Caño Cristales La Macarena offer from Cali

Caño Cristales La Macarena offer from Cali

Caño Cristales located in The Macarena, Meta. It is called by many as the World's most beautiful river o the river of the gods, and you will have the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful place having included the accommodationthe transport internal in The Macarena, visits to the beautiful landscapes, the power and much more.

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DescriptionDescription of Caño Cristales The Macarena- offer from Cali

Caño Cristales La Macarena

In the sierra of The Macarena It is a Colombian region located in the Department of Goal River of Gods is. In this place the Andean, Amazonian and orinocense ecosystems meet. Place where you can view stunning natural scenery. For example the flood of Guayabero River, City of stone, The lagoon of the Silence and Caño Cristalesthe river of five colors, being this last one of the tourist attractions of nature, most important in the Colombian territory.

How to get to Caño Cristales?

The best way to get to The Macarena It is by air, either leaving the airport el Dorado in Bogotá or Villavicencio's Vanguardia. The flight lasts 1 hour until arriving at the town of the municipality. Already on firm ground, the tourists will make different tours on trails that are regulated by the environmental authorities that will allow them to visit the different tourist attractions of the place.

What is the best season to visit Caño Cristales?

You can visit at any time of the year The Macarena. But the colors of Caño Cristalesonly manage to appreciate in its magnificent splendour during the winter. The rainy season runs from late may in early December period in which waters stimulate the "Macarenia Jack" endemic aquatic plant responsible for multicolor tone to Caño Cristales.

Fall in love with Cano crystals Here

It includes

What includes? Caño Cristales La Macarena offer from Cali

  • Internal transport in the Macarena (Ground and river)
  • Power
  • 3 or 4 nights accommodation in hotel Cascades or similar category
  • Health care card
  • Specialized guides
  • Procedure for entry permit to the National Natural Park.
  • Visit to Caño Cristales.
  • Visit to Cano Crystallites.
  • Visit to Pipe stone.

does not include

  • Expenses not stipulated in the plan of travel or tax rates by income to the reserve (these vary according to the age and nationality of the visitor).
Categories according to age and nationality Tax rates
  • Nationals or foreigners residing in Colombia or members of the CAN of 5 to 12 years
  • Nationals or foreigners residing in Colombia or members of the 12-year-old CAN
  • Non-resident foreigners or members of the Andean Community CAN

itineraryCaño Cristales itinerary La Macarena offer from Cali

Sunset at the goal level

Day 1: Bogotá La Macarena Plains farm
We will be at 9:00 am at the Dorado airport of Bogota D.C in the right place, to take a direct flight to Javier Valencia Noreña of the municipality of la Macarena take US to the airport in the Department of Meta.

There we will receive a talk by part of the environmental authorities, then we will record us at the relevant hotel and immediately, to make our first visit to Cano Crystallites o Stone Canyon, they are rivers with similar characteristics to the of Caño Cristales but in much smaller proportions. Return to la Macarena, rest in hotel

Guayabero river Meta cone crystals

Day 2: La Macarena Caños crystals
We start our journey at 6:00 AM. To visit the river of the gods"Caño Cristales", we will board a boat that will allow us to navigate the waters of the Guayabero River for about 20 minutes, to board a 4 × 4 vehicle that will take us through an uncovered road surrounded by beautiful vegetation.

We will then begin a walk along previously designated by the environmental authorities, where we will visit Caño Cristalesenjoying the Rainbow that melted in its crystalline waters. Navigation on the river Guayabero to return to the Macarena, dinner at local restaurant, rest in hotel.

Day 3: The Macarena.
In the morning hours, will begin with a tour to visit the viewpoint depending on what place we visited the first day visit according to permissions of COR Marcarena, Cano Crystallites o Cano Stone. Check-out at the hotel, travel to the airport to take a flight back to the city of origin

recommendationsRecommendations for Caño Cristales La Macarena offer from Cali

How to get dressed? What to bring to Caño crystals?

Dress appropriately for visiting Caño Cristaleswear shoes with good grip and waterproof preferably. If it's high boot, it is much
best since the ground conditions can lead to some falls and there are rocky areas quite slippery. Shirt preferably long sleeve and fresh fabrics (it gets very hot and mosquitoes), long pants waterproof or easy drying. Always wear a hat fisherman style to cover the neck from the Sun.

Note: Remember that we will visit a wet place, not recommended for jeans, wear waterproof and bathroom dress so you can enjoy fresh water in the
areas that are allowed, if it carries mask will be an unforgettable experience. The repellent and sunscreen is not allowed due to the large amount of toxic that they have, remember that we will visit an ecological sanctuary and must
contribute to its conservation. We recommend you to take a camera, insurance will capture momentosinolvidables, carry your computer in an easy to load with water protection preferably Briefcase, it can rain and wet. Remember that there are times where it is necessary to go through the pipe and the water
You can reach out to the waist or more. Important list of items to bring:

Identity •documentos
•Carnet of yellow fever. (Older than 60 is not requested)
•Botillito or cantinflora to carry hydration
Long •pantalon, shirt long sleeve, tennis or grippy boots)
•On sleeping
Bathroom •Vestido
•Sandalias or flip flops
Sun •Gafas
Personal toilet •Elementos
Identity •documentos
•Sombrero or Cap
• Repellent for use at night (using repellents are not allowed,
sunblock, creams or soaps in the river)
•Linterna and replacement battery
•Camera photographic
Small •Morral for walks.

Note: If you want to orient you with booking air tickets and plans from cities like Bogota and Medellin contactanos

Flight schedules (the flight takes 1 hour):
out on Mondays and Fridays at 10:35 a.m. (Meeting point: Alfonso Bonilla Aragon airport)
return on Mondays and Fridays at 2 p.m.
Alternatively, tickets Air: There is the possibility of buying only with us as a promotional Agency of the destination the tourist package.
The ticket on the road Bogotá - Macarena - Bogotá can buy with Satena) that flies in the season on the road Bogotá - La Macarena - Bogota days Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays.


Banking service

The municipality of la Macarena currently has a cashier of Bancolombia and Banco Agrario Office, however we recommend you bring cash from your city of origin.

Natural Serrania de la Macarena National Park or Caño Cristales is located near the municipality of the same name, this park has approximately 630,000 represents one of the largest nature reserves presence of four different biomes.

In their jurisdiction you will find the waters of Caño Cristales, which has its source in the southern plateau of the Serrania de la Macarena and is billed as the world's most beautiful river, where nature shows off all its majesty with aquatic plants growing only in its bedrock and gives the varied and intense colors that sets it apart.

Caño Cristales is a river of Colombia which is located in the Sierra de la Macarena, in the municipality of the same name, in the department of Meta.

It has been called "the river of the gods", "the river of seven colors", "the rainbow melted away" and even "the river most beautiful in the world" because in its background aquatic plants reproduce with sun exposure change their colors in a process that goes from green to bright red, which produces the sensation of being in front of a river six colors: red, yellow, green, black, blue and pink mainly.

Tourist Plans are complete packages that include in most cases accommodation, transportation and tourist activities can be long stays and / or short.


Location Caño Cristales La Macarena offer from Cali

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Caño Cristales La Macarena offer from Cali

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Caño Cristales La Macarena offer from Cali

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