Extreme Sports in San Gil

Extreme Sports in San Gil

With our past San Gil Extreme Sports you can enjoy in the land of Adventure trip of Santander, of the Rafting, Torrentism Y Abseiling, among other Adventure activities That will fill you with pure energy.

Live the adventure in San Gil!

DescriptionDescription of Extreme Sports in San Gil

100% adrenaline in San Gil Extreme Sports in Santander

San Gil It is an exciting place where you can live extreme sports Y trekking; as well as walking under ceiba trees and other trees that cool the shadow of mountains, rivers and streams that make San Gil an important destination of ecotourism Y Adventure activities in the department of Santander.

San Gil it is the land of Adventure trip in Colombia, offering various extreme sports, family holidays Tourist plans. The extreme sports most prominent are the Rafting or Rafting, paragliding, torrentism, Cable Flight, walk on water in the Tibetan bridge, among others.

It includes

 What includes? Extreme Sports in San Gil

  • Transportation (AAA)
  • Tour guide throughout the tour.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Breakfast
  • lunch
  • Specialized guides and certificates in each of the Adventure activities To make.
  • Rafting practice on the Fonce river (Duration 2 hours)
  • 7 circuit Adventure activities (Boulder Walk, Cable Flight, Torrentism, Canyoning, Pte. Tibetan, Rappel, Vacuum Jump (Duration 3 to 4 Hours)

Not include

  • Expenses not specified in the plan
  • Transportation from the city of origin
  • Rate applies only for group of 10 people and up.

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itineraryExtreme Sports Itinerary in San Gil

recommendationsRecommendations for Extreme Sports in San Gil

To visit San Gil The following recommendations are indispensable:

  • Sunscreen
  • Comfortable clothes and according to the adventure activities to be carried out
  • Caps and Glasses
  • Moisturizing liquids
  • Good grip tennis
  • Change Clothes


San Gil land of Extreme Sports

One of the villages what else do you bet on tourism in Colombia is San Gil, where the exploration of mountains and rivers is promoted with adventure sports as rafting Y raftingor torrentism Y rappel, in the Juan Curí waterfalls. The municipality was born at the end of the 17th century in territory formerly populated by the Guanes.

Tourist Activities that can be done in short periods of time or in 1 day only. Which can be taken individually or within a complete plan.
Santander is one of the departments with the most tourism offer in the country; This is why it has become a fundamental pillar of its economy, which is why the people of Santander strive every day to offer their visitors the best recreation and rest options.

For this it has beautiful landscapes in the different thermal floors and natural sanctuaries that serve as background to the practice of adventure sports.

Santander has a great historical relevance because the country's independence was consolidated in its territory, so today it is one of the most developed departments due to the effort to maintain and grow the textile and livestock industries.

Some relevant destinations to visit in the department of Santander are: San Gil, Barichara, The Chicamocha National Park, among other magnificent destinations.


Location Extreme Sports in San Gil

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  • Avatar

    5 out of 5

    An experience full of adrenaline and emotion, I will definitely repeat it. Recommended ColombiaTours

  • Enrique Garcia

    Colombian nature is amazing!
    Bucaramanga, warm, full of very friendly people. Nearby is San Gil where Rafting is done in its Rio Fonce since it is very abundant. Teamwork is important to get through the rapids. With this experience you feel strong emotions but under the total control of the guide.

  • Carolina Martinez

    Excellent attention from the beginning when consulting information, they have personalized and close attention by whatsapp and the Travel Agents are friendly, friendly and very professional.

  • Mario Navarrete

    We had a great time until the children wanted to come back again since it was something different for them. It is definitely a magical experience and I recommend the ColombiaTours agency for its great attention.

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