Keep in mind when traveling with children

When traveling with children, the trip usually becomes an odyssey.

ColombiaTours.Travel It has some tips to make your trip pleasant and build the best memories in family.

Your children are the most important thing and you don't want anything bad to happen to them, that's why many families are forbidden from traveling with their young children, but don't let this be an impediment.

Traveling with children can be easy if you plan and take into account the following recommendations.

  1. Documentation: State authorities in most countries require that children be documented. If your trip is inside or outside the country, it is important that you upload a plasticized copy of your registration or identification card. If you are outside the country you must carry the passport and an authorization letter from one of the parents, specifying that you have their consent if it does not accompany them.
  2. First aid kit: Take a first aid kit, make sure you bring products that are legal in other countries. If your child suffers from any medical condition, make sure you have the necessary doses for the entire trip. It is important that you charge a flashlight. Do not forget the sunscreen and mosquito repellent.
  3. Vaccines: In some destinations there is a risk of contagion of tropical diseases, it is recommended that before traveling, you vaccinate children and are up to date with their vaccination card.
  4. Contact plate: It is recommended that before traveling you send some chains or bracelets with plates, there they must be recorded: their name; the name of any of the parents; a whatsapp and contact email.
  5. Plan activities: With children it is very important to plan everything in advance but without sticking to a schedule. Choose plans or activities where they can meet and learn. The plans on the farms (interaction with animals) are ideal. Amusement and theme parks are usually preferred. Choose simple tourist options, all-inclusive are often complicated when it comes to making children meet schedules. To travel with children it is important to take into account their learning needs, it is not recommended that you take them to destinations that require physical effort, although the little ones have a lot of energy usually get bored quickly.
  6. Schedules: Choose travel schedules that match your sleeping hours, whether traveling by plane or train, even by car.

Colombian destinations to travel with children

In Colombia there are several places that are perfect to take your little ones, the first one is Bogotá. In the Colombian capital you will find museums, amusement parks and you can also travel to rural places that offer alternatives for children's entertainment.

San Andres and Providencia, its heavenly beaches are ideal for children, it also has aquariums and natural pools. Most of its hotels have swimming pools, the island is the ideal place for both parents and children to enjoy.

Medellin is a city with many alternatives for children, it has museums and places for children to play. In addition, the capital of Antioquia is a tourist satellite for other municipalities in the department.

The Coffee Region, this region not only has a wonderful cultural wealth, it also has plans designed for the family. It has several theme parks, thermal water pools and activities that are undoubtedly ideal for children.

“Viajar con niños será un placer, no una odisea”

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