Alto del Chuzo Santa Rosa
Alto del Chuzo, Santa Rosa de Cabal

The magical adventure of Alto del Chuzo allows you to delve into the terrain of the paranormal in the middle of a beautiful landscape at 1,950 meters above sea level; the native forests of fog and the high spots will leave you fascinated.

Magic Tour

Start of activities in the park el machete at 8:30 am (duration of the Jeep Willys tour, 50 minutes).

Before arriving we stop at Alto de la Cruz to make the opening with the explanation of the Cross that was built on that mountain in 1940 to counteract the paranormal events that took place there, with the popular saying “the devil is on the loose "

Later you can make stops to take pictures, when you arrive at the Ramírez family's house we are greeted with a delicious coffee made in firewood, while resting a bit of the trip.

The tour continues with the visit to the portal of the stones on the side of the road, which forms a small cave in which many mythological and paranormal stories are told.

Historian Jaime Fernández has cataloged him as the Stonehenge of Santa Rosa.

Myths and traditions

Luego subimos hasta la “Casa Abandonada”, con una antigüedad de más de 100 años; desde allí ya se puede contemplar la imponencia y presencia que da la montaña al mirarla, detallando su forma piramidal.

Acto seguido, se realiza el ingreso directo en el bosque acercándose aún más a la montaña para llegar a un lugar denominado “La Fuente de la Juventud”, se trata de agua energizada en estado natural.

En el ascenso a la montaña nos introducimos en un bosque único por sus formaciones y marañas; se llega al último sitio llamado “La Casa de los Enanos” dando por terminado el recorrido.

After several intermediate talks about what strange situations have been seen and shared with visitors. The guide includes the stories of a native of the mountain.

There is bird watching throughout the tour and an attractive detail is given to keep as a memory of that trip between traditions, myths and nature.

Finalizada la caminata se toma el almuerzo para compartir otras historias con Los Ramírez mientras llega el transporte para finalizar el viaje en el “Parque el Machete” a las 4:00 pm.

Let yourself be carried away by the charm and magic of this unique adventure in life.

Learn a little about bioenergetic beliefs and their enigmas, for this and much more ColombiaTours.Travel reason recommend an urgent visit to Alto del Chuzo in Santa Rosa de Cabal, lovely place.


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