Extreme Coffee Plan 4 days and 3 nights

Extreme Coffee Plan 4 days and 3 nights

An experience that fills you with adrenaline, the Coffee Region is full of extreme activities that you can enjoy.

Description - Extreme Coffee Axis Plan 4 days and 3 nights

Extreme Coffee Region Plan

Live an experience of height and culture Enjoy a flight in paragliding that will make you touch the clouds, you will also have the opportunity to meet the majestic Snowy Santa Isabel and its beautiful landscapes. Also, get to know the favorite food of the coffee region, the Arepa that its flavor will make you fall in love. A plan that you cannot miss.

  • If you still do not have a Local Support Agent at your disposal you can contact the one you like best here.

What includes? Extreme Coffee Plan 4 days and 3 nights

  • Transfers to activities
  • Accommodation 3 nights in rural or urban hotel
  • 4 Breakfasts
  • 1 Lunch
  • Guidance
  • High mountain experience in Nevado
  • Arepa tour experience
  • Paragliding flight

Not included

  • Airline tickets
  • Food not specified
  • Expenses not specified
  • Tips

Itinerary of Extreme Coffee Axis Plan 4 days and 3 nights

Start your extreme experience in the Coffee Axis

Day 1: Welcome to the Coffee Axis

Transfer Matecaña International airport or Pereira Transport terminal to hotel.
Free day to rest, accommodate, rest, enjoy the common areas of the hotel or get to know the hotel.

Day 2: Let's go to the mountain

Nevado Santa Isabel - Los Nevados National Natural Park - Colombia - Trekking - Alta Montaña -  twitcher

The adventure begins at 4:00 am where the tour begins in special 4x4 cars that will take us to the entrance of Natural National Parks, where you have breakfast and start the ascent that goes over 4000 meters above sea level. Reaching almost to the top you can see the glacier and start the descent again with caloric snaks and then a delicious lunch.
In the evening the transfer to the hotel is made.

Day 3: Let's touch the clouds

Flying in Paragliding - Colombia the best shuttle - Apía

Breakfast and start the journey to Apia to perform paragliding activity. You reach the meeting point where the route to the mountain is made. Once reaching the high point of the mountain, the explanation of safety protocols is made and the activity of paragliding begins. After carrying out the activity the transfer is made again to the hotel

Day 4: Arepita and for La Casita

Arepa Tour in the Coffee Axis

Breakfast is taken and taken to the meeting point for the arepa tour, where corn and corn arepa are tasted; In addition to knowing the beginnings of this rich food.
Later they are taken to the hotel and check out, making the transfer to the international airport Matecaña according to the flight itinerary or Transport terminal of Pereira.

End of your extreme experience in the Coffee Axis

Recommendations of Extreme Coffee Axis Plan 4 days and 3 nights

You only need to know the Coffee Axis, the activities do not have a high demand.

Here is a list of recommendations:

  • Always remember to carry your personal documents with you.
  • If you are accompanied by young children remember that they are your responsibility, therefore you must be careful with them in the places where the activities take place.
  • Always be on time according to agreed hours so as not to delay scheduled activities.
  • Follow the suggestions and recommendations of the guides for the development of the activities.
  • Try not to separate from your group in case of shared tours.
  • To natural destinations avoid carrying toxic substances and remember that the garbage generated should be returned with you or in case there are garbage dumps, deposit them in their corresponding bin.
  • Avoid extracting flora and fauna from the sites you visit, it is important that the species remain in their habitat.
  • Refrain from consuming excess liquor and toxic, hallucinogenic or psychoactive substances.
  • Remember that within the community you are in, you are a visitor; therefore remember to respect the customs and ideologies of the premises. What we least want is to bother those who open the doors of their home.
  • Respect the care notices, established rules and precautions of the places visited.
  • Remember to be an environmentally friendly tourist, try to save water and use the necessary energy.


Location of Extreme Coffee Axis Plan 4 days and 3 nights

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3 reviews for Plan Eje Cafetero Extremo 4 días y 3 noches
  • Avatar

    4 out of 5

    I can only say & #8230; Thanks Colombiaturs, everyone in my family was happy and encouraged to do a tour again.

  • Avatar

    5 out of 5

    Indescribable, they receive you with all the kindness of the world and from the beginning you know that they will be a plan that will undoubtedly always mark you. The coffee axis really has it all and really falls in love with the kindness and human warmth it has. Thanks for this experience.

  • Avatar

    5 out of 5

    See the landscape from the top, Climb up to the snowy mountain and taste the delicious arepa. I missed a coffee tour but I already wrote it on my agenda to return to Pereira and the entire Coffee Axis.
    Great work of this agency and its very professional, highly recommended travel agents.

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