Amazon Jungle of Life

Amazon Jungle of Life

Discover the green lung of the world, a paradise for connecting with mother earth.
Meet the pink dolphin and other species of the Amazon, fishing in the River, visit landmarks of Leticia, walking through the jungle and spends a night in the middle of it.
Dare to interact with the ancient culture of the indigenous elders.

DescriptionDescription of Amazon, the jungle of life

Amazon, adventure tourism.

Fate of living nature.

For those people who want to have direct contact with mother earth, without a doubt, the Amazon is a place full of life; that is also inhabited by friendly people and is characterized by being built on the banks of the Amazon River, to the doors of the jungle.

Amazon, land of the River located in the South of Colombia, between the borders with Brazil and Peru; It bears his name by the immense River running through it; Additionally, this Amazon rainforest possesses a great wealth natural and cultural, that is today considered a treasure of mankind, and without a doubt, a tourist destination wonderful.

Amazon River

This region is irrigated by the Amazon River; which is known as the mighty, wide and deep in the world; This houses in its waters variety of unique species: on the other hand boasts a countless amount of trees that give oxygen to the world; for this reason, it is considered the "Lungs of the world". In this way, it becomes a destination missed to get in tune with the nature, in a place where you can breathe the purest air on Earth.

It includes

What includes? Amazon Jungle of Life

  • Accommodation: 1 night in leticia + 3 night at the Natura Park Reserve.
  • Transportation Airport-Hotel - Airport.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • 3 Tours + 3 tours of gift:-City tour in Leticia / primary jungle treks / fishing / visit to the Lake Tarapota, the pink dolphin watching / Tour to Puerto Nariño / pernotacion in jungle night, knowing the night life of the forest. (Optional)
  • River transport to travels.
  • Does not include: expenses not specified, contributions, tips.

does not include

  • Expenses not specified in the plan

itineraryItinerary Amazon Jungle of Life

Day 1: Welcome to the Amazon

Arrival to Leticia: according to itineraries of flights with the airline, reception at the airport, transfer to hotel, check in at the hotel is at 15:00.

City Tour in Leticia: after settling into the hotel procedes to make our city tour where we will have the opportunity to visit the most important city, as parrots, purchase of crafts Park, home of the shallots and the border with Brazil

Rest in hotel: after these activities, return to the hotel to rest and be prepared for the days of adventure are to live.

Day 2: Transfer to the reserve

Arrival and booking: arrival at the facilities of the hotel, recognition of social and natural areas of the reserve.

Known la Ceiba: with our Scouts on an interpretive hike visited the tree more big of the Colombian Amazon

Meet the primary forest: discover the trails that surround the Natura Park Reserve with an area of more than 2 km. Which you can discover the variety of flora and fauna of the region, this walk can be night or daytime

Evening stroll in boat: sailing the river by a night boat ride to discover the magical realism and each one of the species that you can see both flora and fauna in the Amazon River

Day 3: Visit Puerto Nariño

The Manger of Colombia village: amidst much nature Puerto Nariño is the second Department more big of the Amazon region in Colombia, considered the landscape people due to its beautiful nature

Gastronomy: Enjoy local gastronomy and each of its variations, from their passing mouths to their entrees (they are at additional cost, the tour includes lunch)

Visit to the viewpoint and Tarapota Lakes: after enjoying an evening at this place continuing the tour and travel to the lookout where you can spot the beauty of this land of unique landscapes, visit Tarapota lakes where you can have an e meeting with the pink dolphins.

Day 4: Visit to the inidigena community

Huito sizes: in the community inidigena of Macedonia will learn of his painting in huito paint for the body which used for various rituals and activities in this size can paint your skin is a temporary paint

Share with the community: discover the customs of this people of this culture, from their rituals until its gastronomy and daily habits.

Ride by the by river: after enjoying a day full of native magic, to return to the hotel, the ride takes place in boat by the river Amazon until you reach the Park nature reserve.

Day 5: Traditional and sport fishing

Knowing the Amazon: in a handmade boat ride through the river Amazon in the small lakes that are more conducive to the activity.

Bathroom with blue clay: on a Lake adjacent to the reserve you can enjoy a mud therapy with clay blue, this is full of minerals which provide different qualities to body health

Return to Leticia: according to flight schedules is the transfer from the Natura Park Reserve to Leticia, to take the flight back to the city of origin

recommendationsRecommendations for Amazon, the jungle of life

This tourist destination is home too much life, therefore, must go take account of the following recommendations to enjoy it to the fullest and not harm the environment:

  • Repellent in bar (not in Spray).
  • Linen, since the dark clothing attracts more mosquitoes.
  • Comfortable clothes that cover from the Sun.
  • Shoes for terrain.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Vaccine against yellow fever.
  • Do not drink tap water.


You will have at your disposal is reserve Natura Park, a place where you can enjoy the best natural environment.

The Amazon is the largest source of oxygen in the world, provides 20% of the total of the oxygen on the planet.

The impressive nature of the Amazon

The Amazon River, the largest river in the world.

The Amazon is the lung of the world; a place of beauty and unique natural grandeur; whether it is by the great diversity of flora and fauna, and also, as the home of indigenous ancestral knowledge.

In addition, this jungle in the Amazon rain forest, is an ideal tourist destination for those who want a natural adventure; Therefore, ColombiaTours.Travel offers you a wide range of options to get to know this place with all inclusive.

Tourist Plans are complete packages that include in most cases accommodation, transportation and tourist activities can be long stays and / or short.


Location Amazon, the jungle of life

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    5 out of 5

    This experience has been great good food, trails ideal for photographing beautiful birds like toucans in their habitat, excellent experience in a hotel in the middle of the jungle. Something not to be missed! We are very satisfied

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    5 out of 5

    Perfect hotel inside the jungle, the location is the best, inside the jungle and overall a very good place to be.

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    4 out of 5

    Excellent service, well maintained facilities, very well located, good breakfast. Internet service is poor and the region will almost not come Tigo.

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    5 out of 5

    This was one of the best trips of my life, I could travel alone and I felt very secure and accompanied in addition to excellent service and better contact with nature for a true spiritual awakening.

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Amazon Jungle of Life

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Amazon Jungle of Life

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