Nevado Santa Isabel trek from Pereira / Manizales

Nevado Santa Isabel trek from Pereira / Manizales

With our experience of high snowy mountain of Santa Isabel You will have the opportunity to interact with one of the millenary glaciers of Colombia. A unique ecosystem in the Andes mountains, that will disappear because the global warming consequences. Come and discover this destination before its extinction!

DescriptionDescription of Nevado Santa Isabel trek from Pereira / Manizales

Nevado Santa Isabel, an endangered ecosystem

At Coffee Region you can enjoy the density and magnitude of this magical glacier Nevado Santa Isabel, where you can experience different thermal floors while doing the tour, making this a unique experience in Colombia.

It ascends to 4750 mamsl.

The route takes a hiking up and down approximately 6 km at a height between 4,500 and 4,750 metres above mean sea level.

Our high mountain specialized guides will give you all the support and care needed, so you can have an excellent experience.

Ascend to Nevado Santa Isabel it's a truly unique activity in the Coffee Cultural Landscape. Just a little bit of will and desire to spend a day in the middle of incredible landscapes, while you learn about the Fauna and Flora from this region.

Important note: 

  • Having direct contact with the snow depends strictly on the weather conditions of the day, this region has quite drastic variations in the weather, so touch the snow is not granted.
  • If at 1 in the afternoon (13 PM) you have not reached the edge of the glacier on the hike; you must make the descent from the point where you are, since this is a direct condition of the Nevados National Natural Park.

Meeting points

The meeting points are defined according to the place of lodging of the client or his place of origin.

  • Pereira: Self-service GyG Plaza de Bolivar
  • Manizales: Villa Maria transport terminal

It includes

 What includes? Snowy Tour Santa Isabel from Pereira / Manizales

  1. Transport in specialized cars (4 × 4 trucks) round trip from the starting point in Pereira or Manizales.
  2. Feeding: breakfast, lunch, caloric snacks and hydration.
  3. Entrance to Los Nevados National Natural Park.
  4. Specialized guide of High mountain.
  5. Hiking on the foot of the mountain and board the glacier.
  6. Travel assistance card.


Not include

  1. Expenses not specified in the plan
  2. Promotional rate applies for groups of 7 people
  3. For foreigners, a supplement of COP 28,000 applies for admission to National Natural Parks

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itineraryItinerary of Santa Isabel Snowy Tour from Pereira / Manizales

  • The day starts early

    At 4:30 am they are cited at the meeting point. Located next to the Bolivar de Pereira, this restaurant serves 24 hours in the transport terminal of Manizales. This allows our visitors to arrive a little earlier, have a coffee and start a conversation with the staff of our company and with other travel companions. In general, the groups are made up of individuals, couples and families who have previously registered for the day. After making a brief presentation among the participants and giving some basic recommendations, we begin our tour on board the 4X4 vehicles. We are heading towards him Los Nevados National Natural Park.

  • Arrival at the peasant inns

    At approximately 7:30 am we arrive at one of the peasant inns where we will have breakfast. A typical breakfast, made in wood, prepared by one of the families that inhabits the area surrounding the PNN The snowcapped. On this site, after breakfast and while doing a brief acclimatization activity, we will know a little about the lifestyle and high mountain production systems, just before entering the conservation area.

    Then we board the 4X4 vehicles again to make a journey of approximately 40 minutes, until inside the park, in the sector called Conejeras. Conejeras is located in the downtown area of the park, approximately 4,160 meters above sea level, there we will leave the vehicles.

  • Start of the tour

    At this point we find one or several officials of Natural National Parks, who provide information about the area and the behavior that we should have during our stay in it. At this point the collection of the entrance fee to the park is carried out, which is intended to strengthen the national environmental system. Before starting the path along the path, we perform a stretch directed by the guide (s), who in turn provide information and recommendations for the route that is about to start

  • Ascent to the edge of the glacier

    During the ascent we will run 3.5 kilometers away, to reach approximately 4,700 meters above sea level. This tour usually takes between 2 and 3 hours. During the tour, several rest and acclimatization stops are made, in which our environmental guide-interpreter shares information about the area, fauna and Flora, high mountain etc.

    As we ascend the oxygen becomes more scarce and fatigue is accentuated by the slope, however the majesty and beauty of the landscape invite us to continue; to continue advancing in the conquest of the mountain, to live this great experience of knowing one of the few glaciers that we still have in Colombia.

