How much does it cost to travel to Colombia from Spain?

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Receive a personalized itinerary to Colombia in 5 minutes with artificial intelligence.

Traveling to Colombia from Spain

Discover the magical experience of traveling to Colombia from Spain!

Imagine a travel that transports you from Spain to the lush land of Colombia. From the moment you decide to embark on this journey, an adventure full of emotions and discoveries awaits you.

Colombia, a country of incomparable beauty and amazing contrasts, invites you to enter its territory with open arms. But before immersing yourself in its splendor, it is important to make sure you have all your documents in order.

Your passport is the way you can connects with this wonderful land. With it in hand, you can glide into a unique experience. Get ready to enter into the vibrant heart of Cartagena, a city full of history and charm. Its cobblestone streets will tell you stories of times past, while you immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere that only it can offer.

Before your departure, verify the entry requirements and necessary documents. Make sure you have all the documentation in order to avoid setbacks in your journey. Find out about the required permits and conditions for Spanish tourists. Information is your best ally to ensure a worry-free trip.

As you immerse yourself in the planning processAlso consider your state of health. Make sure you have a medical insurance that will give you peace of mind in case of any eventuality. Health is paramount and you should take care of it throughout your stay.

Also, take advantage of the diversity of areas and spaces that Colombia has to offer. From the mysterious Amazon to paradisiacal beaches of the CaribbeanThis country is a perfect choice for adventure lovers. Explore its territories with caution, respecting the indications and taking care of the nature that surrounds you.

Also remember to keep your budget in mind. Colombia offers you a wide range of options for all budgets, from luxurious resorts to cozy hostels. Plan your expenses wisely and you will be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest without worrying about finances.

With every step you take, you will discover the warmth and friendliness of the Colombian people. Its welcoming spirit will make you feel at home, and its cultural richness will captivate you at every corner. From the delicious gastronomy to music and dance, Colombia will envelop you with its magic and color.

Traveling to Colombia from Spain is an unforgettable experience. Dare to immerse yourself in its wonders, to explore new horizons and to live moments that will remain engraved in your heart forever.

Get ready for a journey that will awaken all your senses and fill you with precious memories!

Flights to Colombia from Spain


One of the most important aspects to consider when planning your travel to Colombia from Spain is the flight. Currently, several airlines offer direct flights from different Spanish cities to various Colombian cities.

The flight prices may vary depending on the season, how far in advance you book and the airline you choose. It is advisable to compare different options and use online flight search engines to find the best rates.

For travel to Colombia from Spain, it is important to note that there are several airlines that offer this route. Companies such as:

Air Europa

Colombia from Spain

Air Europa is a Spanish airline with extensive experience in international flights. It offers direct flights from Madrid to different destinations in Colombia, which makes it a popular option for those who wish to travel to this South American country. Air Europa stands out for providing quality service, comfort in its airplanes and a wide variety of routes and schedules.

It also has a loyalty program called "SUMA" that allows you to earn miles to obtain benefits and discounts on your flight. The prices of the flights of Air Europa can vary depending on the season and demand. On average, round-trip flights from Spain to Colombia usually range from 400 to 800 euros per person, although it is possible to find lower fares during special offers or promotions.


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As the national airline of Colombia, Avianca is a reliable and recognized option for traveling from Spain and other countries to Colombia. The airline offers direct flights from Madrid and Barcelona to several Colombian cities, including Bogotá, Medellín and Cartagena de Indias. Avianca stands out for its excellent customer service, comfort in its aircraft and a wide range of routes throughout the Americas.

It also has a loyalty program called "LifeMiles" that provides benefits to frequent flyers. Being a Colombian airline and a popular choice for travel from Spain to ColombiaAvianca's prices are usually competitive. Roundtrip flights can range in price from approximately 400 to 900 euros per person, depending on the season and the specific route.


Colombia from Spain

As one of the most important airlines in SpainIberia offers direct flights from Madrid to several cities in Colombia, including Bogota, Medellin and Cali. Iberia is known for its extensive network of destinations, excellent service and comfortable aircraft. The airline is also part of the Oneworld alliance, which allows passengers to access a wide range of flights and additional benefits when traveling with other partner airlines.

As one of the main Spanish airlines, Iberia offers a wide variety of flights to Colombia. Prices for round-trip flights may vary, but in general, you can expect an approximate price range of 400 to 800 euros per person, depending on the season and how far in advance you book.

