Salento and Valle de Cocora Tour

Salento and Valle de Cocora Tour


Visit the municipality of Salento in Quindio, one of the typical villages that includes the Declaration of the UNESCO as Cultural heritage of humanity. And you know in the Cocora Valley the national tree of Colombia, the wax Palm.

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DescriptionDescription of Salento and Valle de Cocora Tour

Salento and Valle del Cocora: Eje Cafetero treasures

With this experience you will learn the most visited places The “Eje Cafetero”: Salento and Cocora Valley; you can live a quiet day in one of the most picturesque villages Colombia; enjoy delicious gastronomy, Try the café smoother the world and meet the majesty of the Palm wax.

Is a natural landscape located in a mountainous valley of the central mountain range Colombian AndesSpecifically in the department of Quindio, Being part of Nevados National Park.

You will enjoy with us the colorful architecture of Antioquia, along Calle Real and the Alto de las Cruces.

Curiosities of the site:

The Palm wax can measure up to 60 meters and can live 200 years and are increasingly threatened by the advance of livestock.

The average temperature is 18 degrees Celsius, and has a population approximately in the town of 3,000 inhabitants and the rural area of 5500 inhabitants.

Meeting points

  • The starting point depends on the place of origin of the customer.

It includes

What includes? Salento and Valle del Cocora Tour

  • Travel expenses and return from Pereira in specialized tourism cars.
  • Activity a day (depending on weather conditions and topographic).
  • Box lunch.
  • Ride of 30 minutes by the Cocora Valley.
  • Lunch with typical dish of trout.
  • Visit to the village (Salento).
  • companion coordinator (for groups over 12 people).
  • Medical assistance card

does not include

  • Expenses not specified in the plan
  • Promotional rate applies to groups of 7 people

itineraryItinerary of Salento and Valle del Cocora Tour

  • Meeting point

    Time 8:30 am

    Our meeting point in the city of Pereira are ColombiaTours facilities (Cr 13bis #32b 37 Local 3) if it is group. For personalized services at the door of your hotel or House, over this time our Manager or group coordinators begin with recommendations necessary to make your experience an enjoyable experience

  • Beginning of the route


    On tourism specialized trucks we started the tour from Pereira passing through the nature reserve beards Bremen via the coffee, they are approximately 1 hour: 30 minutes on paved road, overlooking the magical landscape of the landscape Coffee cultural. This arrived at the resort Palmas de Cocora Eco Hotel

  • Horseback riding

    10:00 am breakfast

    In this hour after resting a bit of travel in the car, ride, take travel 30 minutes by entering up to the foot of the Mount of the Natural National Park los Nevados, with our guides in the region, return to the resort Palmas de Cocora where we will enjoy its green areas to enable us to lunch.

  • Lunch

    Typical lunch

    After taking the ride they may take lunch, a typical lunch of the area, trout with fried plantain fried Cocora, this lunch is taken on the premises of the tourist centre, where after lunch can enjoy the greenery.

  • Snack

    Snack3:00 pm

    After lunch and enjoy some of the facilities of the resort, is the snack, which can be water panela cheese, coffee cake or dulce de leche with cheese

  • Salento

    4:00 pm

    After enjoying the Cocora Valley area, is shifting to Salento, where the truck that transports them leaves them in the main Park to make a visit to this area of the tourist real and Oriel Street, purchase of crafts and local cuisine

  • Return to the city of origin

    5:30 pm

    In this very timely hour truck I transported them to take the tour awaits you in the main Park to return to the starting point or meeting point, the vehicle is very timely in the back so we suggest to be very punctual.

recommendationsRecommendations for Salento and Valle de Cocora Tour

Recommend you wear comfortable clothing, preferably with shoes due to the fact that in this area it is too cold. They should go well sheltered, bring a camera, apply sunscreen.

People with physical limitations are recommended not to make the Trek, but you can enjoy the landscape in several restaurants that are in place.


In this magical town you will find variety of handicrafts, an amazing view in their viewpoint, the only thing you'll need to enjoy it is the best attitude.

This activity does not require greater physical effort.

Actividades Turísticas que pueden realizarse en cortos lapsos de tiempo o en 1 sólo día. Las cuales pueden tomarse de forma individual o dentro de una un plan completo.
The Coffee Colombian Coffee Cultural Landscape or hiding in the mountains a history of tradition and culture that everyone should know.

The Coffee Cultural Landscape was recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage by the natural richness and culture characterized. Carriel, poncho, hat, friendliness of the locals, the beauty of its women, its charming towns and much more make this a unique place, which also offers us the best coffee, that without which we can not start the day.

Aquí también es posible encontrar múltiples climas y ecosistemas, gracias a sus condiciones geográficas, convirtiéndose en una zona de conservación de la biodiversidad mundial. Siempre será posible sorprenderse con la belleza de los nevados o el mariposario, en el que habitan cerca de 1500 mariposas de 50 especies.


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Salento and Valle de Cocora Tour

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Salento and Valle de Cocora Tour

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