  • Return

    It is usually much faster (1.5 hours approx), we walk back to rabbit huts to board the vehicles again and move to the peasant inn where we will have lunch (3:00 pm approx). After lunch, we make a brief feedback of the activity and resume the journey in the vehicles to the city of Pereira (end of the tour 6:00 pm approx)

recommendationsRecommendations for Santa Isabel Snowy Tour from Pereira / Manizales

We recommend you to wear very comfortable clothes (lycra), so that it does not store moisture and your body keeps body temperature; comfortable shoes (boots or tennis with very good adhesion).

It is recommended that minors ascend with the permission of their parents or in the company of them.

Pregnant women or people with heart conditions should refrain from this experience.

Here is a list of recommendations:

  • Prepare to walk
  • Wear comfortable shoes that cover it from the cold.
  • Cap, good coat, gloves and raincoat.
  • Sunscreen
  • And if you wish, prepare your camera to capture stunning images.
  • Identification documents.


Get to know the Santa Isabel Snowy

Excellent experience to learn and enjoy the high mountain Colombian Meet lush landscapes, experience new sensations at more than 4,500 meters above sea level, recreate yourself in natural environments, Live this incredible experience with

How to get to the snowy Santa Isabel

Access by Caldas
Access through the municipality of Villamaría (Caldas), via the road to Papayal (Condor Route), La Laguna, La Cueva sector (National Parks cabin) to the Conejeras sector.

Access by Risaralda

Since Santa Rosa de Cabal on the road that passes through the hot springs of San Vicente to the sector of Potosí (National Parks cabin) on a road.

Tourist Activities that can be done in short periods of time or in 1 day only. Which can be taken individually or within a complete plan.
The Coffee Axis or Colombian Coffee Cultural Landscape hides in its mountains a history of tradition and culture that we should all know.

The Coffee Cultural Landscape was recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage thanks to the natural wealth it contains and the culture it characterizes. The carriel, the poncho, the hat, the friendliness of the locals, the beauty of their women, their charming villages and many other things make this a unique place, which also offers us the best coffee, that without which we can not start the day.

Here it is also possible to find multiple climates and ecosystems, thanks to its geographical conditions, becoming a world biodiversity conservation zone. It will always be possible to be surprised by the beauty of the snow-capped mountains or the butterfly garden, in which about 1500 butterflies of 50 species live.


Location Snowy Tour Santa Isabel from Pereira / Manizales

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19 reviews for Tour Nevado Santa Isabel desde Pereira / Manizales
  • Avatar

    5 out of 5

    Super recommended, responsible, punctual.

  • Avatar

    4 out of 5

    Amazing experience! I recommend to all those who enjoy nature you need good physical condition, I recommend preparing physically and mentally for the walk. The very friendly guides.

  • Avatar

    5 out of 5

    It is an amazing place, a wonderful activity to do on the coffee axis. It requires preparation, feed with good calorie at least a week before, no liquor, good equipment: grip shoes, at least two thermal layers of clothing including raincoat. If you have knee problems it is best to avoid this ascent. The altitude sickness is common, nothing that does not recover with good rest and hydration. Thank you very much for the accompaniment

  • Avatar

    5 out of 5

    By this means I wanted to express our thanks for such a magnificent experience, everything was great starting with the human warmth of the guide Faruk Castillo and the driver Mauricio Serna, pleasant people, passionate about their work and with a level of kindness that generate a lot of confidence during the tour . The tour was clear and we had the opportunity to make a couple of stops to enjoy the scenery. The food place very nice and delicious. We leave happy experience lived. Thank you!

  • Avatar

    (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    Excellent of the best experiences you can have in life, I fell in love with such beauty of landscapes, it was worth every minute of struggle to climb, to have fun the way I always expected it. The attention of the whole team was very pleasant and enjoyable.
    Thank you !!

  • Avatar

    4 out of 5

    Excellent experience, the tour was great, I took the plan from pereira with round trip, although it is a fairly long journey to reach the snow and very exhausting since it requires very good physical condition I totally recommend it, I could also book my hotel in the pereira city by I think it was a great experience, thank you very much.

  • Avatar

    5 out of 5

    Very cool site with very good and organized guides

  • Avatar

    5 out of 5

    I made a visit with Ecosistemas Travel, from the city of Manizales. A beautiful place to visit, with very beautiful landscapes.

    The guides very responsible and friendly. We take the trip to the snowy Santa Isabel. The plan included transportation in 4X4 vans, run by very friendly drivers, breakfast before starting the ascent, snack and lunch. All of excellent quality.

    The guides that are always in charge of travelers, and who also know the area very well.

    I recommend this experience 100%.

  • Avatar

    3 out of 5

    Beautiful experience in the snowy Santa Isabel
    Very beautiful landscapes. Great experience. The very good operator recommended. Difficult climb of 3 hours but very rewarding. Please go prepared physically and mentally. Take caffeine and aspirin or advil max before climbing to avoid soroche.