LATAM Airlines

Colombia from Spain

LATAM Airlines is a renowned airline in Latin America and offers direct flights to several countries from Madrid, including Colombia. The airline stands out for its extensive network of destinations throughout the region and its modern fleet. In addition, LATAM Airlines offers quality services, in-flight comfort and flexible options for travelers. It is also a member of the Oneworld alliance, which allows passengers to access additional benefits and connections in its global network.

As a leading airline in Latin America, the airline's LATAM Airlines prices can also be competitive. Round-trip flights from Spain to Colombia usually range in price from approximately 400 to 900 euros per person, depending on the season and the route selected.

It is advisable to book your flights in advance to ensure you get the best possible service. the best prices. Also, when booking, pay attention to the airline's cancellation and change policies, as they may vary. Be sure to check baggage requirements, weight restrictions and security regulations before heading to the airport.

In terms of flight time, the from Spain to Colombia usually takes approximately 10 to 12 hours, depending on the specific origin and destination. Remember that the time zone may also vary, so it is important to adjust your plans and schedules accordingly.

Once on board, the airlines usually offer in-flight entertainment, meals and beverages. Take advantage of this time to relax, enjoy movies, music or read a good book. Also, be sure to move around and stretch your legs regularly to avoid the discomfort of a long flight.

In summary, the flights from Spain to Colombia provide a convenient and affordable option for those wishing to explore this fascinating country. Plan ahead, compare prices and options, and make sure you meet the necessary travel requirements. Once on the plane, enjoy the trip and get ready to live an unforgettable experience in Colombian lands.

Lodging in Colombia


When it comes to accommodation in ColombiaIn the country, you will find options for all tastes and budgets. From luxury boutique hotels to budget hostels, the country offers a wide range of options to meet travelers' needs.

In major cities such as Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena de Indias, you will find a wide range of variety of hotels as well as boutique options in charming colonial buildings. These establishments offer world-class amenities, such as spas, swimming pools, gourmet restaurants and concierge services, ideal for those seeking a luxury lodging experience.

If your budget is tighter, hostels and hostels are an excellent option. Colombia has a thriving hostel scene offering shared or private rooms at a reasonable price. affordable prices. These places are often ideal for meeting other travelers and sharing experiences as you explore the country.

In addition to the hotels and lodgesYou can also consider renting apartments or vacation homes. Online platforms such as Airbnb offer a wide selection of options throughout Colombia, giving you the flexibility of having your own space and the ability to cook your own meals.

Another interesting option for those who are looking for a unique experience is to stay at farms or rural estates. These places allow you to immerse yourself in the Colombian countryside and enjoy the natural beauty of the country. Many of these farms offer activities such as horseback riding, hiking on nature trails and the opportunity to experience rural life.

Having said the above, the hotel prices luxury hotels can range from 200 to 500 euros per night. These hotels usually offer spacious rooms, exclusive services, high quality restaurants and additional amenities such as spa, gym and swimming pools.

The mid-range hotels in Colombia range in price from 70 to 150 euros per night. These establishments offer comfortable rooms, basic services and some additional amenities, such as breakfast included and Wi-Fi access.

If you are looking for more economical options, the hostels and hostels are an excellent alternative. Prices in this type of accommodation usually vary between 10 and 40 euros per night, depending on the location and amenities offered. Hostels usually offer shared rooms and common areas where you can socialize with other travelers.

If you prefer to have your own space, renting apartments or vacation homes is an option to consider. Prices can vary according to size, location and amenities offered, but generally range from 50 to 150 euros per night.

It is important to note that these prices are estimates only and may vary depending on the season and location specific. We recommend that you check current prices on online booking platforms for the most accurate and up-to-date information on accommodation prices for the desired location and dates.

Whatever your choice of accommodation, we recommend that you book in advance, especially during peak periods, such as vacations or popular festivities. This will ensure availability and better prices.

In conclusion, the accommodation in Colombia is varied and offers options for all tastes and budgets. Whether you prefer a luxury hotel, a cozy hostel or a rural farm experience, you will find the perfect option to enjoy your stay in this beautiful Latin American country. Plan ahead and choose the accommodation that suits your needs and preferences, and you will be ready to live an unforgettable experience in Colombia.

