Discover the Rosario Islands: A Colombian Paradise

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The Rosario Islands are a spectacle of nature located in the Caribbean Seanear the vibrant city of Cartagena de Indias. This archipelago is known for its white sand beachesits crystal-clear waters and diverse marine life, which includes beautiful corals. It is a destination that tourists for its beauty and the numerous activities that can be realized.

Within the Rosario Islands, you will find several islands, each with its own unique charm:

How to get to the Rosario or Baru Islands?

Rosario Island Tour

Arriving at the Islands is quite simple. There is outlets daily in can o boat from Cartagenaand the travel usually lasts approximately one hour. There are also tours organized offering plans all-inclusive, making the experience easier for people.

Rosario Islands

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Located on the shimmering Caribbean Sea, close to the iconic city of Cartagena de Indiasthe Rosario Islands are a fascinating archipelago that make up one of the most dazzling tourist destinations in Colombia. This paradise on earth is famous for its beaches of crystal clear waters, and exuberant marine biodiversity, offering a spectacular retreat for those seeking to experience nature at its best. In this blog, we will delve into the unparalleled charm of each island and explore the varied activities and experiences these Caribbean gems have to offer, from snorkel in the vibrant chorales del Rosario to relaxing sunny days in Playa Blanca e Baru IslandJoin us on this unforgettable journey!

Big Island

Big Island is, without a doubt, the jewel of the Rosario Islands. Its vast extension makes it a place rich in biodiversity and natural scenery, an oasis of tranquility in the heart of the Colombian Caribbean. Being the most extensive, this island offers a variety of activities y experiences that distinguish it.

Here, the landscape The untouched natural environment is the main protagonist. Visitors can explore dense mangroves and discover endemic fauna and flora while immersed in an environment of pure serenity. The opportunity to practice kayak The calm waters allow you to connect with nature in a unique and incomparable way.

The beach Isla Grande's beaches are the perfect place for those looking to relax and disconnect from the world. The sound of the waves caressing the shore and the sea breeze create an atmosphere of peace and harmony, ideal to recharge your batteries.

The personal experience in Isla Grande is enriched by the possibility of carrying out excursions or a ecological tourlearning about the species that inhabit the island and contributing to the conservation of this earthly paradise. In addition, lovers of the adventure can explore the surrounding reefs while practicing snorkel or diving, discovering the wonderful underwater world.

Pirate Island

Pirate Island is a particular charm within the group of islands of the Rosario. Its smaller size makes it the ideal place for those looking for a more private refuge. intimate and personalfar from the crowds, a place where every corner is a secret to be discovered.

This island is a window to the pirate past of the Caribbeanwhere every wave that kisses the shore whispers legends of corsairs and hidden treasures. The travelers seeking unique experiences will find on Pirate Island a treasure trove of tranquility and natural beauty.

Despite its size, the diversity of activities on Pirate Island has no limits. Visitors can dive into the warm Caribbean waters to explore the corals and marine life or participate in ecological tours that reveal the rich biodiversity of the island.

The lovers of photography You will find countless opportunities to capture the essence of this little Caribbean jewel, from its dreamy beaches to its exotic flora and fauna. Each excursion on Pirate Island is an adventure that will remain etched in your memory, an opportunity to experience the Colombian Caribbean in a more authentic and personalized way.

In summary, both Big Island like Pirate Island are must-see destinations in the Rosario Islandseach offering a world of possibilities and experiences that will satisfy all visitors, from those seeking adventure and exploration to those seeking peace and relaxation.

Rosario Island

Rosario Island is a hotbed of marine biodiversity. Its crystal-clear waters are home to an underwater rainbow of marine species y corals that make each dive an unforgettable experience. The visibility in these waters allows the travelers explore the vibrant underwater ecosystem with ease, making the Rosario Island in a favorite place for the snorkel and diving.

In addition to its underwater wonders, the Rosario Island offers tranquility and disconnection in its beaches of soft white sand, where visitors can relax under the Caribbean sun or enjoy a walk along the coast, feeling the breeze of the place.

Fans of the nature You can also delight in the variety of birds and terrestrial fauna that inhabit the island.

In the Rosario Islandthe travelers can enjoy a wide range of activitiessuch as eco-tours, boat rides in canfishing, and water sports, making your visit an unforgettable experience. experience rich and diverse. Visitors can also delight in the local gastronomy, which offers fresh seafood and Caribbean delicacies.

