Frequently asked questions about Colombia
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Frequently asked questions about Colombia

When you start planning a trip, questions about the destination will always arise. Don't worry, we leave you with a list of frequently asked questions that travelers often look for about Colombia.

What vaccines do I need to be in Colombia?

It is not required to have any vaccine to be in Colombia. It is recommended to have the yellow fever vaccine if you are visiting the jungle within your plans, so always check if the region you want to travel requires vaccines or special health precautions. To travel to some areas of the country it is necessary to apply the yellow fever vaccine that must be received 15 days before traveling

What language do they speak in Colombia?

In Colombia, most people speak Spanish and a minority has native indigenous languages. On certain occasions, many people get confused because in each region one word can have a different meaning from another. Also in many regions, the tone can vary and the endings of the words, which is due to the plurality of dialects and accents that Colombia has.

What stations does Colombia have?

Thanks to our climates we have thermal floors, which vary according to the position of each of the cities. So when traveling the country, you can find temperatures higher than 30 ° C or even temperatures below 0.

¿Cuáles son los platos típicos que tiene Colombia?

Gastronomy in Colombia is very varied, precisely to the plurality of cultures that from their ancestors safeguard a unique gastronomy. However, there are dishes that should be tested when visiting Colombia; Among the most prominent are the Paisa Tray, The Ajiaco, the Egg Arepa, the llanera meat, the Tolima tamales and a delicious chicken stew.

Is it safe to travel to Colombia?

Knowing Colombia is far from dangerous, on the contrary, it is one of the most fun and dazzling experiences you can live; this country has kept for years great natural, historical and cultural treasures that make this destination the favorite of every adventurer who wants to experience at another level.

What documents do I need to enter Colombia?

Citizens of countries belonging to MERCOSUR have two ways of displaying their identification documents. The identity card or valid passport, but other countries may enter Colombia only with their passports.

What currency is handled in Colombia?

The Colombian peso is the official currency of the Republic of Colombia, its abbreviation is COP.

What is the age to drink in Colombia?

In Colombia, the legal age for the consumption of liquor is at 18 years old, in the establishments they have every right to request the identity document to enable the sale and consumption of liquor.

What is the prefix to call Colombia?

The prefix for mobile phones in Colombia is +57 and the landmarks for the most important landline are (036) for the Coffee Region, (031) for the capital district, (035) for Cartagena and (034) for Medellín.

What should I pack to travel to Colombia?

The type of clothing can vary depending on the cities you want to know, since there are very hot climates where the ideal is fresh, loose and light colored clothes. But if your destination is colder, our recommendation is to wear closed shoes, a coat and a hat, the ruana you already get here.

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