Is it safe to travel to Colombia?
Is it safe to travel to Colombia? Find here tips and recommendations to make your trip to Colombia great - Colombia is Safe

I want to start this article with a very clear and direct premise: COLOMBIA ES UN PAÍS SEGURO PARA VIAJAR, this beautiful country was for many years the focus of the war between guerrillas and paramilitaries; subsequently, the cradle of drug trafficking and common crime; but today that story is different; a process in which Colombia has been advancing in the last 15 years, it has radically changed the face of the country, not only before the world but also among its people.

We cannot deny that the country's history has left deep scars in Colombian society, but that has made Colombians stronger, kinder, more conscious, even happier people; We have learned to face adversity and move forward always showing the best of ourselves and our country; For this reason, it is not to wonder why people who come to know Colombia fall in love with everything, even coffee with aguapanela.

Colombia is safe to travel

Knowing Colombia is far from dangerous, on the contrary, it is one of the most fun and dazzling experiences you can live; this country has kept for years great natural, historical and cultural treasures that make this destination the favorite of every adventurer who wants to experience at another level.

In fact, today many travelers come from different parts of the world to know this Latin American jewel that has everything to do; and that has some favorite destinations, among those, are Santander, the tourist department par excellence; Coffee Region, the epicenter of coffee culture and the lush mountains; the Colombian Caribbean, which has endless beaches and spectacular islands to explore; The Amazon, the lung of the world; and well, the list is almost endless but these are basically the most sought after among foreign travelers; definitely everything to do in the country of sabrosura.

Tips and Recommendations for Traveling to Colombia

Colombia es realmente un país seguro para viajar, pero lo que sí debes tener en cuenta es que estas viajando a un país suramericano que como todos los demás de la región tienen sus precauciones, por lo cual es mejor hacerle caso al adagio popular: “No dar papaya”; y para eso hemos desarrollado este post, para brindarte algunos consejos y recomendaciones para que tu visita por Colombia sea espectacular.

Visit only safe areas

For instance, not the whole country is safe for foreigners, there are some parts of the country that should be avoided because there are some common crime issues, such as: the departments of Arauca, Cauca, Nariño, Putumayo, and Chocó. If you still want to visit these places you can do it but we suggest you do it with a certified travel agency.

Be cautious with your personal belongings

First, don't be paranoid about this, but be careful with your cameras and cell phones; try not to leave them careless or use them in dangerous places; This does not mean that you can not take photos in the street, of course, you can do it but stay alert in crowded places or late at night.

International health insurance

Colombia has a good health service with very competent doctors, but accessing these services privately can be somewhat expensive, and therefore it is better that before your trip you hire medical insurance for international travel; Something may happen, maybe not, but it is better to be insured and specially in a country that you do not know well.

Vaccines to travel to Colombia

One of the vaccines necessary to visit Colombia is the yellow fever vaccine, which is a viral, infectious, acute and very serious disease, which is preventable with this vaccine, must be applied at least 10 days before travel.

In Bogotá, you can go to any of the following points and request it: El Dorado Airport (Prehospital) Terminal Terrestre, CAMI Suba, UPA Lorencita Villegas, UPA Candelaria la Nueva.

Others prefer to be super protected and other vaccines such as the hepatitis A vaccine, the typhoid fever vaccine and the malaria pills are usually applied; The latter is only necessary if you are going to visit jungle areas.

How to get around in Colombia


Large distances: In this case, we suggest you take flights, which are not expensive and will save you a lot of time since the trips by land can last several days in some cases. Some airlines that we recommend low cost are VivaColombia, Wingo, EasyFly; you must take into account the luggage allowed for these flights.

Displacement between nearby cities: In this case we suggest intermunicipal public transport, it is safe and economical; you can easily take them at the Transport Terminals of the city where you are; Nearby journeys are between 1 hour and 4 hours.

Within the cities: For these cases in larger cities we suggest you take UBER or Taxi, but only through the allowed platforms like EasyTaxi. If in the big cities you still want to mobilize in public transport you can do it but you must be careful with your briefcase because someone can take something out of it and you might not even be aware of it. In medium or small cities, you can use public transport with more confidence or by taxi which since it is smaller its cheaper.

Night Departures

When you have parties at night try to go out with trusted people, do not carry many things only what is necessary, your cell phone is well charged and when you go back do not do it alone and try to take Uber or Taxi with the applications suggested above, additionally not Exaggerate with the liquor remember that you are in an unknown place. With this you will surely spend a magnificent night.

Relax and enjoy

Finally, our best recommendation is that you relax and enjoy the wonders that Colombia has to offer; its colors, flavors, places, exuberant nature and magical moments that will become unforgettable memories.

Come to Colombia and live your best experience!

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