Sustainability Policy

ColombiaTours.Travel offers unique travel experiences where tourists can experience Magic Realism and enjoy it in harmony with the preservation of Colombia as a destination of quality tourism and rich in natural preservation areas.
In ColombiaTours.Travel clients can tailor their travel plans, with a sincere and suitable advice from our travel consultants, in order to satisfy the needs and tastes of our travelers.
Always making known the value of our cultural and natural wealth of Colombia.


We have established a Sustainability Policy that makes clear the purpose and Corporate Social Responsibility of ColombiaTours.Travel. We are committed to provide services in a sustainable manner, developing practices that allow the reduction of the negative impacts generated by the tourism activity in the environmental, social and economic aspects.

In addition to this, ColombiaTours.Travel has as a priority to carry out activities that contribute to sustainability and employment generation to locals in each of the destinations that are marketed through our digital travel platform, thus being part of Corporate Social Responsibility with fair economic recognition provided by all third party services, with the aim of improving the quality of life of these, the quality of operation and tourist structuring of each of the providers of tourism services for the improvement and preservation of the environment and local culture.
Likewise, we are committed to train visitors and collaborators with the principles of sustainability and to carry out good environmental practices in the development of each of our activities.
ColombiaTours.Travel is against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents ESCNNA, according to Law 679 of 2001.

Sustainability Objectives

In accordance with our sustainability policy and commitment to providing a more sustainable service and complying with the requirements of tourism in its three approaches, we have established the following objectives: Environmental Objectives, Socio-Cultural Objectives and Economic Objectives.

Environmental Objectives:

  • To inform our suppliers and clients about the legal regulations for the operation of the destinations, to raise awareness and avoid the promotion and commercialization of illegal trafficking of flora and fauna species.
  • Generate responsible information about the different attractions and activities in the destinations related to and recognized for their natural heritage and promote their visit.
  • Organize, promote and operate tourism products and services that do not generate negative impacts on the natural heritage, communicate to the client about products or souvenirs that may have an impact on the destination.
  • Avoid the use of paper whenever the activity of the travel agency allows it.
  • Use digital media to reduce the use of printers, paper and waste.

Socio-Cultural Objectives

  • Promote the contribution of employment for local, cultural and patrimonial development in a responsible manner for the promotion of the destination to be visited.
  • Organize, promote and operate in a respectful manner the information or about the attractions and activities related to the cultural heritage of the destination to promote their visit.
  • To lead and support and promote and raise awareness among our suppliers and customers of the prevention of illicit trafficking of cultural and heritage assets of a destination.
  • Organize, promote and operate products and destinations that do not generate negative impacts on the cultural heritage and that can be a symbol of respect from suppliers and clients.
  • Lead, support or promote campaigns associated with the prevention of trade and sexual exploitation of minors, and report cases according to current legislation in the destination of operation (CSEC).
  • Raise awareness among employees and clients about the prevention of sex trade with minors if evidence is found at the destination of operation.

Economic Objectives

  • Contribute to the generation of employment to natural or legal persons of the destinations it operates, under fair and equitable conditions and that is knowledgeable of the place where it will operate.
  • Support the generation of employment in the local communities of the destination in which it operates and do so directly, under fair and equitable conditions.
  • Promote the purchase and consumption of goods and services created and marketed by the local community in the destinations it operates, in order to generate a direct contribution to the local community and its products.
  • Prevent child labor exploitation of the local community in the destinations where we operate.
  • Promote respect and non-discrimination of race or gender to the local community by suppliers or customers in the destination being operated or promoted.

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