Sustainability policy

We have established a sustainability policy that makes clear the purpose and Corporate Social Responsibility of ColombiaTours.Travel.

Throughout the national territory ColombiaTours.Travel travel agency seeks to raise awareness to their customers, operators, partners and team work, respect for conservation and preservation of natural and cultural resources.

ColombiaTours.Travel offers unique travel experiences where tourists can live the magical realism and enjoy it in harmony with the preservation of Colombia as a destination of tourist quality and rich in natural areas preservation.

In ColombiaTours.Travel customers can assemble their tourist plans to measure, with a sincere and good advice from our consultants on trips, in order to satisfy the needs and tastes of our travelers.

Always giving to know the value of our natural and cultural wealth of Colombia.

Our philosophy

In the travel agency Colombiatours.Travel the dissemination by the importance of the preservation of nature and our culture is also with our suppliers and each of the collaborators, which interact in the care of our customers from our facilities up to care in each of the destinations.

Is ColombiaTours.Travel priority activities that contribute to sustainability and employment generation local in each of the destinations which are marketed through the travel agency, thus being part of Corporate Social responsibility with fair economic awards provided by all third-party services.

Seeking to improve the quality of life, the quality of operation and structuring tourism each of the providers of tourist services for the enhancement and preservation of the environment and local culture.

ColombiaTours.Travel is against the Commercial Sexual exploitation of boys, girls and adolescents CSECT, according to law 679 of 2001 De Una Colombia Tours preserves and protects the Natural Heritage and Cultural of Colombia (law 17 of 1981 and law 397 of 1997)

Sustainability goals

  • Promote the conservation and protection of protected areas
  • Disclose to our suppliers, partners and customers the importance of sustainable tourism
  • Promote the purchase of products made in the country
  • Educate tourists of the importance of not supporting the traffic of flora, fauna and national archaeological heritage
  • To support preservation projects in each of the destinations that are offered by our travel agency