Free Tour to Barbas Bremen

Free Tour to Barbas Bremen

The Free Tour Barbas Bremen, is an environmental strategy to preserve the species of fauna and flora that are threatened by Industries. This Reserve is home to endemic species such as Pava Caucana (Penelope perspicax) and other species of vital importance to the environment.

Description of Free Tour Barbas Bremen

Free Tour Barbas Bremen: A tour in Andean Horizons

The reserve Bremen beards It is located in the departments of Quindio and Risaralda, it is an ideal place for bird watching, with great wealth of fauna and flora around it flooded by agricultural plantations and native forests. The Barbas Bremen Reserve has beautiful trails and great landscape horizons such as the Barbas River, which runs through much of the reserve.

Barbas Bremen is the Habitat of howler monkey where its majestic howl is heard miles away and many other species that dazzle the place. The Barbas Bremen Reserve, becomes one of the greatest natural attractions of the region. With the Free Tour Barbas Bremen it is important to emphasize that people who decide to enter the conservation areas do so with the responsibility, information, equipment and necessary guidance.

Live the experience in the middle of nature!

What includes? Free Tour Barbas Bremen

With the Free Tour Barbas Bremen we have you:

  • Walk along the CARDER path
  • Accompaniment with environmental interpreter
  • Informative talk on environmental conservation
  • Guide of experiences and activities in the Coffee Axis


Not included

  • Transport $5.600 COP Urban Bus
  • Meals
  • Medical assistance $4,500 COP
  • Personal expenses

Free Tour Itinerary Barbas Bremen

Recommendations of Free Tour Barbas Bremen

To take into account the Free Tour Barbas Bremen

  • Comfortable clothes for hiking activities.
  • Clothes for the river if you wish.
  • Repellent and sunscreen.
  • Hydration and Snacks if you wish.
  • Identity Documents

Additional Optional Items

  • Binoculars
  • Photographic camera
  • Change Clothes

Here we leave you with a bottle of experience:

Do not stay without knowing  Build your plan to the Coffee Axis!


How to get to the Barbas Bremen Reserve?

The meeting point is in front of the Victoria Shopping Center (race 12), where we take a bus to the Yarumal Trail, the bus passes from 6:00 am every 2 hours and takes 2 hours on average to reach Yarumal The value of the ticket is approximately $5,600 pesos. Once we reach Yarumal we can see the entrance to the Yarumal Trail where the trek begins.

You can make a small lunch stop before starting the walk. You can have lunch where Doña Manuela, she sells very rich homemade food, lunch is worth $5,000 pesos. A very traditional service offered is to pack lunches in banana leaves.

How is the tour of the Barbas Bremen Reserve?

Approximately 3 hours the tour begins in the Yarumal trail. Along the way you can take a bath in the Barbas River for those who want to cool down a bit, in addition some points have guadua booths where they can eat. -Please DO NOT leave garbage on these sites- if they are lucky we can hear the howler monkeys.

Recommendation: The river beards is characterized by being unpredictable, so it is recommended not to be in it when it is raining or if abrupt changes are observed in its cause (decrease or increase of the river).

Walking along the Yarumal Trail, we will find a large number of informative fences, telling us a bit about what Barbas Bremen is, its history, its reason for being, and some even allow us to take fun photos.

Informative Fence
Informative Fence

How to return from the Barbas Bremen Reserve?

The departure time from the path Yarumal (Barbas Bremen), is at 4:00 Pm taking the route that goes to the city of Pereira in the same place where he left us, at the entrance of the Yarumal trail. When we board it, it will leave us in the same place where we take the bus or goat at the start of the morning, in front of the Victoria Mall.


Location of Free Tour Barbas Bremen

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  • Avatar

    4 out of 5

    A wonderful place to spend time and enjoy nature, howler monkeys are without a doubt the best. Listening to them from afar is phenomenal, because that echo is impressive.
    I really liked going, but it rained and I didn't bring a tent, so, as a precaution, they packed a tent.

    super recommended !!!!!

  • Avatar

    5 out of 5

    An unmissable tour for those of us who love nature and a privileged place for people love to see birds and different species in freedom. It is recommended to hire the services of a guide because the reservation is very large and can easily be lost. You can see howler monkeys, sloths, armadillos, among others and countless numbers of birds and butterflies in the entire reserve, although in reality it is an area with a category of DCS.

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