Transportation in Colombia

travel, via

Once you are in ColombiaDuring your stay, it is important to consider the different transportation options available to move within the country. Colombia has a well-developed transportation network that includes domestic flights, buses, cabs and ride-sharing services. Below, we will explore some of these options and provide you with a rough idea of prices in euros.

Domestic flights

If you want to travel quickly between different Colombian cities, the domestic flights are a convenient option. The main airlines operating domestic flights in Colombia are Avianca, LATAM Airlines and Viva Air Colombia. Flight prices may vary depending on distance and season. For example, a flight from Bogota to Medellin can cost around 80-120 euros, while a flight from Bogota to Cartagena can range between 60 and 90 euros. Remember that booking in advance and taking advantage of promotional offers can help you get cheaper fares.


The buses are a popular and economical way to travel within Colombia, especially for shorter distances. The country has an extensive bus system connecting major cities and towns. Bus ticket prices vary according to the distance and comfort of the service. For example, a bus trip from Bogota to Medellin can cost around 30-45 euros, while a trip from Bogota to Cartagena can cost 35-50 euros. It is important to note that prices may vary depending on the company and class of service you choose.

Cabs and ridesharing

In the Colombian citiesyou will find a large number of cabs available to move from one place to another. Cabs are usually a convenient and safe option, although prices may vary depending on the city and the route. In general, cabs in Colombia are relatively affordable. For example, a cab ride within a city like Bogota or Medellin can cost around 4-8 euros, depending on the distance traveled and traffic.

In addition to conventional cabs, Colombia also has ridesharing services such as Uber and DiDi, which also offer convenient and affordable transportation options in major cities. The prices of these services are usually similar to conventional cabs and are calculated according to the distance and time of the trip.

It is important to keep in mind that the prices mentioned above are approximate and may vary according to factors such as season, demand and market conditions. In addition, it is always advisable to check updated prices and negotiate rates in advance, especially when it comes to transportation services such as cabs and ridesharing.

In conclusion, Colombia offers a variety of transportation options to explore the country. Whether you choose to fly, take a bus or use local transportation services, there are alternatives available to suit different needs and budgets. By researching and comparing options, you'll be able to find the best rates and enjoy a comfortable and convenient trip around Colombia.

Requirements to travel to Colombia from Spain

Requirements, documentation

If you are a tourist of Spanish nationality before entering Colombia or traveling to Colombia from Spain, it is essential that you find out about the requirements or entry registration and the necessary documents.

It is important to have a good justification for travel to Colombiawhether for tourism, business or studies. It is advisable to bring documentation that supports the purpose of the trip during your stay

The following is a list of the main requirements to be taken into account:

  1. Passport: Make sure your passport is valid and has at least six months validity from the date of entry to Colombia.

  2. Visa: Spanish citizens do not need a visa to enter Colombia as tourists. They are allowed a maximum stay of 90 days.

  3. Vaccination certificate: Although not a mandatory requirement, it is strongly recommended to be vaccinated against diseases such as yellow fever before traveling to certain areas of Colombia. Check with the Spanish Ministry of Health and your physician for up-to-date information on recommended vaccinations.

  4. Migration form: Before entering Colombia, you must complete an online immigration form called "Check-MIG". This form collects information about your travel and health status.

  5. Covid test 19Pandemic-related requirements for travel to Colombia from Spain have now been eliminated, despite restrictions that were in place in the past due to COVID 19 and its symptoms. As of 2023, it is no longer mandatory to present a COVID 19 vaccination certificate or card and a virus test. However, it is advisable to consult the information provided by the national or State authorities, such as the Ministry of Health, to obtain updated data; in case the complete vaccination schedule is not available, it may be required to present a PCR or antigen test performed 72 hours before the flight. This measure is implemented to ensure the health and social security of both travelers and the local population. It is important to note that the pandemic situation is dynamic and may be subject to change. Therefore, it is essential to stay abreast of updates and consult official sources to obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information before traveling to Colombia from Spain.If you would like to learn more about the requirements for travel to Colombia from Spain, please visit here!

What cities can I visit in Colombia?


The costs of the tourism activities in Colombia may vary depending on the activity and location. However, in general, tourist activities in Colombia are quite affordable compared to other destinations. Here are some examples of the costs of a number of popular tourist activities in Colombia:

Visiting national parks: Entrance fees to the national parks vary according to the park, but in general, they range from 9 to 27 euros.

