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Medellin Metro

Medellin es una ciudad que se ha innovado tecnológicamente y culturalmente, su mayor innovación es el proceso de reconciliación y crecimiento dado en la commune 13 who was involved in acts of violence that marked Colombia. But not everything is sad since Medellín today is a great tourist destination with cultural, natural and adventure attractions. Here we tell you what are the best plans to make in Medellín, to see if you dare to know the city of eternal spring.

1. Grafitti Tour in Commune 13:

Graffiti Tour Commune 13 Medellin Colombia Travel
Tour del Graffiti Comuna 13 Medellín Colombia Viajes

We will obviously start with one of the places that should be visited in Medellin, as we said earlier in the commune 13 there has been a paradigm shift and a process of social inclusion that has strengthened ties between the community.

All this process led to the fact that there were some escalators in the middle of the commune and that this is also adorned by murals between its streets that fill every corner with life and color. In the commune 13 You will be guided by a community person, who will tell you about the history of lived transformation and you can see cultural samples of dances or even make your own graffiti.

Would you like to do this tour ?, we assure you to do the Gafiti Tour It is an experience that you will love.

2. City tour in Medellín:

Medellin City Tour

If what you want is to meet Medellin In the most iconic and representative places, you can do a City Tour and it does not necessarily have to be daytime as Medellín is another story at night.

During the day Medellín is a cultural city full of life, where many tourists gather to get to know the works, parks and landscapes offered by the city of the eternal spring. At night the city is a center of rumba, fun and atmosphere of rumba, it is more common that you can interact with people of the city since at night it is tragic not to go out to have a cocktail or taste a good medal gastronomy.

Medellín is definitely a city full of life, come to know the most representative places from the city!

3. Visit the Arví park:


He Arví Regional Ecotourism Park, it is an open park created for the enjoyment of the entire community, there you can see how conservation and safeguarding are promoted through union and collaborative force, also exalting cultural and environmental wealth.

The archaeological heritage, the silletera tradition, picnic and the enjoyment of the ecosystems by bike are activities that you can do in this great park.

4. Ride in Metrocable:

4ef39dcd 1024px metro de medellín colombia

This is one of the cheapest and most complete activities. Because it's not just about living the experience in the subway and enjoy the landscape in the elevated cable, since this well-known means of transport of Medellin It reaches the most important places in the city and with a single passage you travel almost the entire city.

5. Visit the stone of the penis:

Antioquia- Colombia - Medellín

The stone of Peñol It may be many kilometers from Medellin, but it is normal for people to relate it as one of the most striking attractions of Antioquia. Anthropological cause in the late 1970s where 6,365 km were flooded where the town of The Penol, all with the purpose of having a water reserve for the summer that the municipality faces after November.

There is not only the stone, but you can sail by boat or boats, do water sports and tour the town of Guatape With its beautiful and colorful streets.

If you visit Medellin, you can't miss visiting the Penol. Un viaje que de seguro valdrá la pena.

6. Visit the Hacienda Naples:

Tour Hacienda Naples Medellin

On the tour Hacienda Napoles you can enjoy the Hippo Park, Jurassic Park, Wildlife Sanctuary, African Museum, the Great African Savannah and a refreshing water park full of slides.

It is a perfect destination for families And best of all, the park is so large that you can do it by car and at the end of the tour enjoy the swimming pools that are undoubtedly a relief for the heat that it usually does in this place.

Are you ready for put together your plan?, ¡Anímate para que disfrutes de este tour!

Well, that's how we came to the end of this blog. We hope you find this information very useful and that you are encouraged to travel to Medellin.

We clarify that these destinations are not the only ones in the city of eternal spring, Medellin It has much more but we cannot tell you all at once. The idea is to be encouraged to know everything Antioquia he offers you.

Let's put together a plan to Medellin!, Ready?

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