Bahia Solano, Pacific Naturally

Bahia Solano, Pacific Naturally


Bahia SolanoIt's a tourist destination must-see for those who enjoy and appreciate the sea, the marine speciesthe natural routes and water sources; in a place where the Sustainable and ecological tourism (Ecotourism) it is really important.

DescriptionBahia Solano description, Pacific Naturally

Whale watching humpback whales in Bahía Solano

One of the best tourist destinations of the Chocó

Bahia Solano It is one of those beautiful treasures of nature It stands out as tourist destination in Colombiahas a wealth natural enormous; in which, without a doubt, you can enjoy of a travel memorable; First, along trails full of life and resting in beautiful beaches. So, as in Bahia Solano the ecotourism is key, since this municipality you committed to the preservation of life which is in it.

The Tour to Bahia Solano will allow you to delight tourist activities, such as: the Ecological hike to the Natural Aquarium, Whale watching, practice snorkel and observe the multiple colors of corals and fish living in it; and also, the Waterfall Tour, where you can see different species of frogs, birds, and insects, while it is a falling cascade of 36 meters high, a truly magical place.

Bahia Solano is undoubtedly the destination you're looking away from the bustle of cities and near one of the most beautiful marine expectaculos, the Whale humpback whales.

Live a Tourism different, that it will make you see to the It crashed from another perspective Colombian.

It includes

What includes? Bahia Solano, Pacific Naturally

  • Reception and transfer Airport / Hotel / Airport in Bahia Solano motorcycle taxi
  • Welcome drink
  • 3 nights hotel accommodation Balboa Inn according to type of accommodation.
  • Children up to 11 years free accommodation in the same room as the parents.
  • 2 Desayunos típicos por persona en el restaurante
  • Fiambre 1 a day per person for departure to Ensenada Utría
  • 1 lunch menu of the day and 2 typical lunches per person
  • 3 dinners daily menu per person
  • 1 Refreshments per person day trip to Cove Utría (fruit and drink)
  • Exit to Natural Utria Cove (whale) National Park. Do not
    It includes entry
  • Departure for whale watching by the bay, Playa Mecana walk, walk along the river and tour through the mangroves.
  • Boat transfers
  • ground transportation
  • Medical Assistance card Colasistencia

does not include

  • Air ticket
  • airport tax (8,000) coming from Bahia Solano
  • Services not specified in the plan or expenses arising from possible developments and / or
    delays or canceled flights.
  • Does not include entrance to the Natural National Park Ensenada de Utría - $ 17,500 National - Foreigners $ 46,500 -Children from 5 to 12 years $ 9,500



  • Advance per person by booking 50%, non-refundable and full payment 30 days before the date of travel.
  • Penalties for cancellation
  • Children from 0 to 24 months pay card for medical assistance, $2,500 per day.

itineraryBahia Solano itinerary Naturally Pacific

Solano Bay - Whale Watching Plan - Choco Colombia

Day 1: Welcome to the Pacific

Arrival to the Valley: According to itineraries of flights with the airline, reception at the airport, transfer to hotel, check - in at the hotel is at 15:00.

You know the area: After settling into the hotel you proceed to make a recognition to the area of the Valley and around Central magnificent of our hotel

Rest in hotel: After these activities, return to the hotel to rest and be prepared for the days of adventure that are live.

Day 2: Meet Bahía Solano

Discover the jungle: After breakfast and spend the morning relaxing in the hotel, people can make an expedition.

Discover la Ceiba: With our Scouts on an interpretive hike visited the tree more big of the Colombian Amazon

Tours at extra cost: Some of the tours which individuals can realize additional cost; It is a magic green hike jungle River Tundo $75,000 COP per person

Day 3: Waterfalls of the Tiger

Walking in the nature: After a 2 hour hike were approximately in a natural paradise amidst much nature meet the waterfall of El Tigre.

Return to the hotel: After enjoying a wonderful journey through the jungle of Choco, I return to the hotel to enjoy its facilities and beautiful beaches

Solano Bay - Whale Watching Plan - Choco Colombia

Day 4: Ecological walk

The natural Aquarium: After walking for about'll come to a clear water beach kilometers where you can easily interact with many marine species and make your experience a unique experience conservation,

Return to the hotel: After enjoying a day full of natural magic, return to the hotel for dinner and enjoy its facilities and beaches

Day 5: Return to hometown

Return: After enjoying a magical days in the Pacific Colombian in one of the areas most natives of Colombia Bahia Solano, return to the city of origin according to flight schedule. Usually the flight times are scheduled on him half a day with return to the city of Medellin

recommendationsRecommendations to Bahia Solano, naturally Pacific

Our recommendations for this destination is to enjoy it to the fullest to delight in the wonders of the naturealways taking care of the environment.

Here is a list of recommendations:

  • Use sunscreen.
  • Wear proper apparel for walking
  • Porte sunglasses.
  • Carry hydration.
  • Bath gown.
  • Identification documents.


Important information


  • Escort service to or above 6 groups guide.
  • In the Natural Utría Cove National Park Passengers are greeted by local guide.
  • In the outputs whale watchingWe do not guarantee that you can see this is a phenomenon nature and although the season is there are times that are left not see.
  • The whale watching will depend on weather conditions therefore start times may vary.
  • This itinerary includes food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner taken at the hotel restaurant, daily menu, if the guest wants a different menu must cancel
    the surplus directly into the restaurant. Lunch included in the rides are typical menu.
  • Boat transfers for children under 6 years are provided under the responsibility of parents.
  • The package includes tax only for the housing portion, the other items are services to third parties.
  • Rates are given by type of accommodation. Single refers to one single passenger. Rate based on double occupancy, the value is for 2 people in the same
    room rate triple accommodation, the value is for 3 people in the same room.

Tourism Alternative

With a striking sea, which inhabited by multiple marine species, and a jungle exuberant that he delights to domestic and foreign; Bahia Solano; is a paradise of the Colombian Pacific. Where will find from Whale humpback whales to birds; large jets of water and paradise beaches.

Humpback whales whale or humpback whales

In Bahia Solano You can enjoy from the month of July until the end of October, the timely arrival of the beautiful humpback whales; the which are fed for 6 months with a tons of plankton, seeking to be ready to give birth in a warm environment; arriving each year to these tropical waters of Colombiaperfect for the birth of their offspring, who travel in their wombs for months from the South Pole.

The Coffee Colombian Coffee Cultural Landscape or hiding in the mountains a history of tradition and culture that everyone should know.

The Coffee Cultural Landscape was recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage by the natural richness and culture characterized. Carriel, poncho, hat, friendliness of the locals, the beauty of its women, its charming towns and much more make this a unique place, which also offers us the best coffee, that without which we can not start the day.

Aquí también es posible encontrar múltiples climas y ecosistemas, gracias a sus condiciones geográficas, convirtiéndose en una zona de conservación de la biodiversidad mundial. Siempre será posible sorprenderse con la belleza de los nevados o el mariposario, en el que habitan cerca de 1500 mariposas de 50 especies.

Tourist Plans are complete packages that include in most cases accommodation, transportation and tourist activities can be long stays and / or short.


Location Bahía Solano, naturally Pacific

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Bahia Solano, Pacific Naturally

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Bahia Solano, Pacific Naturally

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