Explore the coffee valleys by bicycle or on foot: These activities are usually free of charge, although some places may charge a small fee.

Discover the city of Cartagena: Entrance to the walled city is free, but there are some tourist attractions within the city, such as the Clock Tower, which cost around 9 euros.

Take a boat trip on the Amazon River: Prices vary according to the tour and duration, but generally range from 90 to 270 euros.

Climbing a volcano: Prices vary according to the volcano, but generally range from 54 to 180 euros.

Visit a coffee farm: Most coffee farms offer free or very low cost guided tours.

Explore the jungle on a tour: Prices vary according to the tour, but generally range from 90 to 270 euros.

Remember that these prices are approximate and may vary depending on the location, the season and the travel agency with which you book the activities. Also, it is important to keep in mind that prices may be subject to change and it is advisable to check them at the time of planning your trip.

That said, Colombia is a country full of diversity and offers a wide range of destinations to explore. Some of the most popular and fascinating cities to visit during your trip include:


La Candelaria

Colombia from Spain

One of the charming areas is this lovely colonial quarter is the historic heart of Bogotá. Here you will find cobblestone streets, colorful facades, ancient churches and charming squares. You can also visit the Botero Museum, which houses a collection of art by the renowned Colombian painter and sculptor Fernando Botero.

La Candelaria, the historic heart of Bogota, envelops you in a magical charm from the moment you set foot on its cobblestone streets. This colonial neighborhood, picturesque and full of lifeis like a canvas that merges the past and the present in a unique harmony.

Its colorful facades, balconies adorned with flowers and its ancient churches transport you back in time, while its vibrant cafes, art galleries and street murals reflect the vitality of the contemporary cultural scene. Every corner of La Candelaria is a treasure waiting to be discovered, where history and creativity go hand in hand.

In addition to its architectural beautyThis place has a special aura that inspires artists, writers and dreamers. Its narrow streets invite you to lose your way and let yourself be surprised by every corner. The museums and libraries keep the secrets of the past, while the bohemian cafes envelop you in a cozy atmosphere that incites inspiration.

Monserrate Hill

Colombia from Spain

Take a cable car or funicular up to the top of the hill to enjoy the breathtaking views of the panoramic views of the city. At the top, you will find the Basilica del Señor de Monserrate, a place of pilgrimage and a religious icon in Bogotá.

The Cerro de Monserrate, majestic and reveredstands as a symbol of natural beauty and spirituality in Bogota. This imposing mountain invites you to an ascent full of mysticism and amazement, leading you to an experience at the top that will leave you speechless.

As you walk up the cobblestone path, your senses awaken with each step. The scent of flowers and the freshness of the air envelop you, while the sounds of nature whisper in your ear. The lush vegetation surrounds you, revealing the generosity of the land and its ability to delight the senses.

As you approach the top, the view unfolds in all its splendor. A breathtaking panorama of the city of Bogota spreads out before you, with its bright lights and its urban landscape that seems to touch the sky. It is a moment of connection with something greater, where the grandeur of the world embraces you and fills you with awe.

The Cerro de Monserrate is also a place of devotion, where pilgrims come in search of inner peace and spirituality. At the summit, you will find the iconic Monserrate sanctuary, a place of encounter with the sacred and a refuge for reflection and contemplation.

This magical place, wrapped in natural beauty and spirituality, invites you to elevate your thoughts and find serenity amidst the bustle of the city. The Cerro de Monserrate is a gift for the senses and the soul, a place where nature and faith intertwine to offer you an unforgettable experience.

Cartagena de Indias

San Felipe de Barajas Castle

Colombia from Spain

This fortress, considered the largest built by the Spaniards in the Americas, is a historical testimony of the colonial era. Explore its subway tunnels and enjoy panoramic views of the city from above.

The majestic Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas stands imposingly in the beautiful city of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. It is a true architectural jewel that has resisted the passage of time and keeps in its walls centuries of history and legends.

As you enter this imposing castle, you will be transported back in time and you will feel like a true explorer. Its sturdy stone walls envelop you in an embrace of strength and invite you to discover its secrets. Its labyrinthine passages will take you on a fascinating journey through the military strategies and bravery of those who defended these lands.

