Thermal of San Vicente plan with transport

Thermal of San Vicente plan with transport

With the San Vicente Thermal Pass you can enjoy the magic hot Springs, nature and a relaxing environment in an environment that will leave you breathless. Plan with transport, admission to thermal reserve, feeding and much more, detoxify the city. Book now!

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San Vicente Thermal Pass

A healthy destination of the department of Risaralda

The San Vicente Thermal Pass will allow you to reach the heart of the nature, you can enjoy the magical hot Springs of the Coffee Cultural Landscape, generating a broad connection with the nature and with the beautiful melodies that mother earth generates.

Located in Santa Rosa de Cabal, the San Vicente Hot Springs They are ideal for the realization of ecological tourism, relaxation and well-being In an environment that will leave you breathless.

The characteristic cold of Santa Rosa de Cabal It contrasts perfectly with the warm thermal waters, which will always be considered a natural miracle worth knowing and admiring.

Meeting points

In the city of Pereira, our meeting point is the administrative offices of San Vicente Hot Springs.

Located at Cra. 13 # 15-62, Pereira, Risaralda in front of the hotel MOVICH

It includes

 What includes? Thermal of San Vicente plan with transport

  • 1 day activity.
  • Entrance to the thermal nature reserve.
  • 6 thermal pools
  • 2 turkish baths
  • Natural Bubble Pool
  • Thermal River
  • Seaweed pool


  • Round trip transportation from the city of Pereira.
  • lunch
  • Snack (panela water with cheese).
  • Bottle of mineral water
  • Medical assistance card

Not include

  • Expenses not specified in the plan

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Get ready to start a tour of a beautiful mountainous landscape, full of unsurpassed landscapes and nature on a passable rural road, which will allow you to reach the San Vicente Thermal Reserve - Santa Rosa de Cabal - Risaralda, in approximately 50 minutes if you drive Small or 40 minutes by camper or van.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, warm and light to make the ecological routes.

Do not enter the path of the walks with objects that prevent freedom or good use of the hands.

The average temperature is 14 degrees Celsius, cold weather, an uncontaminated environment that will allow you to clean your lungs.

No food or liquor is allowed.

It is forbidden to enter pets because it is a natural reserve could cause an accident with the native species of the area such as dantas, tigrillos, deer or foxes, among others.

Constantly perform, at least every 15 or 20 minutes, cold showers to balance the body temperature.

Starting at the feet and ending at the head, every time you use the hot springs or the Turkish baths.

It is important not to be more than 2 hours in a row inside the hot springs or thermal pools, since you can decompensate, so you must be going out to take cold showers and balance the temperature before entering again.

Remember that you are going to visit a nature reserve, please do not throw trash on the ground, use our canecas.

Consume San Vicente Natural Mineral Water, it will help you in the detoxification and hydration of your body. You find it for sale in the Restaurant or in the EcoTiendas.

Do not consume excess liquor so that you enjoy your trip healthily and your health status or blood pressure is not altered.

The restaurant service is until 11:00 pm

Read carefully the information given to you when you enter the Thermal Reserve.

You will be at least one night away from electrical appliances and everything everyday, be prepared to enjoy valuable time near nature. ü Never wear t-shirts, sweatshirts or any other garment other than bathing suits when you are in the hot springs or thermal pools, these garments do not allow the removal of heat from the body and can generate temperature decompensation.

The pool service is until 12:00 midnight.

Additional services such as therapies and adventure sports should be scheduled at the hotel reception.

Remember that minors are the responsibility of parents and companions, do not lose sight of them and monitor their activities.

Be careful in the natural Turks, avoid putting your hands in the outcrops of water inside them, they are high temperatures and can cause burns.

If you have suggestions for us to make improvements, you can request our Satisfaction Survey at the hotel reception and give us your comments.

We recommend you to wear very comfortable clothes, preferably for low temperatures; comfortable shoes, preferably tennis with very good grip and swimsuit.

Take a camera and video to capture the best moments of this unforgettable experience between hot springs and body therapies.


Enjoy the San Vicente Thermal Reserve, where you can live a memorable experience. Along the way you can see all the Coffee Cultural Landscape and the Natural Park of Los Nevados.
Tourist Activities that can be done in short periods of time or in 1 day only. Which can be taken individually or within a complete plan.
The Coffee Axis or Colombian Coffee Cultural Landscape hides in its mountains a history of tradition and culture that we should all know.

The Coffee Cultural Landscape was recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage thanks to the natural wealth it contains and the culture it characterizes. The carriel, the poncho, the hat, the friendliness of the locals, the beauty of their women, their charming villages and many other things make this a unique place, which also offers us the best coffee, that without which we can not start the day.

Here it is also possible to find multiple climates and ecosystems, thanks to its geographical conditions, becoming a world biodiversity conservation zone. It will always be possible to be surprised by the beauty of the snow-capped mountains or the butterfly garden, in which about 1500 butterflies of 50 species live.


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