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On our website you can search for destinations of your choice, find different activities and / or plans, as well as important information about these destinations on our blog, you can also view and download our guides, which have in detail all information to enjoy your trip 100%.

Build Your Plan in Colombia

We have designed a tool that will help you create the perfect plan for you trip, according to your tastes and preferences. You can build your plan; whether, in a multi Colombia (Build Your Plan Colombia) where you can explore different cities. Or know the best activities in one region, such as Build Your Plan in the coffee. And if you're looking for is a destination specific you can do here with us.

Just let yourself go!

Meet a Local Travel Agent

You have in mind your ideal trip, you've set your budget, set the days you want to stay and have an idea of ​​the activities you want to do; but how to realize your travel itinerary? The best thing is that a friend in place can help you realize your reservations, your travel, your accommodation and all those little details that make the difference; and for that you have our Local travel agents who will help you manage each important to make your travel an unforgettable experience aspects Colombia.

How you can help a local expert?

If you go to Cartagena to spend the weekend and need to book a plane ticket or car, it's easy to do that on your own, but when you're planning a trip to several cities, with many activities and trips, you need the services of someone with experience to help you overcome things you did not know and that eventually you are costing more.

Protect you when problems arise

Local travel agents work as advocates for travelers to solve problems quickly, which can be vital for people with language barriers or just a little despistados.piensan in such situations.

Our Local travel agents try to prevent problems, taking into account weather conditions, quotas and seasonal availability, and assigning you a card medical care for you, etc. In short we do not lose any details.


They share their councils and ideas

Travel consultants are travelers too, and they can share with you their experiences, suggest new or popular restaurants and recommend specific activities according to your profile and objectives of your trip.

You can enjoy the planning process, still with the help of a travel advisor that can improve your choices and the ability to make the most of the destination you're visiting.


Save time and money

All our Local travel agents have access to our Partners platform in which they can find the best operators, hotels, airlines, transport services personalized with differential rates you will not find on the Internet.

And if you're short on time, consultants can save about four hours in planning a trip, from conducting research to book accommodation, transport, activities, excursions, flights and services.


Make a friend in Colombia

Our local Travel Agents want to know Who are you? What do you like? What part of your dream list? What interests you? Websites does not really offer this, because they have no human being on the other side of the screen.

A friend in Colombia will help sincerely and honestly to find the best for you, with the only interest that meet the best of this beautiful country and you go in love with its friendly people, beautiful scenery and exciting adventures.

Are you ready?

Start now planning your trip, saving costs and enjoy an unforgettable trip.