Salt Cathedral Zipaquirá and Mina de Nemocón.

Salt Cathedral Zipaquirá and Mina de Nemocón.

The municipality of Zipaquirá is perfect for people who love to be involved in history and nature. There you will find houses that revive the Colombian colonial era and pictographs that teach you about indigenous cultures.You can immerse yourself in one of the most beautiful attractions of Cundinamarca. Take advantage now!

Description of Salt Cathedral Zipaquirá and Mina de Nemocón.

Zipaquirá, land of salt.

Descending 180 m below the surface and finding a Catholic church built in the heart of a salt mine is what awaits travelers arriving in Zipaquirá. In this municipality is the famous Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira, where it is possible to admire sculptures carved in salt, among which a 16 m high cross stands behind the main altar, a spectacle of the colonial era. With this tour you can learn more about a work of art of modern architecture, where we will enjoy this beautiful construction in the middle of a salt mine and we can get to know a little more about this town dedicated mostly to tourism.

The salt Cathedral In Zipaquirá it has been visited by people from all over the world, from different religious creeds and customs. This journey through Zipaquirá that was the scene of a series of significant events that marked indelibly the course of the country's history. Especially in relation to the production of Salt, inspiration in the road infrastructure development of the national territory, the main center of commercial and economic progress in the country. In addition cradle of freethinkers, village of training of artists, writers, cycling athletes, intellectuals and an example town.


What includes? Salt Cathedral Zipaquirá and Mina de Nemocón.

  • For you to embed yourself within this religious wonder in Zipaquirá we have you:

  • Transportation by private tourism vehicle.
  • Entrance to the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá and the Nemocón Mine.
  • Tour accompanied by a tour guide.
  • Medical assistance card

Not included

  • Expenses not specified in the plan
  • Meals
  • Tips

Itinerary of Salt Cathedral Zipaquirá and Mina de Nemocón.

  • salt Cathedral

    Salt Cathedral: The entrance offers a magical and exciting atmosphere, the first part consists of "the Viacrucis" which are stations that commemorate the Viacrucis of Jesus.

  • Dome

    Then we arrive at the "Dome" which gives a magical and astral feeling, very beautiful.

  • Cameras

    Then, follow the "cameras" where according to the camera (or hallway) that we choose we will know our personality.

  • Cathedral

    Finally we arrive at the Cathedral, which consists of 3 ships, the cathedral is spectacular. Inside the mine you will find many gifts to take home. As real emeralds from $16,000 COL or $8US

  • Entrance Mina de Nemocón

    The entrance to the mine is made by German doors 3 meters high, original from 1817, supported by thick eucalyptus timbers

    Is entered to the salt mine by large German doors 3 meters high, original from 1817, supported by thick eucalyptus timbers. The salt is filtered through the vegetable fibers, solidifying the trunk and fossilizing it, making them stronger than a rock.

  • Receiving Chamber

    Reception chamber with a ceiling that exceeds 30 meters high, so far it descends 60 meters underground.

    Upon entering you will find a reception chamber with a ceiling that exceeds 30 meters high, so far it descends 60 meters underground and can be observedr between the rocks the first formations of stalagmites and stalactites more than 1 meter long and more than 100 years old, which take root forms and figures through the indoor air. There's also an ecological path, an auditorium and a geology room.

  • Salt Crystal

    Another attraction of great importance is the salt crystal of 1,600 kilos, the largest in South America, found in 1905 and carved in the shape of a heart in the 60 "s by the miner Miguel Sanchez, called" The Heart of Nemocon. " block of crystalline alita salt, a pure block of colorless translucent body, with a width of 25 cm

    During near one hour the visitors will traveln the bowels of the earth and they will be amazed with the beautiful salt formations, the water mirrors, the wishing well, the chapel of the Virgen del Carmen, the ballroom of miners, among other attractions.

  • Virgin Chapel of Carmen

    The Chapel with the Virgin of Carmen built in 1946 (patron of Colombian miners, drivers and police), there is a huge stone sphere of 1300 kilos that symbolizes the world

    In the chamber of the Chapel with the Virgen del Carmen (patron of Colombian miners, drivers and policethere is a huge stone sphere of 1,300 kilos that symbolizes the world. The color blue is the sky and the white is the purity, peace and hope of the virgin, which is suspended over the world. Representing protection to all people, especially miners.

  • End of your experience

    The tour of the mine is approximately 800 meters and in the journey visitors find water mirrors, salt waterfalls, stalactites and stalagmites (water leaks that for centuries have created peaks that hang from the roof and floor of the mine and grow about one centimeter per year); they also find a chapel and the ballroom and events of the former miners.

Recommendations of Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral and Mina de Nemocón.

  • To have a successful experience in Zipaquirá we recommend:

  • The cathedral opens at 9:00 in the morning, it is important to arrive very early so as not to have to queue to enter.
    The route is long, you must wear comfortable shoes.
    Take care of the camera's battery, since salt in the environment discharges the batteries faster than normal.
    I hope you have served this opinion.
  • If you want to get caught in this majestic place, we leave you with an idea of what you are going to live.


The territory it occupies today Zipaquira, city where Gabriel García Márquez went to school, was an important center of salt trade - vital for preserving food - before the arrival of the conquerors. This mineral, the essence of the municipality (founded on July 18, 1600), abounds in the salt Cathedral in Zipaquira, a religious sanctuary built in an underground salt mine. This municipality is relatively close to the capital city, Bogota.


Location of Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral and Mina de Nemocón.

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    4 out of 5

    Fantastic travel Thanks ColombiaTours for this magic experience.

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    5 out of 5

    Simply impressive, a journey through the viacrucis of Jesus Christ represented through different crosses. A free audio guide is delivered along with the ticket so that one can understand what happens at each station. It is a trip too beautiful, to know the culture and visit this town so full of life and history.

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    5 out of 5

    Of the best things I've seen in my entire life, this is a salt mine that was converted into a cathedral. It is impressive all the work and care for tourists.

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