Otún Lagoon from Pereira

Otún Lagoon from Pereira

With our high mountain experience Otún Lagoon You will have the opportunity to take a guided tour of 3 km, where you can have transportation, complete food, medical assistance and the best landscapes of Colombia; A place that will stay in your heart forever.

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

Description of Laguna de Otún from Pereira

In the Coffee Axis you can enjoy the density and magnitude of this magical Otún Lagoon where you can experience different thermal floors and know through the route the natural reservoir, living a unique experience in Colombia.

It amounts to 3,900 meters above sea level.

On the route there is an ascent and descent walk of approximately 4 km at a height between 3,800 and 3,950 meters above sea level.

Our specialized high mountain guides will give you all the support and help so you can have an excellent experience.

Make the ascent to the Otún Lagoon It is a truly unique activity in the Coffee Cultural Landscape. Just a little bit of will and desire to spend a day in the middle of incredible landscapes, while you learn about the Fauna and Flora of the region.

Meeting points

The meeting points are defined according to the place of lodging of the client or their place of origin.

  • Pereira: Self-service GyG Plaza de Bolivar

What includes? Otún Lagoon from Pereira

  1. Transportation in specialized cars (4 × 4 trucks) round trip from the starting point in Pereira.
  2. Food: breakfast, lunch, caloric snacks and hydration.
  3. Entrance to the Los Nevados National Natural Park.
  4. Specialized guide of High Mountain.
  5. Hiking on the foot of the mountain and board the lagoon.
  6. Traveler medical assistance card.


Not included

  1. Expenses not specified in the plan
  2. Promotional rate applies for groups of 7 people
  3. For foreigners, a supplement of 30,000 COP must be applied for admission to National Natural Parks (paid within the Park)

Itinerary of Laguna de Otún from Pereira

Recommendations of Laguna de Otún from Pereira

We recommend you to wear very comfortable clothes (lycra) so that it does not store moisture and you can regulate body temperature; also comfortable shoes (boots or tennis with appropriate soles).

Minors must ascend with the permission of their parents or in the company of them.

Pregnant women or people with heart conditions are not allowed in these types of tours.

Here is a list of recommendations:

  • Prepare to walk
  • Wear comfortable shoes that will cover your feet and protect them from the cold
  • Cap, good coat, gloves and raincoat.
  • Sunscreen
  • And if you wish, prepare your camera to capture stunning images.
  • Identification documents (ID's).


Know the Otún lagoon

At the Natural National Parks You can spend an excellent experience to learn and enjoy the high mountain in Colombia and enjoy the wonderful Otún Lagoon. Meet lush landscapes, experience new sensations at more than 3,900 meters above sea level, recreate yourself in natural environments, live it with Colombiatours.travel

The day starts early

At 4:30 am the adventurers are summoned at the Grajales restaurant. Located next to the Bolívar de Pereira park, this restaurant serves 24 hours. This allows our visitors to arrive a little earlier, have a coffee and start a conversation with the staff of our company and with other travel companions. In general, the groups are made up of individuals, couples and families who have previously registered for the day. After making a brief presentation among the participants and giving some basic recommendations, we begin our tour on board the 4X4 vehicles. We go to the municipality of Santa Rosa de Cabal and then to the Los Nevados National Natural Park.

Arrival at the farmers hostel

At approximately 7:30 am we arrive at one of the peasant inns where we will have breakfast. A typical breakfast, made in wood, prepared by one of the families that inhabits the area near the PNN Los Nevados. On this site, after breakfast and while doing a brief acclimatization activity, we will know a little about the lifestyle and high mountain production systems, just before entering the conservation area.

Moving on we board the 4X4 vehicles again to make a journey of approximately 40 minutes, until we are inside the park, in the sector called Conejeras. It is located in the center area of the park, approximately 4,160 meters above sea level, here is where we will leave the vehicles.

Start of the tour

At this point, we find one or several officials from the Natural National Parks, who will provide information about the area and the rules that we should follow during our stay in the park. At this point, the collection of the entrance fee to the park is carried out, which is intended to strengthen the national environmental system. Before starting the trip along the path, we perform a stretching exercise directed by the guide(s), who at the same time will provide information and recommendations for the route that is about to begin.

Ascent to the Lagoon

During the ascent we will run 3.5 kilometers away, to reach approximately 3,950 meters above sea level. This tour usually takes between 2 and 3 hours. During the tour, several rest and acclimatization stops are made, in which our environmental guide-interpreter shares information about the area, fauna and flora, high mountains, etc.

As we ascend the oxygen becomes more scarce and fatigue is accentuated by the slope, however the majesty and beauty of the landscape invite us to continue; to continue advancing in the conquest of the mountain, to live this great experience of knowing one of the few pure water reserves in Colombia

Reach the lagoon

It is surely the most memorable moment of the past. Joy and the feeling of triumph is common among all visitors. We remain at the edge of the lagoon for thirty minutes, there we can take pictures and contemplate the beauty of the surroundings. After recreating in this wonderful space, we begin the descent along the same path that we arrived.


It is usually much faster (1.5 hours approx), we walk back to rabbit huts to board the vehicles again and move to the peasant inn where we will have lunch (3:00 pm approx). After lunch, we make a brief feedback of the activity and resume the journey in the vehicles to the city of Pereira (end of the tour 6:00 pm approx)

Written by: Adalberto Quiroga

How to get to Laguna del Otún

Access by Caldas
Access through the municipality of Villamaría (Caldas), via the road to Papayal (Condor Route), La Laguna, La Cueva sector (National Parks cabin) to the Conejeras sector.

Access by Risaralda

From Santa Rosa de Cabal on the road that passes through the hot springs of San Vicente to the sector of Potosí (National Parks hut) by road.

Location of Laguna de Otún from Pereira

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    5 out of 5

    Good morning, you also have the fate of the snowy Santa Isabel von who I can quote

    • Luisa Silva

      Hi Kharina, what a joy this place interests you. Check your email where we will give you an answer about everything you need to know for this tour.

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    The Otun Lagoon is a beautiful place that fills us with life, if we know how to properly appreciate nature, it is a journey that is pleasant for anyone & #8230; I am very grateful.

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    4 out of 5

    It is a site with a fantastic view, the winds are strong, the road in good condition, I had good luck, because there was a good presence of birds, the guidance by the guides is good and they strive to keep the park free of waste.

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