Caño Cristales La Macarena

Caño Cristales La Macarena

Caño Crystals located in La Macarena, Goal. It is called by many as the Most Beautiful River in the World or the river of the gods, and you will have the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful place having included the accommodation, he transport internal in The Macarena, visits to the beautiful places, the feeding and much more.

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Description of Caño Cristales La Macarena

Caño Cristales La Macarena

In the mountains of The Macarena is a Colombian region located in the department of Goal is the river of the gods. In this place the Andean, Amazonian and Orinocense ecosystems come together. Place where you can visualize impressive natural scenarios. For example the Guayabero river flow, Stone city, The Laguna del Silence and Caño Crystals, the river of the five colors, the latter being one of the tourist attractions of nature, most important in the Colombian territory.

How to get to Caño Cristales?

The best way to reach The Macarena It is by air, either leaving the airport El Dorado de Bogotá or Vanguardia de Villavicencio. The flight lasts 1 hour until arriving at the town center. Already on firm ground, tourists will make different routes along paths regulated by the environmental authorities that will allow them to visit the different tourist attractions of the place

What is the best season to visit Caño Cristales?

At any time of the year you can visit The Macarena. But the colors of Caño Crystals, they can only be appreciated in their magnificent splendor in winter time. The rainy season goes from the end of May to the beginning of December, when the waters stimulate the “Macarenia clavijera” endemic aquatic plant responsible for giving the multicolored tone to Caño Cristales.

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What includes? Caño Cristales La Macarena

  • Air tickets (Cali-Medellín-Bogotá)
    Internal transport in the Macarena (River and Land)
  • Meals
  • Lodging 3 or 4 nights at Las Cascadas hotel or similar category
  • Medical assistance card
  • Specialized guides
  • Entry permit procedure at National Natural Park.
  • Visit to Caño Crystals.
  • Visit to Caño Cristalitos.
  • Visit to Caño Piedra.

Not included

  • Expenses not stipulated in the travel plan or tax rates for entering the reservation area (these vary according to the age and nationality of the visitor).

Caño Cristales La Macarena Itinerary

Day 1: Departure to La Macarena Granaja Llanera
We will meet at the indicated airport, to take a direct flight that will take us to the Javier Noreña Valencia airport of the municipality of Macarena in the Department of Meta.

There we will receive a talk from the environmental authorities, then we will register at the corresponding hotel and immediately, to make our first visit to Caño Cristalitos or Stone cannon, are rivers with characteristics similar to those of Caño Crystals but in much smaller proportions. Return to Macarena, rest in hotel

Day 2: La Macarena Caños Cristales
We will start our tour at 6:00 AM. To visit the river of the Gods “Caño Crystals”, We will board a boat that will allow us to navigate the waters of the Guayabero River for 20 minutes, then board a 4 × 4 vehicle that will take us along an uncovered road surrounded by beautiful vegetation.

Then we will start a walk along the path previously designated by the environmental authorities, where we will travel Caño Crystals, enjoying the rainbow that melted in its crystal clear waters. River navigation Guayabero to return to the Macarena, dinner in local restaurant, rest in hotel

Day 3: La Macarena.
In the morning hours, we will start with a tour to visit the viewpoint depending on which place we visited on the first day it is visited according to permissions of COR Marcarena, Spout Crystallites or Spout Stone.  Check out at the hotel, travel to the airport to take a flight back to the city of Origin

Recommendations of Caño Cristales La Macarena

How to go dressed? What to take to cane crystals?

Dress appropriately to visit Caño Crystals, wear shoes with good grip and waterproof preferably. If it's a high-top boot, it's a lot
better since the terrain conditions can lead to some falls and there are quite slippery rocky areas. The shirt preferably with long sleeves and fresh fabrics (it is very hot and there are mosquitoes), waterproof long pants or easy drying. Always wear a fisherman hat to cover the neck of the sun.

Note: Remember that we will visit a humid place, jeans are not recommended, wear a raincoat and a bathing suit so you can enjoy the fresh water in the
areas that are allowed, if you wear a mask it will be an unforgettable experience. The repellent and blocker is not allowed due to the large amount of toxins that they have, remember that we will visit an ecological sanctuary and we must
Contribute to its conservation. We recommend carrying a camera, it will surely capture unforgettable moments, carry your equipment in an easy-to-carry case with water protection preferably, it can rain and get wet. Remember that there are times when it is necessary to cross the Caño and the water
It can reach your waist or more. Important list of items to take:

• Identity documents
• Yellow fever card. (Over 60 years is not requested)
• Botillito or cantinflora to carry hydration
• Long pants, long-sleeved shirt, tennis or good grip boots)
•Sleeping clothes
• Sandals or flip flops
• Personal toiletries
• Identity documents
• Hat or cap
• Repellent for night use (repellent is not allowed,
sun blockers, creams or soaps in the river)
• Flashlight and spare battery
•Photographic camera
• Small backpack for walks.

Another option of air tickets: There is the possibility of buying only with us as a promoter agency of the destination the tourist package.



Banking Service

The municipality of Macarena currently has a Bancolombia ATM and an office of the Agrarian Bank, however we recommend you to take cash from your home city.


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    Any hiking and adventure experience does not compare to the beauty and attractiveness of the Macarena.

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    It is a trip that offers you the simplicity of an ecological tourism where you can really have a contact with nature through beautiful landscapes and forget about daily life for a while.
    Encourage yourself to visit this beautiful region, which seeks to support Peace and Sustainable Tourism Development.

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