7 destinations for your Easter holidays
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Easter vacation

7 Tourist Plans in Imperdibles Colombia

Holy week Despite its religious connotation, it has become one of the most anticipated dates of the year, to enjoy one of the most important high four seasons, both Tourism as a salesperson; the families they tend to give some deserved holiday that visit some tourist destinations interesting or simply decide to reserve a farm for spending quality time.

So much so, that in 2017 mobilized 2.3 million passengers at airports during these dates, not to mention, the mobilization by land, which is undoubtedly the most of the travelers; This great movement of people in different locations and destinations It makes these dates a chaos to select the best destination and the best price, even more so when we have the habit of making plans at the last minute.

For these reasons, we wanted to provide you with life, by selecting the best laid plans for this season, so don't stay behind, and at the end be trapped between the worst and the most expensive options.


It is a village, which certainly could be considered a natural paradiseeven with beaches dense and Virgin forests; You can also explore the village Sapzurro and the beach HoneyThis last located on the border with Panama, place where you can find excellent quality products at very good prices.

If you want to enjoy of beautiful beaches, nature and Sun in all its glory, this is your destination for this Easter.

More info about Capurganá HERE

The Tatacoa desert

Colombia - Cactus - desert tatacoa - Huila - tour packages-

This is without doubt a tourist destination with a special air, located in the Department of the Huila; This place is a tropical dry forest, forwards way natural a prehistoric environment, which keeps inside archaeological history.

This Desertis divided into two zones; one, the zone Cuzco, reddish and ochre tones, characteristic for its dunes; and the area of the hole, a place that is distinguished by its gray color, as it is mostly Rocky. There, the cactus that stretched candelabrum-shaped make up an arid landscape that is ideal to explore on the day and see the Star at night, due to cleaning of the sky and the absence of artificial light.

If you are one of those travelers in love with the stars in search of Mystic landscapesthe desert It is the best choice.

More info about the Tatacoa desert HERE

Coffee Region

Considered World Cultural Heritagethe Coffee Cultural Landscape It is a beautiful and friendly destination for people who want to have fun and find a mix between nature, gastronomy, architecture and coffee culture.

This region is made up of head shape by the departments of Caldas, Quindio and Risaralda; and in a way secondary by the North of the Valley and the Northwest of the Tolimabecoming in this way in a place yet to do and learn.

If yours is the café and the majestic mountains this is your destination for these holiday Santas.

More info about Eje Cafetero HERE

Bahia Solano

This tourist destination It is a must for those who enjoy and appreciate the sea, the marine speciesthe natural routes and water sources; in a place where the Sustainable tourism and Ecological It is really important.

This place has a natural wealth enormous; in which, without a doubt, you can enjoy of a travel memorable; First, along trails full of life and sighting marine species such as the Whale Yubarta. So, as in Bahia Solano the ecotourism is key, since this municipality you committed to the preservation of life which is in it.

More info about Bahía Solano HERE

Nevado Santa Isabel

group outings to the snowy Santa Isabel
Enjoy with your friends on this spectacular adventure

If you are adventurous soul, you like long walks and wonderful scenery offered by the mountains, this destination is ideal for you on this holiday; That if you have to keep in mind that it is one of the most visited places in the coffee with a limited carrying capacity; why you must reserve your space in advance at least 15 days before the date you have planned, so you can enjoy this wonderful destination.

Reserve your plan to Nevado Santa Isabel HERE


If your goal is an encounter with the nature and with your inner self, definitely the Amazon It is the option most suitable to you. you will see the nature with all your strength and know the magnitude and magnificence of the River largest river in the world, as well as connecting with the beautiful sounds of the nature and interact with a large number of species.

More info on the Amazon HERE

Santa Marta

Santa Marta es un destino de tradición en Colombia, su centro histórico y actividad nocturna hacen de este destino el lugar ideal para pasar unos buenos días de vacaciones; y si eres de esos viajeros que les gusta conocer lugares nuevos, no lo pienses más, tu destino ideal en esta ocasión es Santa Marta ¿Por qué? sencillo, estando en esta ciudad puedes desplazarte a otros lugares turísticos maravillosos en Colombia como el Parque Tayrona, Minca, Ciudad Perdida, Palomino, entre otros lugares a los cuales podrá llegar en pocas horas por vía terrestre en transporte público; y una razón más, este destino es operado por aerolíneas low cost en Colombia que lo hacen aún más rentable.

If you want to build your vacation in Santa Marta CLICK HERE and contact a local expert.

And as good Colombian We can not stay without the napa, this napa is for those who like to take risks, lead your life to the limit and get out of the road designated: Paragliding.

Paragliding will allow you to enjoy the best landscapes and remove your fears out; If you are ready to make a change in your life, this activity will be a landmark of happiness in your future.

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