Amazon an unmissable destination
Amazonas Natura Park Colombia Travel Plan

Estar en el Amazonas es una experiencia como ninguna otra, si te gusta la naturaleza, los animales y los paisajes exuberantes de seguro tienes que darte alguna vez un Tour por el Amazonas.

A different destination for those who always vacation on the beach, a destination that falls in love from beginning to end and makes us feel alone as visitors to a planet that can survive without us.

The immensity of the river is an aspect that impresses, from the air you can see a habitat place of thousands of animal and plant species, in a thick forest that evokes the best moments of our planet earth.

Leticia, capital of Amazonas is a small city that revolves around the river, its inhabitants dedicated mostly to tourism and fishing have something to tell about the world's largest river.

Both the On vacation hotel and the Natura Park Reserve are a few kilometers by boat from Leticia, the magnitude and serenity can be seen all over the river front, which is sometimes confused with the sea.

Amazonas is a destination for those who want to disconnect from their daily world to connect with another richer, deeper and more spiritual that is reached by being impressed with each place in this magical jungle.

Walking in the middle of the jungle and guided by guides from the region is one of the most enriching experiences, a sample of the greatness of this place visited by explorers, botanists, anthropologists and travelers from around the world.

We recommend you

  • First of all, traveling to the Amazon requires great respect for the fauna, flora and cultures that inhabit this unique place in the world.
  • The commercialization of exotic species and wildlife is prohibited, without a buyer there is no seller.
  • It is recommended not to use sunscreen if you are going to have contact with the fauna and flora of the region, since this will generate a negative reaction in them.
  • To walk in the middle of the jungle it is necessary to wear covered clothes, tennis shoes or rubber boots that protect you from insects and other animals that you can find on the tour.
  • Take a camera with you to capture every moment of your stay, it will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable moments you will have lived.

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