Chicamocha Canyon Plan & #8211; PANACHI

Chicamocha Canyon Plan & #8211; PANACHI

With the Chicamocha Canyon Plan-PANACHI you can meet the Chicamocha National park and his Aquapark, one of the most recognized places of Santander, with varied attractions, shops, restaurants and the beautiful view of the Chicamocha canyon. A landscape that will leave you breathless.

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Description of Chicamocha Canyon Plan & #8211; PANACHI

Canyon of the Chicamocha-PANACHI: A whole show

With the Chicamocha-PANACHI Canyon Plan you can contemplate the beautiful  Chicamocha canyon, it's a geographical accident in Colombia located on the banks of Chicamocha river, in the departments of Boyaca and mainly Santander; This heavenly place is a visual spectacle that stands out for its majestic and imposing structure.

In the middle of this fascinating canyon, the Chicamocha National park, place that offers viewpoints and walks in Cablevuelo in which you will appreciate all the greatness of this beautiful place if you decide to book the Chicamocha-PANACHI Canyon Plan.

You will also find the Aquapark with great slides ideal for cooling in the intense heat, you will know the chapel, the monument to Santandereanidad, restaurants and places that make this site the tourist destination perfect that the Chicamocha-PANACHI Canyon Plan offers you.



What includes? Chicamocha Canyon Plan & #8211; PANACHI

  • To make you fall in love with the Chicamocha Canyon we have you:

  • Permanent Transportation (AAA), Tour Guide throughout the tour and Travel Insurance.
  • Visit “Mercado Campesino” (weekends)
  • Entrance and tour of PANACHI:
    Plazoleta de las Costumbres, Pueblito Santandereano, Monument of the Santandereanidad on the tobacco leaf, 360 ° degree Canyon Viewpoint, entrance to the Park and Cable Car.
  • One (1) snack and one (1) lunch.
  • Entrance to the National Aquapark of Chicamocha.

Not included

  • Expenses not specified in the plan.
  • Cablevuelo
  • Chiva
  • Extreme swing
  • Virtul Reality
  • 4D Cinema Hall
  • Torrentism
  • Paco Farm
  • Ostrich
  • Playground

Itinerary of Plan Chicamocha Canyon & #8211; PANACHI

Departure time on Regular-Shared tour: 7:30 am - 8:00 am.

  • You must wait in the lobby of the Hotel located in Bucaramanga and its metropolitan area.
  • Important note: If you are staying in the Hotel Punta Diamante The Passenger will pick up at the entrance of the condominium and leave at the same entrance of the Ruitoque Country Club condominium on the highway to Piedecuesta in case of going on Shared Excursion.
  • The tour applies for the days of Wednesday to Sundays and Holidays.
  • The Chicamocha National Park does not allow the entry of drinks or food.
Hotel Punta Diamante
Hotel Punta Diamante

Recommendations of Chicamocha Canyon Plan & #8211; PANACHI

  • To take into account if you go to the Chicamocha Canyon

  • Have availability of a whole day to know and fully enjoy the park.
  • Bring water
  • Blocker
  • Cap and comfortable clothes
  • A small backpack
  • Photographic camera

To let you fall in love with this landscape Santandereano we show you this show:



In the Chicamocha Canyon in Santander, You can experience different climates, so be sure to wear light clothes for the heat of places like San Gil and warm clothes for the cold weather, typical of the moorland landscape. Don't forget the sunscreen, a good hat and boots for wet sites.

Remember to approach the Santandereanidad monument, which represents the people, gastronomy, fauna and raw materials of the department.

San Gil, one of the towns that more bets on tourism in Colombia, where the exploration of mountains and rivers is promoted with adventure sports such as rafting. The municipality was born at the end of the 17th century in territory previously populated by the Guanes.

We invite you to know a little more about Santander here


Location of Chicamocha Canyon Plan & #8211; PANACHI

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  • Avatar

    5 out of 5

    Good plan. Good attractions, all very clean and very friendly people especially the guide. The sun is strong, do not forget caps or hats and use sunscreen. The cable car ride past the canyon is cool. At Acuaparque we finish a refreshing afternoon before returning. It is great to be surrounded by the most beautiful natural canyon in the world, The Chicamocha Canyon, Panachi has wonderful natural attractions apart from its tourist attractions, being in the 360 ° viewpoint is impressive, feeling surrounded by such great natural power.

  • Avatar

    5 out of 5

    The view from the canyon and from the table of the saints is spectacular, the cable car ride is very good, it is something worth knowing the agency is super accomplished.

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