  • Avatar

    5 out of 5

    From the beginning of the trip on the road to go to the Santa Isabel Snowy, you start to see the beautiful landscapes, between the mountains and the trees, the white peaks of our snowy mountains begin to appear and what would be our goal, that of the Santa Isabel.

    We start with the typical breakfast of chocolate, bread, egg, arepa and cheese. Then we finally reached the starting point where it would be the beginning of an adventure to never forget.

    We started the ascent with the right clothes, good water and some food for the road (peanuts, fruits, snack and chocolate) along the way we met people and you integrated with the group, we made several stops to recharge energy, even you do not arrive but seeing towards the white color that awaits you does not give up, making the transition between a colorful green and full of different species of flora, you begin to reach a rocky part that indicates that you are already close! This is the prize.

    Finally, we reached what you wanted so much, the top! This beautiful place that allows you to take the best photos, leave the best memories and experiences and, above all, the satisfaction of not having surrendered and of accomplishing the goal.

    Highly recommended!!!

  • Avatar

    5 out of 5

    I liked the experience

    I went with my boyfriend, I'm from Pereira, although I had never been to this place. Apart from everything I traveled with ColombiaTours.Travel and I loved the walk, the lunch and the view were delicious and it wasn't even said.

  • Avatar

    5 out of 5

    Experience like no other!
    Unique Experience !! It allowed us to know beautiful landscapes of Colombia. An unforgettable adventure helped us too much and taught us every detail of the adventure. I recommend it 100%!

  • Avatar

    4 out of 5

    It is demanding but very rewarding

    This tour is an experience that involves physical and mental effort, we were more than 4,000 meters above sea level, is the snowy Santa Isabel. An unequaled adventure, climbing mountains, crossing moors, seeing the landscapes of flora and fauna, to end with the imposing view of the Santa Isabel glacier.

    I do not recommend it for people with heart problems. I recommend wearing, cold clothes, jacket, closed shoes, preferably leather gloves, dark glasses, hydration, sunscreen, it can be fruit, headache pills, and something light to eat.

  • Avatar

    5 out of 5

    Having the opportunity to touch the snow and be able to realize this dream, was one of my best experiences, thanks to the team of guides who gave us the advice to make our trip perfect

  • Avatar

    5 out of 5

    Excellent snowy Santa Isabel in winter
    The plan is very good, please consider these factors:

    -We were in winter so it rained all the way. wear a jacket, leather gloves, if you can put bags over the socks because it is very cold and avoid getting wet. It is important good shoes. There is a part where there is a lot of mud where we slip several times. They usually give you rain tents there.

    - The best thing about going in winter is that from the middle of the ascent you start to see landscapes with snow and you don't have to reach the top to see the glacier. The landscape is specular and unique.

    -You need good physical condition, most of the time all the time it is raised, in addition you have to add the height where you start at 4100 meters and end at 4700 above sea level there is constant rain.

  • Avatar

    4 out of 5

    This place has an incredible view. It is one of the three snowcapped ones of the natural park the snowed ones. I loved it

  • Avatar

    4 out of 5

    An amazing challenge

    Climbing the snow of Santa Isabel is a wonderful challenge. I recommend going on a Saturday if it is not a holiday, or a Sunday if Monday is a holiday, since they will wake up very tired the next day if they must work. The guides seemed very organized and attentive during the trip, something very nice that the members of this agency have is the brotherhood, along the way some of the transport got stuck in the mud and everyone waited and helped so they were in other vehicles. Go with boots, carry plastic bags to put them on top of the socks, and avoid getting your feet wet. Courage, meet the snowy Santa Isabel. The approximate time of the whole tour including the trips in the vans, round trip: 12 hours.

  • Avatar

    5 out of 5


    A very difficult challenge. We were several friends, 3 couples. They picked us up in the center of Pereira, from there we left for Santa Rosa, and started the trip. We continued to a site as a farm where they gave us a rich breakfast. Then we ride the trucks to start the walking tour. The first 300 meters. We thought we weren't going to be able. Thanks to the guides who encouraged us all the time and told us what to do and how we should breathe. They explained the flora and fauna in the stages of the tour. By his words of energy and recommendations we managed to reach the top.

  • Avatar

    4 out of 5

    Beautiful Experience
    Excellent activity, a view with spectacular snow landscapes. It is required to have good physical condition, many people are seen returning before reaching the top. I took the plan round trip from Pereira is a long and exhausting walk but it is very worth it, we left at 4:30 AM and returned type 8PM.

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