Hot springs, a benefit for your health.
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The hot springs have been recognized for their multiple health benefits, including the relief of muscle ailments, thanks to their mineral properties.

This natural wonder is due to the heat that emanates from the underground layers of the earth and that enriches the hot springs with minerals such as iron, chlorine, sulfur and magnesium.

The hot spring bath increases body temperature, which helps the body to kill germs and thus reduce the risk of contracting viral diseases.

The increased hydrostatic pressure of the body increases blood circulation and allows the body to be oxygenated with hot springs.

The variation in body temperature produced by baths in hot springs also helps to accelerate the metabolism by regulating glandular functions and also helps eliminate toxins.

Another benefit of hot springs is the stimulation of the immune system, in addition the production of endorphins in the brain is increased, which results in a feeling of well-being.

Colombia has several places where you can find natural thermal pools and the department of Risaralda is no exception. In Santa Rosa de Cabal, just 20 minutes from Pereira, the capital of Risaraldense, you can find resting places where you can enjoy hot spring baths.

An hour's drive from the municipality of Risaraldense, is the San Vicente Thermal Reserve, a perfect place to rest. On this site the tourist will find 6 swimming pools and a river of hot springs.

Within the Reserve you can practice extreme sports such as canopy, hiking and rappelling, while the visitor comes into contact with native forests that are part of the ecosystem housed in the Nevados National Natural Park.

However, if you prefer a more crowded and nightly entertainment site, you can visit just 10 minutes from the town of Santarrosano, the Santa Rosa Hot Springs. This hotel offers the option of spending a day at a spa that has a hot spring pool and natural cold water jets that fall from the mountains that make up the Nevados National Park.

The hot springs are a tourist attraction very desired by nationals and foreigners, being a valuable option of entertainment and coexistence with nature, while enjoying multiple benefits for the health of your body and mind.

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  1. William Rendón May 22, 2017 Reply

    Comparing the infrastructure of both sites, San Vicente would be ideal to carry out group therapies that require several days to develop their programs.

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