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Types of activities


Friendly people, varied gastronomy, indigenous communities, and much more are part of the Amazon.


Tree climbing, jungle hikes, canopy tours and sailing on the Amazon River.


Rivers, wetlands and an incredible biodiversity of flora and fauna.

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The Colombian Amazon is an incredible place for tourists looking for extreme contact with nature and to get to know some of the most representative cultures of the country.


This wonderful habitat is home to so many species of fauna and flora It is an amazing place not only for the cultural diversity of its indigenous peoples, but also for the life that originates and is nourished by the multiple banks of the river. Amazon RiverThe most abundant, widest and deepest in the world.

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Available activities

We have for you a great variety of experiences that you can choose according to your travel goals in the Amazon. Make your plan to the Amazon Colombia and plan together with one of our Travel Planners all the details of your trip.


Port of Nariño

In the middle of nature is Puerto Nariño, considered the landscape town due to its beautiful nature.



Artisanal fishing

In a handmade boat ride you will travel along the Amazon River in the small lakes that are more conducive to the activity.


Pink Dolphin Sighting

Being the largest species of freshwater dolphins, it can reach a little over 2 meters in length.


City tour Leticia

A city located in the middle of the largest jungle in the world. 

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Walk through
the jungle

Travel through the Amazon rainforest observing its flora and fauna.

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