerts and art exhibits to gastronomic displays that delight the most demanding palates.

One of the most exciting moments is the Silleteros Paradewhere the farmers of the region carry their silleteros, impressive flower structures, in an exhibition of tradition and skill. It is a tribute to the laborious work of the countryside and a reminder of the importance of preserving cultural roots.

The Flower Show not only celebrates the natural beauty of flowers, but it is also a reflection of the resilient and positive spirit of the community of Medellín. During this week, you will be immersed in the culture, music, dance and folklore of the region, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and togetherness.

Discover Medellín at Your Rhythm

Metro and Metrocable: Urban Connection

Medellin Metro

The system of Medellín subway and Metrocable is an efficient and unique way for tourists to tour the city. The metro offers clean, modern transportation, while the Metrocable provides breathtaking panoramic views of the city and connects previously isolated neighborhoods. In addition to their transportation function, both systems are examples of innovation and social development in Medellín.

El Poblado: Modernity and cosmopolitan lifestyle

The town

The town is a modern and vibrant neighborhood full of bars, restaurants and stores, perfect for strolling and enjoying the nightlife.

The El Poblado neighborhood is a cosmopolitan jewel that represents the modern and dynamic side of Medellín. This district is an epicenter of cultural activities, world-class gastronomy and lively nightlife. To explore El Poblado is to immerse yourself in the essence of Medellínwhere contemporary buildings blend with tree-lined streets and lively squares. You'll find a wide range of things to do, from shopping in designer boutiques to enjoying exquisite local and international cuisine in the many restaurants and cafes.

Colombiatours: Your Gateway to Adventure in Medellín

cable, car, medellin

Are you ready to live an unforgettable experience in the vibrant city of Medellín?

Colombiatours is here to make your trip a perfect reproduction of your dreams!

We invite you to discover all that this exciting city has to offer. From its rich history to its vibrant culture, there is a world of things to do and explore in every corner of the city. Medellín.

If you are ready to embark on this unique adventure, we are here to help! At ColombiaTourswe offer you the opportunity to book your trip to Medellin in a simple and convenient way. Our experience in the tourism industry guarantees you an authentic experience of what Medellín has to offer. Each local guide will be ready to take you by the hand and show you every special place in the city.

Our goal is to make your trip unforgettable in every aspect. We understand that everyone has their own preferences and needs, and we are here to accommodate them. From local recommendations to gastronomic tastings, our Travel planners will guide you through every step of the way, making sure your time and money are put to the best possible use.

Imagine exploring the masterpieces of Fernando Botero in the famous Plaza Botero, where each sculpture tells a unique story or walking the streets of the north of the city, unveiling clues and secrets that only the locals know. We will provide you with all the information you need, from the use of the buses to recommendations of the best places to visit.

So, if you are ready to immerse yourself in the energy and charm of Medellín, book your trip with ColombiaTours! Whether you are a solo traveler, a couple or a group, we are here to provide you with an exceptional experience. At the end of the day, we guarantee that every moment spent in this city will be worth it, we hope to see you soon in Medellin!

If you want more information or content about all the wonderful places that the city of Medellin has for you, you can visit our page. ColombiaTours.Travel

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