Palma Island

This island is another impressive destination within the Rosario Islands. Here, the tourists can be immersed in a experience surrounded by an abundance of natural resources and biodiversity. The island is a sanctuary for diverse species of fauna and flora, and lovers of the nature will find a pristine environment full of surprises and discoveries.

A walk through the Island reveals the splendor of its tropical forests and the diversity of its wildlife. The nature trails are an invitation to explore and learn about the ecology of the region and to observe birds and other animals in their natural habitat.

The preservation of the ecosystem at this site enables visitors to connect with the nature in a unique and respectful way.

In addition to the ecological explorations, it is an idyllic setting to relax on its secluded beaches and enjoy the scenery of the Caribbean Sea. Whether you prefer to sunbathe, read a good book, or simply admire the scenery, the natural beauty of the Island provides a space of serenity and contemplation.

Services in the area are environmentally conscious, and many of the lodging and dining options are focused on sustainability, providing a respectful and harmonious experience with the environment.

These extensions provide a more detailed glimpse into the richness and diversity of Rosario Islandhighlighting not only their natural beauty but also the unique and memorable experiences they offer to every visitor.

Gorgona Island

Gorgona Island is distinguished by its unparalleled natural beauty and its biodiversity. This island is ideal for those looking for a deep contact with nature. nature and a respite from the daily hustle and bustle. Framed by the brilliant seaGorgona offers its visitors pristine beaches and an incomparable ecotourism experience.

This island is a place of research and conservation of the marine fauna, where you can observe different species of fauna and flora in their natural habitat. A ecological tour allow the travelers learn more about the island's rich biodiversity and the importance of marine conservation.

On Gorgona Island, scuba diving enthusiasts can explore the underwater world and discover a variety of underwater corals and tropical fish. The waters clear and calm waters make marine life observation a pleasure. activity exciting and educational. In addition, for those interested in history, Gorgona Island has ruins and archaeological remains that tell the story of the region's pre-Columbian past.

Marine Island

Marine Island is another gem of the archipelago of the Rosario Islands. It is a quiet and less crowded place, perfect for those looking for a romantic getaway or a retreat. staff. Here, the beaches create the perfect setting to relax and enjoy peace and serenity.

The tourists can enjoy tours at can around the island, explore the small reefs nearby, or simply delight in the beautiful landscape Caribbean. The island is also an excellent starting point for excursions fishing and travel exploration to other nearby islands.

In Isla Marina, gastronomy lovers will be able to enjoy the flavors of the Colombian Caribbeanwith fresh fish and seafood dishes prepared in the traditional way. It is also possible to interact with the locals and learn more about their traditions and way of life, thus enriching the experience. experience travel.

Both islands, Isla Gorgona and Isla Marina, are destinations that promise a unique and authentic experience, full of nature, adventure, y culture. The travelers who choose to explore these islands take with them unforgettable memories and a new appreciation for the rich biodiversity and vibrant culture.

Cocoliso Island

Cocoliso Island distinguishes itself as one of the most resplendent jewels of the Rosario Islands archipelago. Its name conjures up images of pristine beaches and dancing palm trees, and it is certainly a must-see for anyone seeking an escape from the paradise.

Cocoliso Island is particularly famous for its magnificent beaches of crystalline waters of the Coast Caribbean. These pristine waters offer exceptional visibility, making this island an exceptional place for underwater activities. Travelers can immerse themselves in this underwater world to discover a spectrum of colors and an astounding diversity of species marinas.

The island is a sanctuary for nature y biodiversitywhere it is possible to observe from colorful corals to fish of all sizes and shapes. The reefs The coral reefs that surround the island are home to a wide variety of marine fauna, and the excursions guided tours can offer visitors a detailed view of this vibrant ecosystem.

For those looking for relaxationIsla Cocoliso provides a quiet retreat away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Visitors can relax under the palm trees, enjoy a book, or simply contemplate the landscape the island's breathtaking scenery. The gentle sound of the waves and the sea breeze create a relaxing atmosphere, ideal to disconnect and recharge energies.

Nearby places

Playa Blanca and Baru Island

Baru Island, white beach, white beach

Playa Blanca at Baru Island is undoubtedly one of the best beaches of the region. Located in the Baru PeninsulaPlaya Blanca, in front of Cartagena, Playa Blanca is famous for its white sand beach and its turquoise waters, ideal for the kayak and the diving. Baru Island, known for its relaxed atmosphere, is the perfect place for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. city.

