Boyacá Lights and Nativity Scenes

Boyacá Lights and Nativity Scenes

Boyacá is well known for dressing up with lights during Christmas, creating lights shows that look as if they were taken out of a movie. The reason why annually tourists come to contemplate the beauty of Christmas in the towns of Boyacá, full of nativity scenes, fairs, light shows and much more. Book your visit now!

Description of Boyacá Lights and Nativity Scenes

Boyacá's Lights and Nativity Scenes: Colonial streets full of color

Boyacá, also known as Lights and Nativity scenes, is one of the most colorful and visited departments of the country. During December, this destination dazzles with its beauty and lights that generate a unique atmosphere, making you feel the warmth of the holidays; with this plan, you can enjoy all the attractions Boyacá has to offer. In addition to this, its colonial streets light up to give way to the magic every night of December, hundreds of lights and flashers can be seen from the tours, all coming from terraces, balconies, sidewalks, and houses.

The warmth of the people and the history of these lands also attract visitors from all over the world, coming to enjoy a growing touristic offer in Boyacá, a patrimony of the nation, for its historical significance, it is illuminated by about 100,000 light bulbs, which form figures according to the theme chosen each year. You can see figures representing the countryside, culture, and crops of Boyacenses', such as baskets, corn plants, cows, sheep, and pigs that reach their maximum demand at this time of the year. It comes the time to enjoy with family, friends or as a couple with our Boyacá Lights and Nativity Scenes tour. On this occasion and as every year, we will visit the most enlightened beautiful villages of Boyacá. It is an encounter with joy and a tradition inherited by generations. Without a doubt an infrastructure that emanates peace, love, and history. It is the perfect excuse to decorate the main squares of the municipalities of this Colombian region with millions of lights and multiple figures.

So do not miss the opportunity to visit Boyacá this December and contemplate the beauty of a department which opens its doors to the world at the end of every year.

What does it include? Boyacá Lights and Nativity Scenes

We offer you for Boyacá Lights and Nativity Scenes

  • 2 nights accommodation in Paipa.
  • Daily breakfasts
  • Transfers terminal Paipa - hotel - terminal
  • Visit Paipa, Swamp of Vargas, Nobsa, Tibasosa, Lake of Tota, Playa Blanca, Iza.
  • Tours regular (group) or private service depending on availability.
  • Gift: Route of lights and mangers (Paipa - Santa Rosa - Tobasía - Floresta - Busbanzá - Corrales - Nobsa - Paipa. Starts: 5:30 pm Return: between 12:00 - 1:00 am) or entrance to Pueblito Boyacense (group tours)
  • Entrance to thermal pool in Paipa (does not include transfers)
  • Expert tourist guide
  • 3 days of traveler insurance. All taxes at the destination.

Not included

  • Transportation Your city - Paipa - Your city
  • Expenses not specified as included

Itinerary of Boyacá Lights and Nativity Scenes

  • Day 1: Reception

    Reception at the Paipa Transport terminal. Transfer to the hotel. Route of Lights and Nativity Scenes (Paipa-Santa Rosa- Tobasía-Floresta-Busbanzá- Corrales- Nobsa- Paipa. Start 5:30 pm Return: between 12:00 and 1:00 am)

    Lights and Cribs Boyacá
    Lights and Cribs Boyacá
  • Day 2: Tour of the other villages

    Paipa-visit to the Vargas Swamp and the monument to the 14 lancers. Departure to the vineyards of Punta Larga and its beautiful landscapes. Arrival in Nobsa, a small town of woven fabrics and garments. We will travel to Sogamoso and its central square (optional Museo del Sol, vestiges of the Muisca culture). We continue our trip to Lago de la Tota, the largest lake in Colombia and Playa Blanca at 3,100 meters high, surrounded by green mountains and beautiful landscapes. Short stop at "Iza", famous for its desserts and Tibasosa, a beautiful town known for its colonial architecture and products made from a rich fruit called Feijoa. Arrival in Paipa in the evening. Accommodation.

    San Miguel Church- Paipa
    San Miguel Church- Paipa
  • Day 3: Return

    Time to enjoy the thermal pool. Return to your hometown.

    Paipa Hot Springs
    Paipa Hot Springs

Recommendations of Boyacá Lights and Nativity Scenes

  • For Boyacá Lights and Nativity Scenes we share the following recommendations:

  • We recommend: Change the thermal pool for Thermal Spa (Bubble bed, Thermal pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi, steam bath, mudtherapy). Duration: 2 hours $50,000 per person. Includes transfers from the hotel.
  • Optional: Additional night and Tour Paipa - Tunja - Ráquira - Sutamarchán - Villa de Leyva - Paipa: (consult prices with our travel agents).

Boyacá Lights and Nativity Scenes is an excellent option, but if you want to travel to other places and enjoy more of Colombia click here


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