Cocora Valley Walk

Cocora Valley Walk

Visit the municipality of Salento in Quindío, one of the typical villages that includes the declaration of UNESCO as Cultural Heritage of Humanity with the PCC, and knows in the Cocora Valley the national tree of Colombia, the Palm of Wax.
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Cocora Valley Walk Overview

Cocora Valley trek: an adventure in the middle of a forest of fog

From the Walk Cocora Valley, Colombia becomes the country that hosts a great biodiversity and exuberant landscapes, which makes it a territory with great desire to know and a great wealth of fauna that allows Colombia to be approached from far and wide, with the specialty of each corner and the Cocora Valley is no exception. And especially in Salento where this national wealth of Palmas de Cera is located.

Salento It is one of the most beautiful villages in the country and in our walk Valle de Cocora you can live the great experience of being among wax palms and a forest of fog, enjoying the warmth and that emerald green color that radiates from the distance, but an activity that you can not miss on the list is to go on a tour of the Cocora Valley. In the Cocora Valley Walk near Salento, in the green Coffee Axis it is best known for its gigantic wax palms, the national tree of Colombia.

It is a spectacular and ideal landscape for those travelers looking to take a guided hike in Colombia. If you decide to visit the Cocora Valley, we assure you that it is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the wonderful atmosphere of the misty forest. Enjoy this beautiful national treasure!

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What includes? Cocora Valley Walk

  • 3-hour walk through the Cocora Valley to the misty forest or waterfall
  • Guide of the region during the tour
  • Entrance to the trail
  • Lunch (Gourmet Dish with drink)
  • Dessert
  • Boiled fruits

Not included

  • Expenses not specified
  • Tips
  • English guide

Cocora Valley Walk Itinerary

  • Arrival at the Ecohotel in Valle del Cocora

    Arrival at the EcoHotel and Palmas del Cocora Restaurant

    Arrival at the Restaurant
    Arrival at the Restaurant
  • Welcome to the Ecohotel

    A Welcome with Boiled Fruits will be made to all travelers, the surrounding climate is cold and therefore you can enjoy this delicious drink.

    Romantic Cabin Cocora Valley Coffee Belt Colombia
    Romantic Cabin Cocora Valley Coffee Belt Colombia
  • Start of the Walk

    Depending on the arrival time the walk can be done before or after lunch. But the most advisable thing is to do the tour with a light stomach so as not to have any inconveniences in the middle of the walk and arrive eager to try the delicious lunch.

  • Lunch and dessert

    Travelers can enjoy a gourmet lunch with a drink, or typical lunch of the Cocora Valley that accommodates each person to taste the flavors of this place, they can also try and enjoy a tasty traditional homemade dessert.

    Cocora Romantic Cottage Dessert
    Cocora Romantic Cottage Dessert

Recommendations of Cocora Valley Walk

To take into account the Cocora Valley Walk

  • We recommend you to wear comfortable clothes, preferably with closed shoes because it is very cold in this area.
  • They must be warm
  • Bring a camera,
  • Apply blocker.
  • People with physical limitations are advised not to make the walk, but they can enjoy the scenery in the varied restaurants that are in place.

To make you fall more in love with this beautiful paradise, we invite you to watch the following video:


Cocora Valley Walk Location

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  • Avatar

    5 out of 5

    It is somewhat removed, however it is a must, the landscapes are dreamy and if you like hiking / trek this is a magical place; There is a lot of regional food and very picturesque photos that are well worth it.

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    5 out of 5

    The hotel, its restaurant, its landscapes its mountains, its ranges of green, its pleasant aroma, that coffee, the attention of its owners and collaborators, the walk was spectacular and all this makes you want to continue enjoying this magic that Palmas has cocora

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