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Updated November 28, 2017

Then the terms and conditions signed by Service Provider (the "provider activity" and / or "facilities") hereinafter referred to Partner and "ColombiaTours.Travel" ( "ColombiaTours.Travel 'describes' we "and / or" our ").

"ColombiaTours.Travel" provides an online platform called "ColombiaTours.Travel" which facilitates the connection of providers of tourist activities such as nature reserves tours, city tours, bike tours, lodging, spas, events, tickets and tourism activities with other users who are interested in participating in such activities, whose services are accessible in https://colombiatours.travel and any other website through which ColombiaTours.Travel offers its services.

Article 1

This agreement will give us the right to publish its activity, experience or tourist service within our platform, for that you agree and accept the following terms and conditions.

Article 2

The Agreement is entered once we communicate through our platform all descriptive information and booking activity, experience or tourist service, Colombiatours.travel support team will be notified when approved and validated information and is available for booking users.

To post an activity on the form you should write the following in the registration form Activity:

  • full name, short description and long description of the activity or tour experience.
  • The type of activity that you provide.
  • Rates, exact days and times that you provide the user activity or tour.
  • What is included and what is not included.
  • Itinerary of experience, activity or tour.
  • Featured image of experience or activity.
  • Images photographs and / or videos of the activity or service.
  • Additional information regarding the activity.

You agree that we suspend our obligations brokerage unexpectedly described in this contract without any compensation in case of technical problems such as accidents in telecommunications companies, natural disasters, maintenance and upgrades of server / service and other technological problems at the site ColombiaTours.Travel .

Article 3

We decide the price of the activity in mutual agreement between you and us, and we will pay the commission.

You agree to give us the lowest price that is listed in the same activities in your own web site or similar services to ColombiaTours.Travel

Article 4

You record the information to be published on our platform, including features of the service or product images for your profile and detailed activity ( 'profile information and other similar information ") using the forms you specify.

You warrant that profile information and other similar information you provide does not violate or infringe the copyright or other intellectual property rights of others.

Profile information, services and other similar information you have provided us and has been published on our site, is likely to be changed by us at any time.

Article 5

You will provide the activity or user services, according to the notification of reservation confirmation email sent to the activity registered.

You will be responsible for the cost involved in running their business.

You will notify us immediately if you can not provide a user activity or if it is not available to provide users activity.

You will notify us promptly of any complaint from a user about the activity that you provide.

If you plan to have any money transaction activity accompanying it provides, such as selling tickets or merchandise, you will notify us in advance.

Article 6

You will not take any action, such as promoting your company in the description of the activity or any material related to the activity, to evade this contract intermediary. Example: receive payment directly from the user activity yourself without our being the intermediary

If it is discovered that is breaking the above points, we will compensate twice the amount received from a user for the loss.

Article 7 (Obligation of Confidentiality)

You will not use any private user information or your family, it is written in the booking confirmation notification activity or any information acquired during the conduct of its business, except for the purpose of providing their activity.

You should not disclose private user information to third parties unless you are outsourcing their activity and provided this information relates to that specific third party which is outsourcing.

By providing an activity for us, you will manage the private user information in accordance with our privacy policy and applicable laws and regulations.

Article 8 (Damages)

You agree and understand that we are not responsible for any damage that violates a user through activity and you are fully responsible for the damage - as long as the problem does not result from our server with a third party server provider or our network or server.

If we receive complaints or damage to users and / or third parties directly related to their activity, you are fully responsible for the fee to resolve the complaint or claim for damages.

If you do not provide the activity posted in our platform, you are responsible for the rate we pay.

Article 9 (concerning receipt of your rate of activity on behalf of the service provider Article)

The user will pay the value of the activity according to the method that we designate on your behalf.

Payment will be made when we registered user activity and will be transferred to you via bank deposit after the activity begins, provided that the user has no complaints with the quality of service of its activity.

If experience is provided in Colombia, payment will be transferred to your bank the last day of the month following the month in which the activity took place to a bank account specified separately.

Specified payment minus the fee (hereinafter referred to as "payment") will be paid to you and / or your broker.

Payment will be paid in Colombian pesos. In the case where the specified price is in a currency other than the Colombian peso, your payment will be in Colombian Pesos. We determine the exchange rate, taking the official exchange rate of the day when the reservation is made.

You are responsible for the payment transaction fees.

Article 10 (Duration of contract)

After you accept this contract, this contract is valid for 1 year.

If no written request by you or us three months before the contract expires, the contract is automatically extended for one year under the same conditions and do next.

Article 11 (Termination)

You or we can do without this contract immediately and make damage claims with each other without notice, if we or you request the following:

(I) breach this Agreement and does not address the issue within 30 days of the notification sent through a written notice.

(II) is under a claim of an eviction order, order of provisional seizure, provisional disposition and auction or in the process of recovering back taxes or any other legal punishment process, as well as being in bankruptcy, reorganization corporate, civil rehabilitation and / or special liquidation proceedings.

(III) When inappropriate behavior and / or inappropriate for a user.

(Iv) damage the credibility of ColombiaTours.Travel or meddle in the operation of the pataforma and any other services that we execute.

(V) If we are in a process or criminal proceedings.

Article 12 (Applicable law and jurisdiction)

If there is a dispute over the rights resulting from this contract between you and us, the Colombian justice legislate according to the Laws of Commerce stipulated in Colombia.