From the top of the walls, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the panoramic view that will take your breath away. Behold the city of Cartagena, with its colorful colonial houses, cobblestone streets and the deep blue Caribbean Sea stretching to the horizon. The warm air caresses your face as you immerse yourself in the magic and grandeur of this historic place.

The Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas is much more than a simple monument, it is a symbol of resistance and a silent witness to the greatness of humanity. Explore its nooks and crannies, marvel at its imposing architecture and let yourself be enveloped by the unique energy that emanates from this emblematic place.

Rosario Islands

Colombian Territory

A few kilometers away from Cartagena are the Islas del Rosario, an archipelago of tropical islands with white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Here you can snorkel, dive and enjoy the natural beauty of the Colombian Caribbean.

Immerse yourself in a paradise of crystal clear waters and dreamy beaches in the Rosario Islands, an archipelago that seems to have been painted by the brush of a celestial artist. Located in the Colombian Caribbean, these islands are a true hidden treasure, an oasis of peace and natural beauty.

When you arrive at the Rosario Islands, you will be greeted by a mantle of bright colors that unfold beneath your feet. The turquoise waters gently caress the shores of the white sandy beaches, creating a perfect contrast that will leave you speechless. Dive into its warm waters and discover the richness of its marine life while swimming among corals and tropical fish.

These islands are much more than just a tourist destination. beach. Here, the nature embraces you in every corner. Explore the mangroves and be amazed by the diversity of birds and reptiles that inhabit them. Add to your experience a kayak ride or an exciting diving session to explore the hidden treasures hidden under the waters.

In the Rosario Islands, time seems to stand still and invites you to relax and enjoy the present moment. Forget about stress and let yourself be carried away by the soft sea breeze that caresses your skin. Here, the sun envelops you with its warm embrace and the palm trees whisper secrets of tranquility and serenity.

Whether you are looking for a romantic vacation, an aquatic adventure or simply a haven of peace, the Rosario Islands are the perfect destination to disconnect and reconnect with yourself. Step into this Caribbean paradise and be seduced by its indescribable beauty.


Commune 13

Colombian Territory
Graffiti Tour Comuna 13 Medellin Colombia Trips

Delve into the vibrant Comuna 13, a place that tells a story of resilience, art and hope. Located in the mountains of Medellín, this colorful commune will captivate you with its unique spirit and panoramic panorama of urban beauty.

As you walk through its steep streets, you will witness an amazing metamorphosis. What was once considered a marginal neighborhood has now been transformed into an epicenter of creativity and self-improvement. Graffiti adorns the facades of homes, telling stories of the community and celebrating its indomitable spirit. Each mural is a work of art in itself, with vivid colors and messages of hope that will inspire you.

But Comuna 13 is not only art on the walls, it is also full of friendly and welcoming people. Its inhabitants will welcome you with a smile and will be delighted to share with you their culture and traditions. You can listen to the music flowing through the streets, full of rhythms that invite you to dance and celebrate.

From the top of the commune, you can contemplate breathtaking views of the city of Medellín. An urban landscape that stretches as far as the eye can see, surrounded by lush vegetation and majestic mountains. It is an experience that will take your breath away and remind you that beauty can be found even in the least expected places.

Botero Square

Colombian Territory

Enter a world where art comes to life in every sculpture. Botero Squarelocated in the heart of Medellín, is a magical space where creativity and genius come together in a visual symphony.

As you enter the square, you will be greeted by the imposing presence of the sculptures by the famous Colombian artist Fernando Botero. These voluptuous and peculiar figures capture the essence of life itself, with their rounded and exaggerated forms that defy conventional standards of beauty. Each sculpture is a masterpiece in itself, exhibiting unparalleled artistic skill.

Strolling through Plaza Botero is like immersing yourself in something surreal. You can surround yourself with these fascinating creations and appreciate their magnificence from every angle. Sit on one of the nearby benches and take a moment to contemplate these sculptures that awaken the imagination and invite you to reflect on diversity and artistic expression.

The square is full of life and energy. You can see visitors admiring the works of art, taking pictures next to them or just enjoying the unique atmosphere of this place. In addition, around the square you will find museums and galleries that further expand your artistic experience, immersing you in the square of Botero and other Colombian talents.

