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Would you like to become our partner?

Together we can show the world how beautiful that is Colombia...

We know that you have a unique experience to offer travelers of the world. ColombiaTours.Travel brings you a set of partners, where you can make an Alliance that will contribute to the growth of your business and also show to Colombia as an attractive destination for the world market through the web positioning.

Our goal is to make alliances that allow us to generate value for our clients, selecting the best experiences within the country and publicizing them through key content and interest, which will be shared through our platform and our social networks.

The client not only will be tempted by the experience, they will know that your product is the best choice.

How do we do it?

We publish the experience on our website through a system of generation of content focused on the promotion of your product or service, which is aimed at specific audiences that can acquire it through our platform.

Subsequent to the purchase the reserve will be notified and we consignaremos the value of the company, once it is confirmed.

What is investment?

When our users or customers to make payment, the value of this will be distributed in the following manner:

  • 15% on the generation of a specific content and an advertising graphic piece designed for your product. These ads will be published through our platform, will also be linked to the Google search network and will be advertised through Facebook Ads.
  • 10% is for the maintenance of the platform in order to improve the usability of the same and thus facilitate purchases.
  • 75% to pay for the product or service that you offer as a partner of ColombiaTours.Travel.

Trust and credibility

We have been working with an excellent team that has done that in 2017 we had over 10,000 new visitors on our platform, more than 7,000 followers on our social networks and a history of more than 120 million in sales this year.

To become our only partner you need:

  • Be a natural or legal person.
  • A national register of existing tourism.
  • A minimum experience of 2 years of operation.
  • Clear reservation and cancellation policies.
  • The final price of the experience you give must be competitive in the market.
  • A detailed description of the experience.
  • Count with photographs or video that supports your product or service.

What are you waiting for to show the world next to us how beautiful that is Colombia?