The Best Couple Plans for Love and Friendship
Romantic Plans - Love and Friendship - Plans in pairs- Colombia Photo by Tessa Rampersad on Unsplash

This date is great when you are in partnerin fact if you are reading this and you don't have partner, I suggest you close this window and search on Google plans to travel alone in these dates; hahahaha ok no, let's continue; as I was saying, love and friendship in Colombia it's one of the memorable moments for all partner, so they don't have money and want to stay at home watching all day Netflix (Netflix and Chill), in fact this counts as one of the couple plans of this article.

To know what couple plans do in the Day of love and Friendship, it is necessary first to define the budget, take into account the city in which you are, if you want to change cities, or simply want to get carried away. For the moment, what we will do is give you the possibilities according to your budget, starting with the most economical thing until you reach the Colombian super romantic plan.

1. Picnic:

Coffee axis picnicThis plan is one of the most economical and fun, they just need a place where they can relax (if they don't want to go out, open a space in the living room or in the room is a good idea), take everything they want to eat in the Instead, a good suggestion is to prepare a delicious sandwich with some companions (package potatoes, chocolates or fruits) and obviously refreshing drinks for the moment, if you wish you can also bring music, a book you like and a blanket (infallible) to rest. There the cell phone is prohibited, the ideal is to disconnect from the networks and connect with each other.

2. Cook Together:

Cooking as a couple
Romantic Plan: Cooking as a Couple

This plan is definitely not for everyone, only some enjoy this couple activity, and it is recommended to those couples who wish to strengthen their relationship and improve their teamwork, because in the kitchen patience is tested and communication is improved. So if you have a low budget or just want to stay at home you can make this plan with your partner, and in the process enjoy the honey of love over the inn. They don't need to cook the big delicacies, you can make some simple hot dogs, make some snacks to watch a movie or prepare pasta (the old reliable one).

3. Party Night:

Party Night Andrés BeefANDThis plan is not for all the couples, only for those who like the night life; The idea is that they start tasting a beer in each bar, and go on doing this way a good tour that ends in one of their favorite discos or in a motel, which would be the best auctioneer. The cost of this couple's plan It depends on how good they are to lift elbow. If what they like is to get straight to the point, taking a few shots in a nightclub is the easiest to liven up the night; If you are a party couple and have your group of friends with relationships, getting together in a group and going out on a couples night is a fantastic idea. 

4. Immerse yourself in hot springs:

Pasadia Termales San Vicente Alojamiento Piscina para Relajación
Pasadìa Termales San Vicente alojamiento

Colombia It is a country rich in thermal waters, in many places you can find this option to have a special moment, in fact here we leave you a list of the 10 best hot springs in Colombia. It doesn't matter where in the country you are but being hugged and immersed in the delicious and beneficial thermal water, it's a romantic plan, which will surely end up in something else, and in terms of price it is in a medium range. The recommendation is to visit these hot springs at night, they are perfect since where there are thermal springs it is usually cold and the environment warms up more (better still if they have a reserved cabin or have a house alone after the thermal bath)

For us the best hot springs are those of San Vicente. Know more about them

5. Romantic dinner

Romantic dinnerThis is a gesture that will never go out of style, a good dinner in a restaurant is something that will not only leave you satiated to eat but that it will be the perfect opportunity to chat for a while, change the atmosphere but the recommendation is always to book in good weather , it is normal for restaurants to fill up in Colombia. The budget for this couple's planIt will depend on how elegant and exquisite they want dinner to be.

6. People:


This is a plan very tasty of partner, because it allows them to enjoy beautiful places together and at the same time taste the gastronomy of the place; This plan can be done by choosing a single town or several nearby, our recommendation is to start in the morning to get some good photos, have lunch in a nice place, walk the streets and squares of the places you have selected, and within this tour are the sweets, desserts and crafts that they can collect along the way. This plan is intermediate in terms of costs. The most fantastic thing is that if you feel adventurous and have a flexible budget, you can go aimlessly, let the night catch you and stay in a hotel in unexpected arrunchis mode.

Consejo de tu a tú: Cabalgar en el Cocora Valley It is very romantic, after a long walk they walk through the beautiful streets of Salento.

7. Romantic Cabin:

Romantic cabin in Cocora ValleyThis is definitely one of Best plans, in which the company is everything, because it will be you and the place, so the recommendation is to bring good music, wine and if the food is included then fantastic, but it is the ideal time to be surprised; here with time there is no limit, or well almost not, the important thing here is to enjoy the couple time in the way that they like the most, and according to what the place they are in offers. 

Do you want to plan a romantic night in the Cocora Valley? HAZLO AQUI

8. Beach:

San Andres beach plan Courtesy ProColombia
San Andres beach plan Courtesy ProColombia

Well the Beach It will always be one of the best places to enjoy in partner: el sol, la brisa y el mar son una mezcla bomba para el amor, estar ahí juntos en la playa tomando algo delicioso, y en la noche disfrutar de las ciudades costeras y su magia definitivamente es un muy buen plan, este parche es uno de los más costosos pero que puede hacerse fácilmente con un poco de actitud. Como dicen “en el mar la vida es más sabrosa” y cuando estás con el amor de tu vida, es más fantástica aún.

Colombia has paradisiacal beaches, it is never too late to take a couple's vacation. Get to know them here!

So we hope you enjoy this date and pay tribute to love in the best way, and you can find other alternatives to enjoy in partner, these are just a few possibilities but in love matters creativity is the limit, so schedule yourself and enjoy this month as it has to be. If you want us to advise you on a specific destination, do not hesitate to ask us; We love being accomplices of love. 

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