Plaza Botero is a tribute to art and an expression of Medellín's cultural identity. It is a place where you can lose yourself in the beauty of shapes and colors, and let your imagination fly free. No matter if you are an art lover or just curious, this plaza will make you feel emotions and leave you in awe of the ability to create something extraordinary out of matter.

Santa Marta

Tayrona National Natural Park

Colombian Territory

This national park is famous for its beautiful beachesThe area is surrounded by tropical jungles and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta as a backdrop. You can hike through nature trails, enjoy the white sand beaches and snorkel in its coral reefs.

The National Natural Park Tayrona is a natural treasure that will transport you to a tropical paradise. Its lush jungles, white sand beaches and crystal clear waters will make you feel as if you were in a dream. Fresh air infused with tropical fragrances will envelop you as you enter this wildlife sanctuary.

To explore Tayrona National Natural Park is to immerse yourself in an oasis of biodiversity. Its trails will lead you through exotic plants and trees, while you listen to the gentle murmur of streams and the song of tropical birds. The roar of the sea will guide you to its beaches where you can enjoy a refreshing swim in turquoise waters and relax under the radiant sun.

But the real treasure of Tayrona is its ancestral energy. Here, in the middle of the wild natureIn the area, you will find vestiges of the Tayrona indigenous culture. Its ancient ruins and terraces embedded in the mountain will reveal the history and wisdom of a civilization lost in time. Every step you take will be a connection with the very essence of this sacred place.

Lost City

lost city santa marta

If you're looking for a more challenging adventure during your travelYou can embark on a multi-day hike to the Ciudad Perdida (Lost City). This ancient pre-Columbian city is located in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and offers a unique experience for lovers of nature. history and nature.

The Lost City in Santa Marta is a true mystery waiting to be discovered. This jarchaeological site is hidden among the lush mountains of the Sierra Nevada, wrapped in a dense fog that protects it from the outside world. It is an invitation to explore the secrets of an ancient civilization lost in history.

Walking to the Lost City is like stepping into an adventure story. You will pass through lush tropical forests, cross crystal clear rivers and ascend steep stone staircases that will take you through time. Each step brings you closer to the grandeur of this ancient city, where you can admire the majestic terraces, sacred temples and intricate paths built by its ancient inhabitants.

But the Lost City is not only a place of archaeological ruins, but also a space of spiritual connection. Here, amidst the serenity of the mountain, you can feel the energy of a civilization that lived in harmony with nature and revered the elements. The mystical atmosphere and the breathtaking beauty of the landscape will invite you to reflect and immerse yourself in the history that surrounds you.

Both the Tayrona National Natural Park and the Lost City in Santa Marta are places that will transport you to a different world. magical world and will allow you to connect with the essence of nature and history. They are destinations that will give you unforgettable moments and transforming experiences. Delve into their beauty and let yourself be seduced by their indescribable charm.

These are just a few of the many activities and places you can visit in the cities mentioned. Each offers a unique experience and will immerse you in Colombia's rich culture and natural beauty.

In addition to the cities mentioned above, Colombia has much more to offer in terms of tourist destinations. For example, if you are a nature lover, you can't miss a visit to the region of the Coffee Regionknown for its coffee plantations, mountainous landscapes and charming colonial towns such as Salento and Manizales. Here you can learn about the process of coffee cultivation and production, hike through the mountains and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views.

The city of Caliknown as the "Capital of Salsa", is famous for its lively music and dance scene. Here you can immerse yourself in the salsa culture, enjoy live shows and learn some dance moves at local schools.

Another city you can't miss is Villa de Leyvalocated a few hours from Bogota. This charming colonial town preserves its original architecture and transports you back in time. Its cobblestone streets, the imposing Plaza Mayor and the colonial buildings will make you feel as if you have stepped back in time. In addition, Villa de Leyva is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, such as the Iguaque National Natural Park, where you can hike and enjoy panoramic views.

Regardless of the cities you choose visit in ColombiaYou will be surrounded by a unique warmth and hospitality. Colombians are known for their friendliness and joy, which will make your travel experience even more special. So get ready to immerse yourself in the culture, taste the delicious Colombian cuisine, dance to the rhythm of the music and discover the hidden treasures this beautiful country has to offer.

Your trip to Colombia from Spain will be an unforgettable experience!

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travel to Colombia from Spain

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