Cocora Valley Horseback Riding

Cocora Valley Horseback Riding

Come and enjoy with your friends a Ride Cocora Valley, this beautiful paradise located in Salento, one of the most beautiful municipalities in Colombia; Delight yourself with the exquisite lunch typical of the region, its natural landscape and imposing Wax Palms.

Meet this beautiful national treasure!

Description of Cocora Valley Horseback Riding

What to do in Salento?

Cocora Valley horseback riding.

Upon arriving at this magical place, you will find a delicious lunch typical of the region; later, you will start the Cocora Valley Horseback Riding; in which, you will enjoy an adventure on horseback in which you can feel the greatness of the landscape; while you delight in the beautiful Valley and its imposing wax palms (National Tree in Colombia).

With the Cocora Valley Cavalcade You can also, at the end of the tour, as usual in Colombia, get to the Cardenas creek, a source of crystalline waters, where you can relax and then divert to the interior of the park to the Rock of the Virgin and spot the bulls that are seen in the distance; and appreciate the colorful architecture of Quindio, in one of the most beautiful municipalities of this department, Salento.

Come and know this beautiful national treasure!

What includes? Cocora Valley Horseback Riding

  • With the Cocora Valley Cavalcade we have you:

  • Special combo lunch.
  • Cavalcade Valle de Cocora half an hour.
  • Snack
  • Specialized guide



  • Golden trout from 280 to 300 grams, accompanied by Cocora patacon, rice, salad, panela lemonade and hogao.
  • Trout can be replaced with 350 gram chicken fillet.


  • Water of panela with cheese
  • Arequipe with cheese
  • Coffee with cake.

Not included

  • Does not include transportation.
  • Does not include services not specified in the plan.
  • Does not include other lunch options.

Cocora Valley Horse Riding Itinerary

  • Arrival

    10:30 am

    The initial tour at 10:30 am with an adventurer ride in the beautiful Cocora Valley, in which you can see the wax palm and the imposing of bulls fighting.

  • Lunch

    12:30 pm

    After the beautiful tour in the Cocora Valley you can enjoy the delicious typical lunch of the region that is accompanied by the recognized Patacon with hogao.

  • Refreshment

    3:00 pm

    After lunch and enjoy a little of the facilities of the resort, proceed to take the snack, which can be panela water with cheese, cake with coffee or arequipe with cheese.

  • End of your experience

    After trying the traditional flavors of Salento, there ends your experience

Recommendations of Cocora Valley Horseback Riding

To take into account the Cocora Valley Horseback Riding

For this tour it is necessary, in the first instance, punctuality; since the activity can be delayed and not be enjoyed to the fullest; as also:

  • Use sunblock
  • Clothing for cold weather (Approx. 15 ºC).
  • Comfortable shoes.

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Location of Cocora Valley Horseback Riding

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2 reviews for Cabalgata Valle de Cocora
  • Avatar

    5 out of 5

    This tour is super entertaining, although I don't agree with the many routes that the horses should do. But the landscape is beautiful and the weather is fantastic.

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    4 out of 5

    It was a tour where everything offered by the agency was fulfilled, it was a great experience, very responsible and a planned tourism.

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