Altagracia Coffee Tour Don Juan's currency

Altagracia Coffee Tour Don Juan's currency


Live one day as a true coffee in a coffee guided by a family amidst beautiful plantations of specialty coffee tour. You will learn and live process from planting, the manual collection and pulping; You finalizarás taking one of the best coffees in the world in a traditional peasant house.

DescriptionCoffee Tour description Altagracia currency Don Juan

Coffee Tour Altagracia, a day living the process of coffee with a real family coffee

In this Tour del Café you can learn all stages of coffee processFrom planting, harvesting, milling and wine; You know how families live and enjoy the region this iconic drink known worldwide for its mild flavor.

Just a few kilometers from the city of Pereira, in the village of Altagracia is located the coffee farm family tradition Badge of Don Juan, a place with a spectacular view which you can appreciate all the features of the Coffee Cultural Landscape; Upon arrival you will be greeted by family and a delicious coffee farmer; then you will be equipped with your pint coffee: a poncho and hat, to start the tour coffee plantations, banana plantations and fruit trees where you can live with your own hands the coffee process and know the history of this beautiful family coffee.


The Coffee Cultural LandscapePCC It provides an outstanding example of human adaptation difficult geographical conditions on which developed a coffee culture hillsides and mountains. It is a cultural landscape where natural, economic and cultural elements are combined with a high degree of homogeneity in the region and constitutes an exceptional case in the world. In this landscape combine the human, family and generational effort of farmers with permanent support its institutional framework.

Meeting points

  • The starting point, meeting specifications and time you give your agent the local support after booking.
  • If you do not have a Local Agent Support at your disposal you can contact the one you like besthere.

It includes

What includes? Altagracia Coffee Tour Don Juan's currency

  • Tour coffee plantations
  • Wardrobe collector (loan)
  • Planting a coffee plant
  • Tasting coffee farmer
  • Cupping with specialized methods
  • traditional lunch

does not include

  • Expenses not specified in the plan

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itineraryTour itinerary La Altagracia Coffee currency Don Juan

recommendationsRecommendations for Altagracia Coffee Tour Don Juan's currency

Only needed to know the coffee Cultural landscape. This activity does not require physically more than attitude.

Here is a list of recommendations:

  • Use sunscreen.
  • Wear clothing suitable for the activity, preferably covering their arms and head of sun exposure.
  • Porte sunglasses which would enable it to face the road.
  • Carry hydration.


On 24 November the year 2016 was signed in Colombia the peace agreement, which initiated a process of change that allows tourists from all over the world to know the natural and cultural beauties of this country that offers a lot of after a cup of coffee.
Actividades Turísticas que pueden realizarse en cortos lapsos de tiempo o en 1 sólo día. Las cuales pueden tomarse de forma individual o dentro de una un plan completo.
The Coffee Colombian Coffee Cultural Landscape or hiding in the mountains a history of tradition and culture that everyone should know.

The Coffee Cultural Landscape was recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage by the natural richness and culture characterized. Carriel, poncho, hat, friendliness of the locals, the beauty of its women, its charming towns and much more make this a unique place, which also offers us the best coffee, that without which we can not start the day.

Aquí también es posible encontrar múltiples climas y ecosistemas, gracias a sus condiciones geográficas, convirtiéndose en una zona de conservación de la biodiversidad mundial. Siempre será posible sorprenderse con la belleza de los nevados o el mariposario, en el que habitan cerca de 1500 mariposas de 50 especies.


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4 reviews about Altagracia Coffee Tour Don Juan's currency
  • Avatar

    5 out of 5

    Doña Liliana es un amor, y realmente esta experiencia me recordó a mis épocas de niñez en la finca de mi abuelo. Me marcó por completo.

  • Diana Hernandez

    Forex Don Juan is just lovely; I'm from Pereira and I had the opportunity to meet with a group of friends who were visiting, and I found one of the best coffee experience in the region; I already know several and the truth is I liked it because the coffee process live like you're part of the family. It's too good!

  • Bartolomeu Dias

    The whole family is lovely and the experience is unforgettable. I do recommend a visit to everyone visiting anywhere near Pereira.

  • Magnolia Correa

    Excellent place. Doña Liliana and her family will really spread your love for coffee with great warmth and professionalism during the tour we were told about their family history and how that cute process began. Unmissable if you go to Eje Cafetero !!!

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