Vuelo en Parapente Eje Cafetero

Vuelo en Parapente Eje Cafetero

Vive la aventura del Vuelo en Parapente Eje Cafetero

En las cercanías de la ciudad de Pereira/Manizales it is possible to carry out the activity flight in parapente Eje Cafetero, in a safe way to only 1:15 minutes we have two flyers certified by the Colombian civil aviation.

  1. Voladero el Zarzo located in the rural area of the municipality of Apia
  2. Voladero Guayra located in the rural area of the municipality of Ansermanuevo

Both flyers are fully enabled and have certified pilots to carry out the activity. It is also important to carry out the activity with the appropriate instructors and have all the documents required by law, for this reason our support team previously selected the right operators to make your experience the most pleasant.

Site Curiosities

Being in different departments both places are located geographically in privileged places, they have optimal conditions to carry out the activity, with unique landscapes around the flight points, which make these places simply unmissable, both populations belong to the declaration of cultural heritage of mankind the Coffee Cultural Landscape

Schedule and meeting points

  • Apía: Main park in front of the church, you must be very punctual at 9:00. Time at which our operators pick up our tourists.

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¿Qué incluye Vuelo en Parapente Eje Cafetero?

  • Roundtrip transportation from the meeting point in Jeep cars to the runway
  • Flight in paragliding 10-20 minutes depends on weather conditions.
  • Use of protective and flight equipment.
  • Certified pilot
  • Photographic and video record.
  • Right and use of track.
  • Medical assistance card

Not included

  • Expenses not specified in the plan
  • Transportation to the meeting point.
  • Tips

Itinerario de Vuelo en Parapente Eje Cafetero

Hour 9:00

Nuestro punto de encuentro, en estos debemos ser muy puntuales debido a que las condiciones climáticas juegan un papel muy importante en el desarrollo de la actividad, sobre esta hora el instructor da las recomendaciones y embarque en vehiculo de traNsporte


From the meeting point in JEEP type cars, the uncovered road route is made, after approximately 30 minutes on this route, arriving at the flight point to start the activity of paragliding.

Pilot Instructions

Arrival at the flight lane, where the pilots carry out the instructional talk for the activity, making the recommendations and verifying the assistants, instructions and order of the flights, according to your weight the departures are ordered fly earlier the lightest people

Thermodynamic or aerodynamic flight

Thermodynamic or aerodynamic flight

Según tu peso y las condiciones climáticas tu vuelo puede ser de 10 a 20 minutos aproximadamente, disfruta al máximo uno de los minutos mas felices de tu vida,  si te gusta un poco la adrenalina lo puedes hacer saber al piloto para generar un vuelo con base a tus gustos

Return to meeting point

After enjoying a beautiful experience in the air, we must expect the minimum quota of the Jeep. Moment in which you can enjoy the landscape and see how other people perform the activity. Return to the meeting point to return to the city of origin

Recomendaciones Vuelo en Parapente Eje Cafetero

Para realizar parapente, te recomendamos llevar ropa cómoda preferiblemente de material licrado, para generar menor humedad en el cuerpo y mantener el calor corporal, aplicarse bloqueador solar usar gorra o sombrero y toda la disposición para disfrutar de una experiencia en el Coffee Cultural Landscape.

Also wear tennis and sunglasses.

It is recommended that minors carry out the experience with the permission of their parents.

Pregnant women or people with heart problems should refrain from this experience.

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2 reviews for Vuelo en Parapente Eje Cafetero
  • Avatar

    5 out of 5

    Excellent experience, the view is spectacular. The instructors attentive to any questions, very friendly. If you plan for a weekend, it is recommended to use sunscreen and only get carried away by the wind.

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    5 out of 5

    Spectacular the feeling you feel when flying, I would do it again I loved it. Thank you!!

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