Montenegro Parque del Cafe

Montenegro Parque del Cafe

Among the fields that were once coffee plantations, is located the National Coffee Park, a place where you can enjoy mechanical attractions, interact with the coffee culture and find a brief review of the history of coffee in Colombia.

Come and have fun with your family!

Description of Montenegro Coffee Park

The National Coffee Park is a natural, fun and safe environment; created to pay tribute to the development generated by coffee and the strength of coffee growers in Colombia.

It is located in the central coffee zone of Colombia, in the western center of the country, 20 minutes from the city of Armenia, capital of the department of Quindío and 5 minutes from the municipality of Montenegro.

It has an area of 96 hectares, 56 of them built in a perfect mix between the traditional and the modern, in it more than 20 mechanical and cultural attractions are immersed between trees and plants; approximately 4000 species with an average temperature of 21 degrees. The Coffee Park is a journey through the customs of a tradition that extends over the territory of the Coffee Cultural Landscape; framework of a tourist destination that offers visitors a space of healthy recreation.

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What includes? Montenegro Coffee Park

  1. Unlimited multiple passport
  2. Accompanying coordinator (for groups over 12 people).
  3. Medical assistance card
  4. Lunch and Snack (Optional)

Not included

  1. Expenses not specified in the plan
  2. Promotional rate applies for groups of 7 people

Montenegro Coffee Park Itinerary

Recommendations of Montenegro Coffee Park

We recommend you to wear comfortable clothes, preferably covering a large part of your body from the sun; change clothes because one of the mechanical attractions is done in water; apply sunscreen and all the disposition to enjoy an experience of extreme fun in the middle of the Coffee Cultural Landscape.

It is recommended that minors be accompanied by their parents.


The National Coffee Park has additional services such as parking, food court, first aid, gift shops and ATM.

You can enjoy two types of shows The Secret of Nature and the Coffee Show; and 18 themed attractions such as El Bambusario, Indigenous Cemetery, Mirador Tower, Interactive Coffee Museum, among other exciting activities.

Note: Carritos Chocones, Calbalgata and Cars are attractions that you can only enjoy once.

Location of Montenegro Coffee Park

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2 reviews for Parque del Café de Montenegro
  • Avatar

    4 out of 5

    The park is very large and has many attractions, I visited it one day during the week and I think it was very good because there were fewer people and the lines for the attractions were short, which allowed me to make better use of time and ride in almost all attractions.

  • Avatar

    5 out of 5

    Mix of options for all tastes. Excellent the coffee show and its well-kept and pleasant spaces. In the restaurant they give good options and answers to many tastes. Attractions in good condition give confidence and security.

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