Coffee travel guide

Coffee travel guide

The coffee, the epicenter of culture, nature and coffee

The Coffee Region, It consists of four departments: Risaralda, Caldas, Quindio and North of the ValleyThis region is the area Colombia known for producing thecafé smooth and delicious in the world, on land with friendly people, Hot Springs, Beautiful scenery, great natural wealth and snowy peaks. the endless coffee plantations adorned with immense distinction is made waterfalls and colorful trees.

This region the UNESCOentered it in the list of World Heritage as Coffee Cultural Landscape by combining elements natural, economic and cultural with a high degree of homogeneity in the region and constitutes an exceptional case in the world; through processes such as planting of the first coffee plantations, through the construction of rural housing and transportation, processing and marketing of coffee; transforming production techniques of this drink.

Below you can find a guide to the departments that make up this beautiful region with the activities that you can do in each one of them.

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Risaralda is a department rich friendly and natural, cultural and human diversity; which progresses with its coffee landscape, mountains and valleys. Offering visitors center towns, places that preserve nature without stopping the development and progress of municipalities and cities, such as the Sanctuary of Fauna and Flora Otún Quimbaya where protect some of the bird species living in Risaralda .

This department is also rich in hot springs, rivers, waterfalls and gorges, while appreciating the architecture of its coffee houses, typical of the Antiochian colonization; all while delight with delicious coffee, a good santarrosano chorizo ​​and beautiful scenery.

Coffee Cultural Landscape - Eje Cafetero - Risaralda - Colombia

Places of the Eje Cafetero in Risaralda

What to do in Risaralda Eje Cafetero?

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Caldas is one of the departments that make up the Coffee Region is set amidst towering mountains. Its variety of thermal floors you can enjoy a pleasant temperate climate and its climate ranges between 18 ° C and 24 ° C. Here you can make ecotourism activities, admire various species in the Los Nevados National Natural Park and enjoy throughout the region as a delicious coffee.

Places of the Eje Cafetero in Caldas

What to do in Caldas Coffee Axis?


The Quindio one of the departments Coffee Region with a variety of tourist sites, as theme parks, amusement parks, Haciendas and coffee people with a valuable architectural heritage; with spaces dedicated to adventure tourism. This department also has an excellent gastronomic offerOne of the most important dishes is the fried plantain with trout. At Quindio no doubt you'll find beautiful experiences with friendly people, variety of crops and spectacular scenery They dazzle you.

Eje Cafetero locations in Quindio

What to do in Quindio coffee belt?

Build your plan to your measure Eje Cafetero

Gun your plan to theCoffee Regionwith what you most like;theme parks,nature activitiesandAdventure,Hot Springsandhiking in the high mountains. Add your favorite experiences, the accommodation of your choice and thetransportAccording to group or custom to enjoy to the maximum outputs of theCoffee Cultural Landscape.

You can accommodate your itinerary under more favorable conditions for an unforgettable experience and additional services that you consider suitable. Designed so you can enjoy all the wonders from beginning to end of theCoffee Cultural Landscape;itsculture, its people andgastronomy.

Enjoy it is a desire of many and a pleasure to few, to do so we have designed a form that will allow us to know exactly what are the ideal activities for you in theCoffee Region; to give you an unforgettable experience that you will want to repeat.

So I encourage you to put together your Plan for at the!Coffee Region!