5 day plan Trekking Sierra Nevada Park in Santa Marta

5 day plan Trekking Sierra Nevada Park in Santa Marta

The Wayúu community with its gastronomic variety, language, cultural dances, costumes and crafts typical of the region enchant visitors to remind them of their ancestral Magic in La Guajira.

Description of Plan 5 days Trekking Sierra Nevada Park of Santa Marta

Discovering the mysteries of Mother Sierra, the tallest coastal massif in the world, is to penetrate the charm of an ancient culture. Imposing and lonely appear before the hikers, a set of pre-Hispanic architecture made up of an intricate network of roads, terraces, homes, petroglyphs, canals, bridges, stairs and engineering works, hidden under a dense tropical forest for more than 500 years. Lost City, a sacred site, visiting it is a privilege.

What includes? 5 day plan Trekking Sierra Nevada Park in Santa Marta

  • Transportation and return to Santa Marta
  • Complete food and fruits
  • Accommodation and sleeping in hammocks or beds with mosquito net (toldillo), depending on availability.
  • Expert guides of the region. (Baquiano)
  • Helpers or carriers of provisions and mules.
  • Entry ticket (ICANH)
  • Contribution to the communities (Indigenous and Peasant)
  • Medical assistance insurance

Not included

  • Unspecified cats
  • Tips

5-day Plan Itinerary Trekking Parque Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Day 1
From Santa Marta leaving between 08:00 - 08:30 am in a 4x4 vehicle (Jeep) to the Mamey region (2 ½ hours away). From the path of Machete, the ascent walk begins in the search for the trace left by the Tayronas, builders of Teyuna (Lost City). We arrived at a settlers' farm, a place prepared with hammocks and beds for the night. We can take a refreshing bath and relax in some natural wells or waterfalls around the cabin.

Day 2

We get up very early, having breakfast and then starting the walk to descend to the valley of the Buritaca River, finding some indigenous houses that make up a small town known as Mutanshi (Koguis Indigenous People). We continue the walk of approximately 4 hours to the cabin where we will spend the night accommodated in hammocks or cabins with small counters.

Day 3

We begin the tour of approximately 4 1/2 hours, taking breaks, walking along indigenous paths that will take us to be one step closer to our destination, passing through some sectors where there are trails left by the ancient inhabitants of the region, crossing the Buritaca river to reach the third cabin where we will spend the third night.

Day 4

The day will begin by climbing a stone staircase of more than 1200 steps, to reach TEYUNA the Lost City of the Tayronas, sacred territory for the indigenous people, knowing the archaeological sites and in general the work that the Tayronas performed. The guide will offer information that will allow us to learn about the history of this wonderful place. After this we will return to Cabaña 3 to have lunch and depart back to Cabaña 2 in indigenous territory, overnight in the place.

Day 5

We have breakfast at 6:30 am, taking the road at 07:00 am back, later we enjoy a snack in the cabin near Mutanshi, continuing the journey to the end point of the walk that is the Mamey, where we will take lunch and the transport that will lead us to Santa Marta, arriving in the city between 4 and 5 in the afternoon, satisfied to have visited a place full of Biodiversity, Archeology and living culture.

5-day Plan Recommendations Trekking Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Park

Teyuna is a sacred place for indigenous ethnic groups, remember to respect the past and the customs of the people: respect the privacy of the indigenous people and the peasants. Do not enter their homes or take photographs of them or their belongings without first asking permission.
Keep in mind that the climate of the area is mild, humid and very rainy. With cold nights from 18 ° C to 22 ° C. Pack only the essentials. The weight of the backpack is an important factor both if loading mules are used and for comfort during walks, so it is preferable to carry little weight. Make sure you are in good health. Return all trash to Santa Marta. Neither the park nor the area in general have garbage collection service. Take care and respect what you find. Do not damage or mark natural or cultural assets. In the park there is no mobile phone signal or communication equipment. Let your family and friends know that you can only contact them once you return to Santa Marta.


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