Nuquí, Naturally Pacific Colombian

Nuquí, Naturally Pacific Colombian

In Nuquí you can find an amazing sea, in which multiple inhabit Marine species, and one jungle lush that delights nationals and foreigners; Nuquí; it is a paradise of Colombian Pacific. In which you will find from yubartas whales even birds; large jets of water and paradise Beaches.

DescriptionDescription of Nuquí, Naturally Pacific Colombian

Nuba Whale Watching in Nuquí

One of the best Tourist Destinations of Chocó

This beautiful tourist destination in Colombia, has a wealth natural huge; in which, without a doubt, you can enjoy a travel memorable; first, walking trails full of life and resting in beautiful Beaches. It’s like that, as in Nuquí the ecotourism It is key, since this municipality bets on the preservation of the life that is in it.

The Tour to Nuquí will allow you to delight in tourist activities, as the Ecological walk to the waterfalls of love, to practice surfing and observe the multiple colors of corals and the fish that inhabit it; and also him Tour to the thermal baths, in which, you can see different species of frogs, birds and insects, while reaching a waterfall of 36 meters high, a truly magical place.

Beaches  of Nuquí they are the best way to enjoy a delicious day of Sun and beach, accompanied by exquisite restaurants where you can delight your palate to the rhythm of Pacific Ocean; in this destination you can find Adventure activities, extreme sports and one enough nature.

Nuquí Choco is without a doubt the destination What are you looking for, far from the bustle of cities.

Live a tourism different, that will make you see the Crashed Colombian from another perspective.

It includes

 What includes? Nuquí, Naturally Pacific Colombian

  • Air ticket Bogotá / Nuquí / Bogotá
  • Reception at the El Dorado airport in Bogotá
  • Receipt and baggage handling at Reyes Murillo de Nuquí Airport
  • Sea transfers Nuquí-Hotel-Nuquí.
  • Informative talk about hotel services and additional activities.
  • Accommodation 3 or 4 nights in rooms with fan.
  • Food breakfast, lunch and dinner with options that vary between meat, chicken and fish.
  • Excursion to the thermal baths and walk through the Chocoana jungle.
  • Walk to the Waterfall of Love
  • Maritime excursion and sighting of humpback whales. (2 hours)
  • Accompanying guide, on the excursion sites.
  • Use of the kayak according to availability.
  • VAT and hotel insurance

Not include

  • Tourism ticket $ 8,000 per person
  • Entrance to the thermal baths $ 13,000 per person
  • Snack
  • Internet
  • Medical assistance
  • Expenses not specified in the program
  • Cocktails, drinks, and spirits.



  • Advance payment per person when booking 50%, non-refundable and full payment 30 days before the Travel Date.
  • Penalties for cancellation
  • Children from 0 to 24 months pay the medical assistance card, $ 2,500 per day.

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itineraryItinerary of Nuquí, Naturally Pacific Colombian

Reyes Murillos Airport - nuqui choco - colombian pacific - trips to Nuqui with ColombiaTours.Travel

Day 1: welcome to the pacific

Arrival to Nuquí: According to flight itineraries with the airline, reception at the airport, transfer to hotel, check-in at the hotel takes place at 15:00.

Know the area: After settling in the hotel you proceed to make a recognition to the area of the guachalitos and around the hotel our

Rest in hotel: After these activities, return to the hotel for rest and be prepared for the days of adventure that are about to live.

Endemic species - Frogs - nuqui choco - Colombian Pacific - trips to Nuqui with ColombiaTours.Travel

Day 2: Meet Nuquí

Discover  Jungle:  After having breakfast and spending the morning rest at the hotel, people can make an expedition.

Tours with additional cost: Some of the tours that people can do with additional cost; Sighting of colorful frogs through the jungle

hot springs - nuqui choco - pacific colombian - trips to Nuqui with ColombiaTours.Travel

Day 3: Hot springs

Walking in nature: After a walk of approximately 2 hours you will reach a natural paradise in the middle of a lot of nature you will know the hot springs.

Return to the hotel:  After enjoying a wonderful tour of the Choco jungle, return to the hotel to enjoy its facilities and beautiful beaches

Day 4: Ecological walk

The waterfalls of love:  After walking for a few kilometers in the middle of the jungle you will reach the hot springs where you can easily interact with nature in all its splendor.

Return to the hotel: After enjoying a day full of natural magic, return to the hotel to have dinner and enjoy its facilities and heavenly beaches

Day 5: Return to hometown

Return: After enjoying magical days in the Colombian Pacific in one of the most natural areas of Colombia Nuquí, return to the city of origin according to flight itinerary. Generally the flight schedules are scheduled on half day with return to the city of Medellin

recommendationsRecommendations for Nuquí, Naturally Pacific Colombian

Our recommendations for this destination is to enjoy it to the fullest delighting in the wonders of the nature, always taking care of the environment.

Here is a list of recommendations:

  • Use sunscreen.
  • Wear appropriate clothing for walking
  • Wear sunglasses.
  • Take hydration with you.
  • Swimsuit.
  • Identification documents.


The Colombian Pacific encompasses the coastal towns, cities and territories of the Pacific Ocean, covering territories of the departments of Chocó, Valle, Cauca and Nariño.

Watching whales swim with their whales, dive deep into the waters and see schools of large fish, sea turtles and countless corals are possible in this region of western Colombia, where dark sand beaches are the setting Ideal for people who want to rest, disconnect and get the taste of this land.

African black survivals predominate; even when we also find indigenous and Spanish survivors, with very appropriate black adaptations in their interpretation.

The black expressions, of authentic African reminiscence, appear joyful and explosive as the same ardor of the race, and with a deep background of sadness and satire, which is patented in music by the sounds and voices that in the form of complaint, show the tragedy of a race enslaved by Europeans in the work of mines and the work of farms and plantations.

Tourist Plans are complete packages that include accommodation, transportation and tourist activities in most cases, they can be long and / or short stays.


Location Nuquí, Naturally Pacific Colombian

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  • Avatar

    5 out of 5

    I traveled alone but never felt this way. The staff that works there is very warm and they are very aware of the guests. Regarding the food, it was delicious, very good seasoning in the Caribbean, yes, you eat fish every day. The beach of Guachalito is beautiful, the hotel is very quiet, they respect the rest of the tourists. I recommend the cocktails they sell there, they are delicious. There are many activities to do in the area at an additional cost. I will return family to this place. My stay in the chocó was more wonderful thanks to the attention in this hotel.

  • Avatar

    4 out of 5

    The hotel is located in Guachalito Beach, a quiet and magical place, the view is beautiful, and each place to which it moves has its particularity. As others say in their comments, the place is neat and the typical food is delicious. The administrator is very aware of his guests and although he is a bit "coarse" it is evident that he is passionate about this land and for this he shares what he knows. The schedules are a bit limited, all for tourists to take advantage of the time to know as much as possible, since there are many plans to do.

  • Avatar

    4 out of 5

    Splendid place to get away from the distractions of the world, free from pollution and stress. Ideal for adventurers, explorers and lovers of nature and the coast. Delicious food and very friendly people, you can only be amazed at the Colombian Pacific. Inspiring and relaxing, so I would like to live every day of my life. A dream definitely. Be aware that the motivation is nature and partly away from the comforts so you should expect more from the plans than from the rooms.

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