Snowy Cocuy a Wonder to Disappear

Snowy Cocuy a Wonder to Disappear

Let yourself be enchanted by him Snowy cocuy and for its majestic glaciers, the pure air and the magnificent feeling of being more than 5000 meters above sea level. Come and enjoy the High Mountain like never before.

Description of Snowy Cocuy a Wonder to Disappear

Nevado del Cocuy, the Colombian pearl glacier

In Boyaca you can enjoy the glacier and majesty of the the snowcapped of Cocuy, where you can experience an adventure at 5,330 meters above sea level, making this an unparalleled experience in Colombia.

The Cocuy Snow, protect in its extensive territory 6 indigenous communities and rural communities, a plus that will make you fall in love with this place.

During the tour, there is an ascent hike starting at 4000 meters above sea level until reaching the edge of the glacier at the Ritacuba Blanco Peak.

Our native guides will give you all the support and help so that you can have an excellent experience.

Performing the ascent is a truly unique activity in The Snowy Cocuy & #8211; Colombia  Just a little bit of will and desire to spend a day in the middle of incredible landscapes, while you learn about the Fauna and Flora of the region.

Important note: 

  • The minimum age to perform this experience is 10 years, minors must be accompanied by their parents or responsible adult

What includes? Snowy Cocuy a Wonder to Disappear

  1. Accommodation in tourist Inns near the Snowy or Hotel (2 nights)
  2. Complete meals at destination (2 American Breakfasts, Lunches, 2 Dinners)
  3. Acclimatization walk according to the chosen accommodation
  4. Native guide walk to Ritakuwa Blanco peak
  5. Guidance
  6. 2 Days of comprehensive travel insurance.
  7. 1 Day rescue insurance (required by national parks)
  8. Accommodation and food VAT
  9. Transfer by local transport

Not included

  1. Expenses and food not specified in the program.
  2. Entrance to the National Natural Park (PNN) El Cocuy
  3. Mandatory rescue insurance
  4. Bilingual guide supplement
  5. Airline tickets
  6. Tips to guides

Itinerary of Nevado del Cocuy a Wonder to Disappear

Start your experience at Cocuy

Day 1: Welcome to Güicán


Snowy Cocuy National Park Sierra Nevada del Cocuy
enjoy a height experience at the peak with more snow Boyacá

Reception in Güicán (recommended time 8:00 am). There will be a 4-hour guided walk to the Monserrate sanctuary, 4.5 km. 4 hours of travel.If you will be staying at the inns you will take a guided walk of 4-5 hours to the San Pablin Lagoon, with beautiful landscapes and unspoiled nature with rich water sources and moor vegetation. It ascends from 3100 to 4200 masl. Dinner and accommodation.

Day 2: White Ritakuwa Peak


Sierra Nevada del Cocuy National Park
enjoy a height experience at the peak with more snow Boyacá

Breakfast - Guided ascent walk to Ritauwa White Peak, reaching a point near the snow. I return to the inns. Lunch. Time to rest or take a nearby hike on your own. Dinner and accommodation.

Day 3: Goodbye to an unforgettable experience

Snowy Cocuy National Park Sierra Nevada del Cocuy
enjoy a height experience at the peak with more snow Boyacá

Breakfast - Time to take pictures or take a walk on your own. Return to your destination.

End of your experience in Cocuy

Recommendations of Nevado del Cocuy a Wonder to Disappear

Here is a list of recommendations in case you are ready to visit the Nevado del Cocuy:

  • Prepare to walk
  • Wear comfortable shoes that will cover your feet and protect them from the cold
  • Cap, good coat, gloves and raincoat.
  • Sunscreen
  • Identification documents (ID's).


Activity of 3 days and 2 nights.

Location of Covado Snowy a Wonder to Disappear

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3 reviews for Nevado del Cocuy una Maravilla por Desaparecer
  • Richard Lopez

    The Snowy Cocuy is one of the most adventurous trips that can be made. The landscapes offered are incredible, the weather is magnificent and when you reach the edge of the snow you feel spectacular. Definitely worth it

  • Carla Giraldo

    The best that can exist in Colombia. An amazing and unique place, worth the effort and is the most wonderful thing in the World. Amazing & #8230;

  • Juan Sebastian Castro.

    I was with my family, the walks are long but pleasant and the height makes the experience a challenge, however when everything comes it is worth it, it is a place with unique and unforgettable landscapes, the fully recommended guide service, the hotel food It is delicious and the service is very good

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