Activities and Experiences

rosary islands, rosary islands

The Rosario Islands offer a wide range of activities y experiences for all tastes. From exploring the chorales del Rosario on an excursion of snorkel to relaxing on the beaches of Baruthere is something for everyone. Here is a list of activities that visitors can enjoy in this paradisiacal archipelago:

Snorkeling and Diving

Islas del Rosario, Cartagena

The snorkeling and the diving are, without a doubt, two of the most emblematic activities that can be carried out in the Rosario Islands. Given the crystal-clear and warm waters of the Sea.

Diving in the islands allows visitors to explore the exceptional marine biodiversity of the region. Marine life enthusiasts will have the opportunity to observe a great diversity of species, including vibrantly colored fish, majestic rays, and graceful sea turtles. Coral reefs are living, dynamic ecosystems, home to a multitude of marine organisms, from the smallest to the largest.

Ecological Tours

Islas del Rosario, Cartagena

Ecological tours in the Rosario Islands are much more than just nature walks. They are a deep dive into the heart of the ecosystems that make up this magnificent archipelago. This place, declared a Corales del Rosario National Natural Parkis committed to the conservation of its rich biodiversity and environmental education, allowing visitors to discover and learn about the importance of protecting these unique ecosystems.

Guided tours often include excursions to the mangroves, coastal ecosystems that play a crucial role in protecting the coastline and breeding numerous marine species. Here, visitors can explore a world of intertwined roots and learn about the fauna and flora that inhabit these brackish waters, observing crabs, migratory birds and numerous species of fish.

Swim with Dolphins

rosary islands, activity

Diving into the blue waters to swim with the dolphins is undoubtedly one of the most magical and enriching experiences that the dolphins can offer. Rosario Islands can offer. This activity not only provides a unique interaction with these intelligent and playful marine mammals, but also allows visitors to learn more about their behavior, biology and the importance of conserving their natural habitat.

In this close encounter, dolphins often show their curious and friendly personality, approaching swimmers and participating in water games. Tourists have the opportunity to observe up close the impressive skills and movements of these animals in their natural environment, allowing a deeper understanding of their life and habits.

Kayak and Paddleboard

rosary islands, rosary islands

These are activities that allow tourists to explore the calm waters of the Rosario Islands in a unique way, offering a closer connection with the natural marine environment. These are excellent options for those who wish to experience a experience and, at the same time, enjoy the serenity of this paradisiacal destination.

Touring the shores of the islands and venturing into less explored areas offers a sense of adventure and discovery. Participants can find small hidden coves, observe marine life from a different perspective and enjoy the silence and peace that these islands provide. Kayaking allows exploration of mangroves and areas that are difficult to access, providing a unique perspective of the islands' ecosystem.

Bird Watching

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Birdwatching in the Rosario Islands is becoming an increasingly popular and appreciated activity for both professional ornithologists and nature enthusiasts. The rich biodiversity of the archipelago creates the perfect habitat for a variety of bird species, allowing visitors to experience the wonder of birdlife in a pristine natural environment.

The islands are home to numerous endemic and migratory species, allowing visitors to observe birds not found elsewhere in the world. The presence of both resident and seasonal species provides a unique birding experience on each visit, as the species visible may vary seasonally.

Relaxation on the Beach

islands of the rosary

The pristine white sand beaches of the Rosario Islands are truly the epitome of tropical paradise, providing a place of escape where visitors can disconnect from the daily routine and immerse themselves in a world of tranquility and natural beauty.

One of the most popular ways to relax on the islands is to simply lie on the soft sand and enjoy the sea breeze and the gentle sound of the waves from the sea. The calm and crystalline sea invites visitors to take a refreshing swim, swim, or simply stroll along the shore collecting shells.

Spectacular Sunsets

islands of rosary

At the end of the day, there is nothing more relaxing and spectacular than enjoying a sunset on the beach. The skies are painted in shades of reds, oranges and pinks, creating a breathtaking natural spectacle and providing unique photographic opportunities.

The final moments of the day are lived with an intoxicating tranquility and serenity, while the silhouettes of the palm trees sway gently to the rhythm of the sea breeze. Each sunset in this tropical paradise is a visual gift that turns every moment into an indelible memory.

