The Female Struggle through History
Women's Fight

Women today live with certain freedoms and rights, which we already make natural, and which we do not see as a privilege, but in fact we take for granted; but this was not always the case, history shows us the role that women should have assumed from almost the moment of its creation, from that moment a whole chaos began for women, it was relegated to household chores and destined to be completely irrelevant to women. society in general.

But from that point until today, the change has been gigantic, and all thanks to a role in which the woman, from her anonymity, decided to assume, facing struggles that today bear fruit and that are worth highlighting; That is why we take advantage of this March to emphasize the historic feminine effort to achieve emancipation.

Here is a brief, but accurate, history of the great and painful steps taken by women to achieve the rights that many of us enjoy today.

French Revolution 1789 - 1799

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The first signs of female liberation have been taking place for a long time, but it was not until the French Revolution that the struggle for women took hold, since at this moment in history women joined men to legitimize their rights in the legal and political level.

The French Revolution paid off on a civil level but left the feminist slogans that sought freedom, equality, political rights and the right to education relegated; These slogans blurred and left women at a disadvantage in their struggle.

Even as a movement and during the conjuncture of the French Revolution, Olympe de Gouges wrote in 1791 the Declaration of the Rights of Women and the Citizen in which she refers to this struggle and manifests how the slogans of women, during the French Revolution , they were relegated to oblivion, in fact, this declaration becomes one of the most important feminist manifests for their struggle to this day.

Industrial Revolution 18th century

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This process of social, economic, technological and labor transformation; It opened an alternative door for women, who were able to enlist in these factories, and escape the monotony and poverty of their time. 

This revolution gave women a certain social independence but at the same time hinted at a gap between men's and women's labor rights, which they decided to march on March 8, 1857 on the streets of New York with the motto 'Bread and roses' to protest the paltry working conditions and demand a cut in hours and the end of child labor; legitimate claims that ended the lives of 129 women.

From this moment on, many movements and mobilizations came to the surface seeking to fight for their rights; and it is taken as a reference to set the date for International Women's Day, however, another cruel episode of the women's struggle centered on March 25, 1911 when a New York T-shirt factory burned down with 123 women inside; This fact marked a new milestone for the women's revolution.

First and Second World War 1914 -1945

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A new path to equality was placed in the First World War when the war recruited a large part of the male population and sparked a productive process around the warlike conflict; reasons why women, not only single as in the industrial revolution; but also a housewife had to assume various job roles.

This incursion of women into the world of work not only led them to occupy operational positions, but also in executive tasks in the banking sector and also as chimney sweeps, truck drivers or workers in the arms industry.

This not only opened doors for them in their fight but also generated a certain suspicion on the part of the men who were still in the factories. However, women are the first to mobilize asking for a salary equalization by law to avoid this discrimination.

Third Wave 1960

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In the sixties, with the iconic voice of Janis Joplin, a new wave of feminist struggle rises with the rise of the hippie rebellion and sexual liberation that openly promotes promiscuity and free love thanks to the approval of the contraceptive pills by the US Food and Drug Administration; which additionally allowed women to take control of their body and fertility.

Red Illustrated Timeline Infographic 1With this chronological line we want to highlight the valuable role of women and their efforts to defend their rights and make a place for themselves in a patriarchal society; that today allows new freedoms for women and opens various forms of struggle.

For all our traveling women a slogan of love and brotherhood for the fight for the rights that we enjoy today, one of them our right to travel independently.

Ideal Plans for Women

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