Experience to the Coffee Axis from Spain

Embark on an unparalleled experience through the vibrant soul of the Eje Cafetero, accompanied by exceptionally personalized service. On this trip, you will have the opportunity to explore a selection of captivating thematic destinations: immerse yourself in the history of coffee at the Parque del Café, discover the agricultural diversity at PANACA, delve into the culture of the muleteers at the Parque los Arrieros, and connect with nature at Ukumarí, among other exciting places that await you.


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Coffee Region

Driver's Guide

You will be in the pleasant company of a friendly and knowledgeable driver guidewho will be by your side to ensure that you enjoy every moment in this unique and wonderful region.

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Say goodbye to buses and waiting for other travelers. Through our exclusive service, you'll enjoy the convenience of having a private vehicle at your disposal.

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Explore destinations without the crowds. Discover the Eje Cafetero in private toursimmersing yourself in its culture and nature with tranquility and personal space.

Coffee Axis Plan

Colombian Coffee Axis

We offer you a wide range of experiences from which you can select according to your travel objectives from Spain to the Eje Cafetero. Together with our Travel Planners, you will be able to plan every detail of your adventure, ensuring a personalized experience.

Casa Campesina Coffee Park

Eje Cafetero Colombia from Spain

4 days 3 nights

Tours included


Hotel Eje Cafetero

Hotel el Samán

Hotel Eje Cafetero

Hotel del Campo

Hotel La Aldea in Quindío

We offer you a charming country hotel where you and your children can enjoy relaxing spaces full of charm and find all the necessary comforts to live unforgettable days in the heart of the Eje Cafetero.

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Eje Cafetero in Colombia

Eje Cafetero Tour

Activities to add to your Tour

Discover a world of possibilities for your adventure in the Eje Cafetero. Design your tour to the heart of Colombia and create, together with our expert Travel Planners, a tailor-made trip, full of details that will make every moment an unforgettable experience.

Cascada- Termales Santa Rosa de Cabal - Pasadia Online booking - Planes Eje Cafetero

Santa Rosa de Cabal Hot Springs

one of the most captivating treasures of the Colombian Coffee Axisinvite you to immerse yourself in its beauty. Surrounded by majestic mountains and adorned with waterfalls of thermal waters and crystalline waters, this place offers you a unique experience where you can relax and enjoy nature at its best.

Main Entrance to Quindío Coffee Park

Coffee Park

Immerse yourself in a world of astonishing architecture where you will be able to delight with cultural activities and enjoy exciting mechanical attractions.

when to go to salento

Visit Salento

Salento, a jewel among the towns of Quindío and the Coffee Regionwill captivate you with its unique charm. Its colorful houses are a reflection of the dynamic spirit of its people and of the beauty that emanates from the magical Cocora Valley.

Panaca Park-Quindio-Pets- Colombian Coffee Growing Region


Immerse yourself in a world of agronomic knowledge, livestock and species diversity. Discover the ostrich kingdom, explore pig farming, connect with the feline, explore the whole farm and sericulture, dive into the canine and equine world. All of this gives you the opportunity to interact with more than 4,500 animals of domestic zoology, in a place where learning and fun converge.

coffee route colombia -EJE CAFETERO

Los Arrrieros Park

Los Arrieros Park is a space that provides tourist services for recreation, leisure, tourism, and rest and learningall in the context of the exciting arriero culture. Here, you will find artistic and cultural scenarios and entertainment areas that offer a wide range of options for visitors to enjoy a pleasant experience in our facilities.


Visit Filandia

Filandialocated in Quindío, is a charming and genuine town in the heart of the Quindío region. Coffee Regiona short distance from Salento. This essential corner offers a rich fusion of culture and natureThis has catapulted it as the preferred destination for travelers from all over the world.

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