Sport Fishing

rosario islands, rosario island

In the majestic Rosario Islandssport fishing becomes an unforgettable experience. The vibrant marine ecosystems of this region are home to an amazing biological diversity, offering anglers the opportunity to encounter exotic and endemic species. Here, novice and experienced anglers alike can enjoy the thrill of the catch, surrounded by the stunning scenery of crystal clear waters and coral formations.

In addition, local companies offer guided fishing excursions, with equipment and advice to ensure a pleasant and successful day in this fishing paradise. The rich marine life and natural beauty of the Rosario Islands make sport fishing an unmissable activity for visitors.

Walking Tours

Rosario Islands, vacation

Walking tours in the Rosario Islands offer visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in an incredibly pristine natural environment. Trails traverse mangroves and white sand beaches, allowing travelers to experience the region's unique biodiversity up close.

Local guides can provide valuable insights into the local flora and fauna, including endemic species found nowhere else in the world. In addition, hikers will have the opportunity to learn about the rich history and culture of the islands, which further enriches the experience of exploring this Caribbean paradise on foot.

Local Gastronomy

blessed beach

Tasting the delicious local food is an activity not to be missed. Fresh seafood, fish and tropical fruits are some of the delicious foods that can be enjoyed in the islands.

The Rosario Islands and Baru offer a range of activities to suit all tastes, whether you are looking for adventure, relaxation, ecological learning or simply enjoying the natural beauty of the Colombian Caribbean. If you decide to visit this spectacular destination, you will take with you unforgettable memories and enriching experiences.

Recommendations for Travelers

islas del rosario, islas del rosario Cartagena, San Bernardo

Advance Booking: Tours and excursions to the Rosario Islands are very popular, so it is advisable to book in advance. You can search online or send a e-mail to the companies of tours for more information.

2. Protect yourself from the sun: The sun can be intense, so it is crucial to wear sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses.

3. Stay Hydrated: It is essential to stay hydrated, especially when participating in activities outdoors. Be sure to bring enough water.

4. Travel Responsibly: Respects the nature and marine life. Avoid touching the corals and follow the guides' indications.


rosary islands, rosary islands, saint bernard archipelago, saint bernard archipelago

The Rosario Islands are a magical destination full of beauty, adventure and nature. Each island has its own charm, from the imposing Isla Grande to the intimate Isla del Pirata, offering a variety of experiences and activities for all travelers and tourists. Whether you choose to relax or enjoy a kayak ride in the Caribbean Sea, this Colombian archipelago will leave you with unforgettable memories.

We would also like to invite you to discover these marvelous places with ColombiaTours.Travelyour trusted travel company. We offer unmissable travel packages that include detailed tours, allowing you to immerse yourself in the rich culture and biodiversity of the place. Not only will you have the opportunity to live unique experiences, but also to learn about the importance of marine conservation and sustainability.

Our option package includes accommodation in a hotels marvelous in Cartagenawhere you can enjoy the comforts before and after your excursions to the Rosario Islands. Cartagena is a city steeped in history and culture, offering a number of things to do and see, from its well-preserved colonial architecture to its vibrant nightlife.

The visit to the Rosario Islands y Cartagena are, without a doubt, an experience that you will not forget and that you will want to repeat. The packages of ColombiaTour are designed to satisfy all your needs and desires, ensuring you an unforgettable and adventurous vacation. Don't miss the option to explore the Rosario Islandsa pearl of Colombia, and enjoy the Cartagenaone of the most beautiful and ancient cities of the American continent.

By choosing ColombiaTours.Travel as your travel company, you will be opting for authentic experiences and high quality service, with itineraries that include both relaxation and adventure, allowing you to connect with the nature and culture of the place. The Rosario Islands y Cartagena are waiting to show you all the wonders they have to offer.

We encourage you to find the package that best suits your needs and desires. Don't wait any longer to embark on an adventure full of excitement, discovery and natural beauty. Let ColombiaTour take you to explore the wonderful Rosario Islands and live moments that will remain engraved in your memory forever!

Thank you for visiting our blog, and we hope you find the experience you are looking for in the Rosario Islands. If you have any questions or need more information, do not hesitate to enter the link on our website and leave us a message, whether you want a personalized attention by whatsapp or a call to your phone.

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