Three scenarios and one place, Nuquí
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Nuquí is a paradise in the middle of the Colombian Pacific.

Its location in the middle of the Chocoana jungle is privileged.

Nuquí is washed by an immense ocean that merges from coast to coast with infinity.

In Nuquí you will not only find green beaches, but rivers that flow into the sea.

If you decide to visit this magical place you can find the jungle, the river and the sea in one place.

ColombiaTours.Travel It has a unique tour that will take you to every corner of Nuquí.

You can enjoy hiking along the riverbank until you reach lush waterfalls.

In the same way our travelers can take thermal water baths in a place protected by the inhabitants of Nuquí.

If you are more adventurous you can ride a kayak.

And if you are a nature lover, the Nuquí jungle is home to countless species among which colorful amphibians stand out.

But without a doubt, what most attracts Nuquí's attention is the possibility of witnessing a unique show. Humpback whales that year after year visit the Colombian Pacific coast to have their young.

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